When and why should you replace your tennis strings?

When and why should you replace your tennis strings?

the solution I’m losing I’m springing racket since 40 years I’ve done around 600 tournaments as official stringer with libera why and when change strength simple for example let’s say you play three times a week you might minimum change three times a year your strength you may change strength because the ratio power control is not good enough very important it is the sensation the only information you have is this then those information become wrong losing tension more elasticity more vibration etc you are not efficient then you have also the string is not breaking perfect but the string is tiring not perfect not tiring losing what you have what you like most at the end of when you finish stringing the perfect ratio and that perfect ratio doesn’t last because you are a good player everybody is good a player pay attention to this the sound of your racket higher the sound is the best tension the closes that due to the best tension you have and when the string is doing like black black like a sick frog means like that you have to change it when you break strings like simple it’s too late you have to change it what you have to reconsider is the type of string maybe you don’t use the right type of string to breaking too fast take care of the way the string is losing tension for example never let your racket strung with synthetic in the Sun the temperature will melt the the synthetic and then the tension get down but the tension getting back never so you loosen the the trampoline effect of your string you enhance the the speed of your string it’s only taking care natural get in the bag not with the wet t-shirt not with the wet socks not only because of the the smell the the go will not smell after but the gut is dried very dry and it’s looking for humidity don’t put your midi tea with natural gut you will make the tension get down and then the not playable at all so those are the precaution you have to take who got any Manila

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  1. sorry but the looser the more frog sounds my string makes the better i play…unless is a polyester, and i had atp points before so im not the worst

  2. Didn't know a sick frog actually sounded like that. Haha

  3. 10,000th sub!!!!!!

  4. You can have a racquet with strings that are a few years old and they can still be fine. I got my dad's old racquet that was strung over 3 years ago tested by a professional stringer and his were at like 49. My hybrid that was strung by a retired tennis coach about 3 weeks ago had dropped to 24 from 55….He said that you should expect the tension to drop a little but never that much unless it was done incorrectly. I guess the weekly restringing is for people that notice a big difference in 2 lb difference and play tournaments.

  5. Great info man! Thanks.

  6. I just want to give this guy a hug… <3

  7. i have 18×20 string racquet, i m hitting a lot of balls long than into net, suggest a string pls

  8. very tired string

  9. I simply change them when they break. I guess that's enough for my level

  10. sorry it was not helpful

  11. If playing polyester, 15 hours max.

  12. please recommend a string. i play from the baselineish area alot of the time with power and a small bit of spin and sometimes slice/drop shots. im looking for a string with good power and one that i wont have to get restrung every couple weeks/goes dead and one that doesnt lose its tension. i dont care how much it costs but not natural gut as durability is not good. thanks

  13. Change your string when it sounds like sharapova.

  14. this guy is a legend

  15. Love this guy lol

  16. This is not the best advice if you want to play with strings that are still performing and leave you injury free…

  17. For a club player don't listen to this. Unbelievably my Babolat RPM Blast strings have not broken in 2 years in my Aeropro Drive racket. 2 YEARS!! No fraying, no obvious loss of tension. Quite unbelievable. Still play great with it. Played singles against someone at club yesterday who had just restrung his racket and I beat him.

  18. I'm sure you're saying great information. Now please get someone to translate in English

  19. My frog is dead!

  20. Please does anyone know what the marker pen and the babolat logo paper @ 0:11 are called on maybe amazon or ebay.

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