Where Are They Now: Lyndsey Fry – Arizona Connections Academy Alumni

– My name is Lyndsey Fry. I graduated from
Connections in 2010. The kind of theme of my high school, experience with Connections
Academy was, I was sort of in a million different directions. But my school was able to come
in all of those directions with me. And that really was helpful. During my senior year
at Connections I was being recruited for ice hockey and I ended up deciding to go to Harvard
for school. So that was an unbelievable experience. So I started there in 2010. And then in 2014
I ended up making the Winter Olympic Team. The U.S. Olympic Team for women’s ice hockey.
So I ended up taking the year off from Harvard for 2013 and 14. And played in the Olympics
and we won a silver medal for the U.S. which was an incredible experience. And then just
finished up my final year of college and here I am now, a Harvard graduate. Throughout my,
sort of, collegiate and Olympic journey I became really passionate about nutrition and
fitness and health. I started up my own business, Lyndsey Fry Hockey. And we’re gonna be holding
a series of camps throughout the Southwest this summer. And eventually I want to kind
of expand that into, really a, a health and wellness movement and nutrition movement throughout
all of Arizona. And eventually wherever it expands so. That’s really my passion is helping
people reach their goals and live a healthy life. If my story kind of sounds similar to
yours where you have something going on in your life whether it be a sport or, really
anything that you need that flexible school schedule with, Connections Academy is always
an awesome option. And they’ll help you along every step of the way. And you’re gonna get
so much out of it.

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