Where the Impact Point Should Be in a Badminton Smash

Where the Impact Point Should Be in a Badminton Smash

Where the impact point should be in order to make accurate and powerful smash lets talk shuttle is flying from that side to this way I am hitting shuttle cock from this side to that side there fore the players face, players eyes must remain that way, shuttle is coming from there there fore the players eyes should be that way so I can see shuttle cock, at the same time I can see opponent, opponents court surprisingly many players they are turning their vision turning their face to that side so actually, they are watching that way when shuttle is coming this way and this player have to hit that way many of them they turn face like this and shuttle becomes side what happens, they do set like that and then turn and then they have to turn to the other way so they lose vision, because they turn this way they see that side but this player is not hitting shuttle cock over there why this player have to watch that side so, this player is smashing with guess face that way and then some where over there he guess and smash, because he turned the body like that his power will be divided it will be much more accurate and powerful if this player watch shuttle in front of his body so he can see and his weight can go to the shuttle cock all the way rather than turn it and then turn it like this I know why player turn their body one of the reason is to generate power another reason is deceive the opponent so because he is turning player is arguing opponent don’t know what I am going to do but I dis agree because he turns this player does not know where the corner is another way, he is not only deceiving the opponent he is also deceiving him self the best badminton is accurate, simple, powerful the way to do this way is take shuttle in front so now technically watch this set ready arm no like this this is important arm should be away side ways like this not like this why? if a player do that like this and shuttle comes his racket will go like this if a player do that and shuttle goes up his racket will go straight so watch this, set shuttle comes this arm should go straight ready so he is ready to hit it fastest way, simplest way watch this set, ready if my court is like that, my net is there shuttle is there shuttle been hit to my side watch my face, my face should remain that way like this but 8 or 9 out of 10 players when shuttle been hit to them many of them they do that so this posture is very good to hit over there because I can see there, but he is not hitting shuttle there, so arm forwarded left arm balanced no like this no like this like that so, that’s number 1 point ready shuttle been hit, this arm goes straight to the shuttle cock I am focussing on eyes in this technique ready shuttle been hit over there bang then your face should go that way in the real match there is no time to turn and hit if opponent hit 10 clears in the real match to the back how many times this player have time to turn and then hit may be 1, when opponent lift really high he may do it but still its not beneficial so watch this, eyes shuttle been hit to my left corner then, your face remains, go like this bang one more eyes, face do that bang you are ready you can see it wrong way like this shuttle been hit over there you should move that way, so I have vision rather than turn it and hit it do you know dart, throwing the dart when the dart player set, they set the dart in front and they can see the dart, they can see the target and they throw in front, no dart player throw dart like this finally, I will give you example if I say to you, you do 10 smash cross line from here to there if he hit some areas 10 times I will give you million pounds 10 smash, 10 shuttle goes all the same area I will give you million pounds if I say it to you would you smash like that or would you smash like this you would not smash watching there and smash there because you can’t see it, because you can’t see it you have to hit it with guess you would not do this way if there is million pounds but why you do that is because there is no million pounds, no it does not matter every sportsman must do the best possible way I have not came across why the player should take side ways yes I agree some times player has to do that because he is late the problem is he has time to get behind it but because he was not taught that way because he has bad habit he automatically turns it so now when you go to club watch how many players they turn the body they turn their face they turn their eyes to that side when shuttle is coming from there to here when he has to hit shuttle from this side to the other side what reason he has to turn there is no reason there is no benefit only benefit lose vision, lose balance, lose power lose deceptions please try to smash cross smash there from here that way smash or do that way smash how much difference you can see that if the player has wrong impact point which is not in front take shuttle side he is losing 40% of benefit already so what ever he does, he is only able to do 60% of what is available so please make your impact point right which is in front of your body and do not turn your eyes to only shuttle cock you have to watch shuttle cock with opponent opponent court together that is high level badminton as level goes lower they only watch the shuttle cock they forget about opponent, opponent court

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  1. thank you very helpful 🙂

  2. @quentintheox I am very pleased to know. Lee

  3. @so4ragb Thank you very much and very pleased know you like it.

  4. @coachingbadminton also are you chinese if yes are you cantonese?

  5. @quentintheox I am a Korean. Lee

  6. Very interesting coach Lee. All my life I was taught to turn side ways, I was often scolded when I didn't turn my body, they say I'll lose power if I didn't turn sideways.

    But what you're saying actually make a lot of sense too.

    I was also told to go all the way to the back(forehand back corner), and turn and hit the shuttle. all coaching video that I've seen suggested that I should turn and jump to the back corner instead?

    Have I been taught outdated training techniques?

  7. @airstyles1989 It is right to turn your body to get more power. Because of there is too much emphsis on turning body most of people are ignoring the fact of the impact point should be infront. it looks like to do one thing, 99% of other things have been ignored. Before you try to add your power, you have to be able to hit where you want, then try to add power. There is no other important skills then taking it infront in badminton. I call it the diamond skill in badminton. Lee

  8. @airstyles1989 We do things with reason. As our face look different the way all the coaches teach differently. I do respect other ways as long as there is real clear reasons for doing it. It is you to see and find out which reason works better for you by trying the different ways. Also there will be so many different situations so you must be able to understand the different skills in differnt situation. Please question all the time if it really make real sense in real situration.

  9. Can you show what training you can do when you are off the court, e,g weight training ect

  10. @jxpowers Thank you for let me know and I will think about it. Lee

  11. Thank you very much, your tip is very useful to help me generate more power in smash.

  12. I am very pleased to know my clip is helping you. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  13. Just love the part where you say .. left arm for balance.. now like that 😛

  14. Really fantastic videos- thank you very much. You are a very kind-hearted coach indeed to make so many videos! Please could you do one about technique for clearing forehand as well? I am finding it difficult to clear properly with enough power to reach the back of the other side every time!

  15. Thank you for your kind comment. Yes Forehand Clear is on my list.
    by next week please visit coachingbadminton a new web site will be open and will be useful to you. Lee

  16. Ah yes- I did not see that before! Thank you- you have given me some very good ideas to correct my technique and you explain it so well! Just another question- do you have any advice or videos about tactics/footwork/deception to use in singles and doubles?

  17. Yes there are few of clips. Please look for the play list you will find the categories you are looking for. For deception, it will be done bit later. Lee

  18. Ok thank you again! Where do you coach? It would be amazing to have some coaching from you one day!

  19. I am in UK where are you?

  20. I am doing my A levels in London! Where in the UK? I will be going to Cambridge in October though (if I get my grades!).

  21. thank you for redirecting me the proper way to smash. yup, I'm 1 of those who turns my body when smashing. Will definitely do and practice the right way. Many thanks to your informative videos.

  22. I hope it works for you please let me know how you get on. Lee

  23. Thanks very much for this video. Will try this tomorrow.

  24. You are most welcome and I hope it works for you. Lee

  25. thanq u sir for your kind coaching bcoz of u im playing well now sir.i also improved a lot sir

  26. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  27. Sure, I will do that soon. Lee

  28. gud evening lee sir……. just because of ur video's i learnt so much……
    thank u……….
    sir i just wanna to know one thing, how to improve stamina,..??
    as i only play singles,during game play i use to exhaust in the last moments of the game….. n just because of this i i looses lots of games???? pls help me lee sir

  29. Excellent analogies of dart player and million dollar bet to explain the key message. You impress me everytime sir. Thanks again for a good upload.

  30. Thank you for your kind and warmest comment on my clip. Lee

  31. You are very right. Lee

  32. I have seen this video before and have been practicing good shots. but lately i believe i have been twisting my body…i will try this again. thanks !

  33. Yes as you try again again you find out more right details. Good luck. Lee

  34. Dear Lee,
    People used to ask me why I smash cross-wise. Even when I tried smashing straight, it used to go cross or it was a very powerless smash. After your videos, it is all too evident. Thank you very very much. Coach is a coach! I show your videos to my 8 year old son too so that he starts with the right habits.

  35. Thank you for posting your comment and I hope your son learn good skills as well as good mind as a badminton player. Lee

  36. When smashing, is it best to hit the shuttle in the middle part which is the sweet spot of the racket or is it better to hit near the higher tip end of the racket head?

  37. It is better to make impact about two strings above the centre of the racekt. That is the power point.

  38. hi coach lee i am facing a problem in the timing of the step one sometimes as soon as i hit the shuttlecock i forget the step whats ur opinion with this.

  39. You can do it well but you just need to practice. Always try to remember and practice everytime. Lee

  40. Crisp and clear instructional video which makes a whole lot of sense. I will need a lot of practice to change the bad habits during actual play. I have learnt a great deal from your videos so far. Keep 'em coming Sir. Greatly appreciated and Thank You!

  41. Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am very pleased to see you value it.
    Thank you. Lee

  42. Coach , My coach teach me to stand left leg infront , right leg back , then when i hit a forehand clear i change the leg , right become infront , so when i smash do i nid to do that ? to increase my power?

  43. That is a standard way but there are more to it to make power and balance. It would be better to show it by clip. Lee

  44. good afternoon lee
    thank you for your reply sir, if i got a shuttle in right corner and left most corner means where should i play and how should i develop my movement speed

  45. I am very pleased to know. Well done and keep your good training going.
    Thank you for informing me. Lee

  46. Who ever you are, you are the one who really studied the problem and accuriatly understand the action and its common mistakes of so many badminton club players and large number of elite players doing. I am supprised to know that there is someone like you seeing the problem so clearly. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  47. Very good and clear explanation Sir!!

  48. Thank you very much. Lee

  49. sir i assume this position is applicable when doing jump smashes too?

  50. coach that illustration of yours through the dart player really made me laugh. it's true. nobody would throw that way hahaha!

  51. Thank you for being able to see the point I am making. Lee

  52. Sure, I played with head straight and whole game I was able to watch the court…Thankyou

  53. I am pleased to know that you felt the benefit of it. Lee

  54. Thank you very much coach Lee.It helped me a lot and very good explanation Sir

  55. I am very pleased to know and you are very welcome. Lee

  56. Brilliant video series Sir. My smashes have been suffering from the same technical handicaps. I'm trying to imbibe your technique to hit properly. Thanks!

  57. Thank you for your kind comment and I very much hope it works for you. Lee

  58. I cant seem to generate power when i do it your way…any tips?

  59. Please record your hitting action and show it to me then I may able to help you. Lee

  60. In my view it should be about 70-80 degree for samsh. Lee

  61. You are very welcome. Lee

  62. Thank you so much for that tip…I used to smash the way mentioned with eyes watching both shuttle and opponent, but sometimes I end up in taking it the wrong way while trying to take a shot with backhand….What should be the position of body and eye while taking a shot with backhand…especially smashes?
    Thanks in Advance…

  63. Unless shuttlecock is much in front it is difficult to see both; shttlecock and opponent. If you do backhand smash, it is better to make the impact point at least side of your body and your eyes should be viewing the shuttlecock and opponent court. Lee

  64. @Sir Lee…. sir my backhand shots are not that much powerful … can i make them powerful ….and i need to learn how to make a perfect jumping smash.

  65. It would be better to learn the basic skills step by step and normally the answer is on basic things. Please view all the backhand related clips. Lee

  66. sir i tried it again and again but i am not able to generate power in a backhand stroke ( shuttle that passes overhead) in a real game ….please help sir ….i am in desperate need

  67. If I could see your action, it would be good to advise you. There must be something causing the problem. try to do below:
    1. take it early
    2. take it with much less action/compact action then winding action
    3. no follow through
    4. be positive mind set that you can do it.

    Please view backhand shot related clips again. Lee

  68. Great coaching, Lee! Highly aprreciated!

  69. Thank you very much and you are most welcome. Lee

  70. I would beat him in 1v1.

  71. Wonderful tips Lee! You made this look so simple and easy to understand. Now I will get back that 40% which I was losing. I am going to implement this ASAP.

  72. 선생님께서 잘못되었다고 하신 자세를 제가 그대로 하고 있었습니다. 알려 주신대로 제대로 할 수 있도록 연습하겠습니다. 많이 도움 되었습니다. 계속 배우겠습니다. 고맙습니다. ^^

  73. At first, I didn't believe how you teach this skill.
    But, When I priactice this unique posture.
    I am feeling better in playing badminton.
    Thank you.
    And I am very proud of you, because you are a Korean teacher.

  74. Sir, wonderful tip. I never realized this. I am good with smash but not able to palce shuttle in vacant areas. Thank you very much. Please also guide on few drill so as to learn to watch opponent and shuttle at the same time

  75. sir, you are so great all videos very helpful . I do not know how to play badminton .. your teaching I learn a lot of things and now I play well. thank you so much sir …god bless you 

  76. Thank you for your advise coach! I am definitely playing better and better! At least, with a correct posture, the game looks smoother and better! Many players come up with strange posture during the game like not moving his left arm at all! Another question is which part I should grip during the smash? Should I grip in the middle where I could left some end grip for wrist and pivot? Or I should hold near the end of the grip! I hope you know what I meant! Thanks for your teaching and replies!

  77. Thanks for your advice. I think it's one of the most important lesson i seen on internet.

  78. I believe player look side direction because of the side-stepping movements to reach the back quickly enough and then they don't think about being in front again.

    Sorry for language mistakes ^^

  79. still watching this before my badminton exam. thank you for your lessons

  80. Namaste coach Lee. Sharing is growing . Thank you master Lee for the wonderful insight and knowledge. I have started playing badminton with your help and above all I'm loving it.Keep teaching .

  81. Master lee we need the warm exercises from you and the jump smash please

  82. I am 36 Years old now, and after watching your coaching I am so impressed that few days back I started to Play badminton. I know it is hard to learn and practice at this age, but I would like to know how to keep eyes on both the opponent and Shuttlecock. Most of the time I am only able to watch the Shuttlecock, I no have idea what the the next position of the opponent. Please advice to improve this. Thanks in Advance.

  83. Very logical reason.. Still i see many players turning their bodies while doing a clear.. Thanks for the wonderful video.. What i like is the reason associated with every move..

  84. Your help is improving my hits and smash…thankyou verymuch sir

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