Which BEST FRIEND Goes MISSING First? (Worst GAME MASTER Disguise Wins) | Rebecca Zamolo

getting the disguise Daniel what do I
need what I need to wear black leggings in lecture here yeah well he got to be
in like full suit you got to look like one of the GM I guy what color is my
hair supposed to be you got to be a brunette Burnett you guys know I
recreated Angela blog so I had a bunch of different wigs no this is Princess
Leia this isn’t gonna work if you wear this I have my costume you
guys and now I have to get you you gotta have it’ll work it has to work hey fit
fam right now we’re about to spend 24 hours in disguise and go to a GMI
casting to try to get into the gamemaster incorporated headquarters so
we can see exactly what is going on I am supposed to be a brunette right now I
just hope this works Daniel myself and Matt are all
auditioning for different roles I just hope we get in Irene you take that off
they will know I’m the real Rebekah’s the mole if I wear a ring they cannot
figure out that it’s actually me let’s go see what the guys are doing right now
okay they recognize this right don’t ignore it I got this guy yeah but we
need to wig for Matt and then I guess I got to put a wig on where’s your okay
yeah wait on ironing you’re supposed to be a hacker yeah it calls for what yeah
wait what are those for oh we all have to wear glasses I almost forgot the
glasses yeah we don’t know who to expect from the GM eye and they’re right okay
then family life I told you earlier we are spending 24 hours in disguise and
going to a GMI casting so Matt would be auditioning as a GMI agent Daniel will
be auditioning at the hacker and I’m going as I don’t know what exactly am i
going for I don’t know I don’t know what they need that they just as an actress
are amazing actresses so I guess we’re gonna find out there zamfam your challenge
right now is to subscribe turn on notifications give the video a big
thumbs up in five four three – what if you did it in that time
comment below 24-hour disguise squad we really need your help today I cannot
believe we are going into a GMI casting okay so these are the coordinates that
Andrew sent me before the casting is this the same place that we saw the game
asked – hey Sam p.m. you guys remember that we were spying on the GM eyes Game
Master and he went inside here this is where the casting is outfits Ron can’t
go in together do you think other youtubers are going to this casting wait
you think like people like Carter share or against you guys I don’t think so
I mean Conor the other Game Master said that other people are in the game we’re
not the only game playing I can’t imagine other youtubers being a part of
this no comment below who you think might be inside audition you for the GM
I 200 this is where we’re supposed to go I’m not casting yeah so maybe it’s
upstairs okay wait I’m just thinking about this
what we need remember when we were in clue and they had that camera rolling
yeah rolling when they are casting for actors if you’re in there we need to
know if you like you’re in trouble we need to get access to that footage I got
some pretty cool spy gadgets what up yeah I just wanted to compare it
look cool right yeah you know it’s cool get it it reflects more calm it pops out
and it sticks but this is actually a transmitter we’ll be able to take all of
it you have to do them I’m able to hack into it also Rebecca I think you need to
be oh yeah take that okay you’ll be able to
attach to yourself and you’ll be able to see what’s going on okay guys we only
have one coin for all three of us so get up there figure gonna have to figure it
out maybe they won’t ask for it just think ease just distract I don’t know
just figure something out we all need to stick together okay you guys were game
master ninjas we got this yeah you’re right we’re very busy today I trust everyone
has their coins uh yep yeah yeah yeah the koi camera Oh hacker hacker yeah
camera so yeah exactly so let’s do everyone to make sure you grab your
sides for the role you’ll be auditioning for and we will be with you shortly
great right okay grace did you see that those are the GMI agents they know us
they’re from the headquarters they look like me what they recognize us without
these I mean we have the sunglasses on so we should be okay so the plan is I
think we need to talk to these factors right now figure out what is going on
they seem to be professionals thank you thank you know that means that we have
to book the role so they don’t I mean I mean we’ll split up no actors this is
their casting room that’s what agents know he has a suit on Hey so oh so hi
I’m Veronica I’m Regina hi I’m hi Regina excited for this
audition huh I am very excited about this audition I mean I’ve been waiting
to audition for these guys for years now who do you have a lot of experience
acting I’ve been here for a long time have you ever been here before no no
this is uh this is my first time so you don’t know anything about this no do you
have any tips oh no let me tell you all about this
okay first you get the coin right yeah yeah and then the date and time I get to
be here and then they give you an audition
and then if you get it then you’re in for life man then you will never have to
worry about any jobs in this town well thank you for the tip that’s I’m excited
to be in the GMI forever break a leg what did I say something
funny no I just I don’t think maybe you
shouldn’t be so excited about it I’m sorry you know what don’t mind me sorry
I interrupted you guys no no no why wouldn’t I be excited about this it’s
Jay my role have you you know something can I be honest with you yeah I’m really
here for another reason what okay so about two months ago my
best friend Denise came here for an audition right okay yeah she booked the
role and she called me and she was super excited she said it was like I’m sort of
asking for him in real life Daniel what yeah I was happy for her but then
something pretty troubling happened what happened is she went missing right oh I
mean well kind of so she was still posting on social media here and there
but yeah I don’t know it just the photos all looked really fake
it didn’t seem real so I don’t know she knew this cerebral analysis I don’t know
it was like she’s this totally different person I tried everything I could call
her DM text email everything but she hasn’t responded if you know that about
the GMI why are you here at the audition I’m gonna try to book a roles I can go
in there and find her and uncover the truth okay okay Regina you’ve got this okay hey hey what do you do let’s go
he’s with me welcome to this room Daniel yeah hey excited about that wrong hey
don’t worry don’t mind him he’s just he’s really into character right now
don’t talk to me oh oh okay dude don’t worry about it it’s easy he’s just that
little frustrated I’m drew I’m not yeah I met mark
marky-mark okay marking mark you coming in here for the role yeah yeah we’ve
been in here for four hours waiting for this how did you hear about this it was
so weird I got this I saw this mysterious post and my friend shows up
to my door and he gives me this coin the coin we all have get all of them got it
yes so apparently if you booked this job you can get work for like weeks or like
even months ah for years I’ve heard for years years
years years in the same role yeah thank you
no idea what I can use long term work I’ve been waiting tables to a little too
long this could be my golden ticket of Olive Garden breadsticks breading or no
bleep have you touched the hackers they don’t want to know I’ve been telling you
I mean I love me a comfy ot you can say that again for having a believe around
and goodies for the whole year yeah yeah me too hey I’m Dean look it’s too hot
for this why what are we wearing a hoodie in this summer first I get it I
mean for spy guys it’s a good one yeah I really hope I get this rolls
me too but have you guys heard about the GM I know know what about them
oh I’m gonna be grateful for the work of course but and heard some really strange
things about these company like what let’s change things let’s say you don’t
want to lose your coin also I heard something about these contracts you have
to sign and they’re super secretive whoa sounds cool that sounds made up super
secret okay let the auditions begin it’s one a
gather please how this will work is actors auditioning for the same part
we’ll all come in together we’ll give you a series of scenes and judge you on
how you react to the given situation that will be round one at the end of
round one we will pick an actor for each role second place will then be given a
pass the pass will give you a second chance to come back at our second
addition later today you do not receive a pass
I’m sorry better luck next time ladies your first Daniel Oh kind of camera is
that uh let me uh yeah oh oh yeah Canon I knew it I knew it I’m gonna get back
to you’re wrong please present your toys Daniel oh okay if I could get the signal
working Meade let me check my phone okay oh oh it’s coming it it’s coming here I
shoes able to attach it I wonder who’s filming who’s that no tell us your name
and why you would be a good fit for the GM hi my name is Regina
I am a musically trained actress I am also a martial artist and I’ve worked on
thousands of TVs and films hi I’m Lisa I am a Juilliard trained actress I will
work harder than anyone hi I’m Veronica and I really want this
because I’m a big fan of the GMI and I know spy ninja moves that you wouldn’t
believe right okay so let’s say you are Rebecca
best friend you may take off your shades wait so this means that they’re gonna
bring somebody in as her best friend is that part of the game tell us how you
will steal her phone and allow us access oh my god I love my Sam fan
I’m so sorry my car just got towed and my battery is out of battery for my
phone can I borrow your phone to call it the place to come pick me up that’s
logical Wow thank you so much oh my goodness it got locked out what is your
code zero three zero zero zero zero fantastic
next I love you look amazing like seriously what are you doing with your
skin regime in it oh my god those nails he really knows Rebecca I wonder how
Rebecca’s gonna take this okay these wait show me both at the same time God
remind me what do you call your fans again oh the Sam BAM nice I do all the
things I do lots of activities I love everything even if they’re lame sound
like I mean hi Rebecca oh we’re best friends right yeah I was wondering if I
could just borrow your phone I wanted to like check on my boyfriend and I didn’t
want to use my account because then you would know I was like looking on can I
just use it and you just put the package yeah yeah you understand it’s like girl
code it’s fine I like that all right let’s move on
we’d like to see your spy ninja skills you first Oh what thank you interesting and finally
Veronica that wasn’t supposed to happen I think
we’ve seen enough hey yeah that’s that it’s good please stop
why don’t we all line up again okay yeah that usually doesn’t happen that lose
our first round give us one second all right we’ve made our decision
oh it’s good turnout I lost signal one who’s winning let us know comment down
below let us know who won this round for the first round our winner is Veronica
what I mean I mean yeah yeah totally I I knew that our actress that will be
getting the pass Lisa here’s pass Veronica you stay oh my god it would be
better than cheated Oh congratulations thank you
thank you for picking me that I do that stuff a lot but I don’t usually crash we
saw potential welcome to the GM I take her hey
take me where oh I actually probably check on what about the under roll oh
did somebody let me leave hello gentlemen
present your coins No tell us your names and why you would be
a good fit for the G M my name is Chris I’m the best of the best
my name is Bronson and I smell unbelievably amazing
my name is chambers I used to be Asian shields my name is Marky Mark and I love
this suit very nice now agents need to be very intimidating
show us your stone solid base and then show us your face of intimidation oh
nice ah I can relate yeah feel that one
you’re looking at me nope not looking at you two faces so the first one stone
coal me seems cold it’s called cavitation different different face or
the same zamfam I had no idea I was gonna be put in this room and I had no idea
I’d be splitting up with Matt and Daniel I’m really nervous that they’re gonna
know that all of this is a disguise and when they find out that I am the real
Rebecca ISM although they are going to trap the jewel I brings him very
important clientele which celebrities have you protected we’re actors you mean
like in character what do you mean by that
can you kind of rather clarify that please if you could protect a celebrity
who would it be and how would you do it I would protect Adam Sandler tell people
to not hit Adam Sandler hey guys I would protect the Wayne Johnson you know how I
would do that I would jump on his back and give everybody just stolen clothes
Garrett look interesting method I would protect Tobey Maguire and tell everybody
he’s the best spider-man honestly a national treasure I understand that I’ll
protect really cute dog it’s letter safe oh that’s not it’s really a celebrity is
that a celebrating what guess you never heard of
pug oh that works so that’s the end of round one we’ve made our decision the
winner of round one is chambers yes force applied a drastic force and
the winner of the vas is Chris thank you thank you guys now chambers you stay the
rest of you can go have a seat you guys know about the cerebral analysis are
they going to try to hypnotize me yeah yeah I’m so relieved I wanted it but did
you see how they pulled out that a girl they pulled the girl what color hair
it’s like it looked like kind of like a brownish red orange hair yeah okay you
may enter I’m almost out of my Starbucks do you know please present your coins oh sorry I dropped my coin oh all right why
don’t you tell us your names and why you would be a good fit for the GMI hi I’m
Pedro otega and I’d be a really good fit because I show up on time I have no
dietary restrictions hi I’m Scott Mitchell and I’m pretty good-looking hi
I’m Karl and a very expendable Steve oh and Hank you know some hacker hacking
also requires you to be very quiet so what we are gonna have you do is sneak
from one side of the room to the next all right it’s security will help us out
here so if everyone can move to the right really you can start he’s crawling he’s gone yeah all right
next oh no he’s still going to you impressive
wall skills next pedestrian I like that see next all right everyone line back up please
one more question who have you had I hacked Starbucks
I got unlimited coffee all the time yeah I hacked the app so every time I pay
with my phone I don’t get charged that’s a good we drink a lot of Starbucks I
hacked into the school district website changed some grades from a little
brother on a roll Souter now good tech I also hacked a school but it was College
and according to their system I paid out of pocket according to my pocket I still
have the money Wow I’ve hacked the gym the quat the
face Facebook Facebook one time you sure about that
yep not the watch not quadra the GM Facebook the Facebook with Mark and
everybody that works there it’s Facebook pretty cool you liked it I don’t know
why I seen it that way yeah it’s kind of weird all right well that’s the end of
this round give us a second and we will make our decision the winner is
Scott Mitchell’s yes naturally and the last pass goes to Pedro sweet very nice
now if everyone will please exit we’re gonna ask you to stay
I think I’ve seen this guy please sir okay thank you look he looking cute okay
okay all right please Matt Deano hey hey could you make it no I totally
powned I didn’t do good either bomb okay
whatever bad I don’t know what they said they took somebody they’re doing about
Veronica yeah who are you she’s missing I’m Lisa I was just in the
audition earlier yeah I want to help you find her why do you want to help us find
Veronica well my friend is missing Denise and I’m here to find her so we
might as well find both girls does that mean we’re going where I think we’re
going I’m really nervous right now I just hope Matt and Daniel will be here
with me soon when we’re not breaking around to his Rebecca’s Missy

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