When game choices make no difference – Choice

When game choices make no difference – Choice

On behalf of the citizens of Honeywood
it is with a heavy heart that I sentence you to death. If there were any other way. Woah woah wait. What’s going on here? Oh a adventure the town of Honeywood has convicted this
man of murder and ordered me to carry out the sentence. I don’t want to kill
this man but I don’t think I have any choice what should I do? Killing this man is wrong. No matter his
crime an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. If you kill this man you
are no better than he is. You’re right I hadn’t thought of it that way. You make
some good points. I will carry out the execution! Wait what? What?! What but… Um Ah Quickload On behalf of the citizens of Honeywood
it is with a heavy heart that I sentence you Wait wait wait what’s doing on here? Huh? Adventurer the town of Honeywood has convicted this man of murder and ordered
me to carry out the sentence I don’t want to kill this man but I don’t think
I have any choice what should I do? This man is a member of the Rangers guild. If you kill this man the Rangers will surely retaliate and attack honey wood it
would be wise to spare him You’re right adventure I hadn’t considered the
well-being of the citizens of honey wood yeah that’s exactly right. I need to put
them first. I will carry out the execution! What?! Oh what? Okay ah quickload Wait wait what’s going on here? Oh adventurer – Skip What should I do? Ha! Kill him I say and enjoy the blood on
your hands. For there is no shame in the pleasure of righteous justice Great Really? But I thought that… would
really? Ah… Ah quickload Wait wait wait what’s going on here? Oh adventurer- skip What should I do? I can’t let you do this If you so much as swing that blade I will end your miserable life oh adventurer I would never pick a
fight with you not in a million years yeah that’s right I will carry out the execution Really? What? Okay ah quickload Wait what’s going on here? Oh adven-skip. What should I do? Oh adventure your silence has given me
pause for thought. Who am I to kill this man? Oh that’s right I’m the executioner Ahhhh Okay quickload Wait what’s going on here skip skip skip Yeah Yaaa I will carry out the execution What? What the F…

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  1. Is that renji sword ?

  2. I will carry out the execution

  3. Could you make a video about the medieval thing but do it like link the video game but do the muggers being attacked by chickens

  4. This is what happens in Skyrim when you try to save that person.

  5. Nooooooope what RPG let’s you get away with threatening a NPC

  6. True… True…. Can't even keep the head for giggles…

  7. He was charged with the murder of his own wife and child by lighting his own house on fire with his family inside.

  8. Help my channel too guyzzzz

  9. It kinda reminds me about that execution in Skyrim. I used slowed time skill just to see the head rolled though

  10. This reminds menof mynfirst time playing D&D

  11. Shoulda gone for the head

  12. This happened to me in Assassins Creed Odyssey so annoying lol

  13. Hold the f on… that's Zabimaru. How did a low level npc get his hands on a vice captain's zanpakuto? 🤣

  14. In a situation like this that's essentially damned-if-you-do damned-if-you-don't, I typically just kill the NPC execution and of course be about my way afterwards. It's called "fuck this, not doing it a fifth time!"😂

  15. When I saw the screenshot, I thought he was gonna get spanked with a paddle.

  16. That blade looks a lot like Zabimaru

  17. You missed the one option that works… YOU have to execute the murderer.

  18. LOL, I was expecting the ending to be that the NPC is killed but the guy just spontaneously dies anyway.

  19. Greg is out for blood

  20. reminds me a lot of telltale

  21. Hahahah "mass effect" 3 diff colored endings

  22. It's Fallout 4 all over again….

  23. Some gate guard you were!

  24. Temtem in a nutshell.

  25. he just needed the ring of charisma

  26. Wouldve been perfect for the guard to show up 😂😂

  27. Howl Zabimaru
    That Bleach guy😂

  28. There's also the another version of this where they make you think your choice matters and he doesn't kill the guy but then he dies some other way.

  29. This was me on Life is Strange 1 makes you believe all what you do throughout the game has weight and meaning but no matter what you do your still stuck between only 2 fucking decisions. Which both are terrible and just makes you think what was the damn point?

  30. Thumbnail incites NPC crying meme.

    Edit: was thoroughly disappointed………..

  31. Sadly this is how many games are😩

  32. would've been better if you added another one where you kill the npc but the prisoner's head just flies off on its own anyway.

  33. The new Eldar Scrolls is looking really great, I see they took some inspiration from Fallout 4.

  34. Is that NPC holding Zabimaru? Fitting..

  35. have you got enough speech skill level?

  36. I play the witcher 3 like 7 times and got 1000hrs in it, but still can't save Vesemir 😢

  37. Basically the entirety of Witcher 3 up until very late in game where you have to have a snowball fight right after the death of Vesemir(amongst other pointless shit revolving around Ciri’s “feelings”)

  38. And suddently "bankai!!!"… Zabimaru!

  39. Ah essential npc. Time to mod the game i guess

  40. Just a quick question Viva La Dirt – have yous done a perma death video in Epic NPC man before?

  41. The last option should've been [ Glare silently ]

    Missed pun opportunity, I say.

  42. Bethesda taking notes

  43. That's zabimaru from bleach

  44. @3:01 Rowan used 'smoulder'! It was not very effective.

  45. When you try to stop an execution.But your speechcraft is too low to convince him.😛

  46. argh, i dislike lazy game design… The illusion of choice.

  47. ah yess classic tellatale games

  48. This guy's acting is getting so good I reckon he is better than actual movie actors

  49. When entering S*litude for the first time

  50. Is that Zabimaru?😃😃 Honywood-BEST GAME EVER!😅

  51. They must have played Assassin's Creed Odyssey recently.

  52. Is this sword zabimaru

  53. Using a soul reaper's zanpakatou for execution.. truly a man of culture

  54. HOWL ZABIMARU!!!!!!

  55. Thought for sure the executioner would call his Bankai after getting stabbed.

  56. Sometimes the bad guy just has to die.

    Now if you will excuse I have some bad guys to kill.

  57. so its basically a Bethesda game

  58. Ah Zabimaru I see Alan is a man of culture

  59. hey! thats renjis zanpakuto from bleach… nice

  60. Mass effect 3's ending and stupid todd howards fallout 4

  61. Telltale games in a nutshell.
    First time ever seeing this channel, think I'll stick around.

  62. Lol, the guy was doomed

  63. awesome zanpaktou lol

  64. i like that you used renji's shikai and just painted it all black

  65. > one-shots the executioner
    > "FINALLY"
    > prisoner's head falls off since his death is a scripted event

  66. Clearly this encounter is bugged.

  67. Either way if you managed to stop the execution, the guy would have had a heart attack 5 seconds later.

  68. It is so cool! Thank your!

  69. А меч то из аниме Bleach

  70. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is perfection

  71. I hate when this happens in games. I feel…betrayed. AC Odysey actually did very well in avoiding this problem; they had a lot of unique consequences tied to the choices. Same with outer worlds, dragon age, kotor, etc. My favorite types of games.

  72. looking at you game of thrones (telltale)

  73. Reminds me of skyrim when you try to save the guy in solitude he just has a heart attack and dies any way

  74. Talos Rucker … Deus Ex Mankind devided 😀

  75. Wow, he has quick save!

  76. Oh man getting killed with zabimaru, at least this criminal is going straight to heaven.

  77. Wtf? Why he used zabimaru ?

  78. I see they played Telltale's Game of Thrones.

  79. Really? Zabimaru is used for execution?

  80. Is that the Zabimaru that I spy?


  82. basically Fallout 4 right here…

  83. sigh, damn essential npcs

  84. Me on the first 5 minutes of The Outer World

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