Which Exercise Is BEST For Weight Loss? (With Subtitles)

Which Exercise Is BEST For Weight Loss? (With Subtitles)

So we all know that exercise is good for health. But which one? Somebody is selling a Fat-Burner Challenge or a Belly Fat Blast or a 30-Day Transformation Program. And then there is Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, CrossFit and tomorrow there will be something else. So today I am going to give you 2 Basic Exercise Rules using which YOU whill chose your Best Workout that you will enjoy, it will be easy on your wallet and it will help you Lose Weight! Let’s Begin! So you might be thinking that just like your Gym Trainer I’ll tell you that the best exercise is, Running on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then doing some Biceps, Legs, Shoulders etc. 7 years back, my Gym Trainer made me do the exact same thing. But after a few days, while working out I developed a serious Muscle Catch and it was so painful that for days I was just like this. Forget exercising, I even had difficulty sleeping. I spent a lot of money on Physiotherapy, just to set this right. And that’s because most of the Gym Trainers do not know the Number 1 Rule of Exercising. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), clearly states that you first need to Straighten the body before Strengthening it. Most of us sit with hunched backs, our head is down in our phones, we sit more, so our hamstrings are tight, our glutes are weak and we walk with our feet out like a duck. So when I with a hunched back was made to do Shoulder Press, it injured my muscles. Because a hunched back, first needs to be straightened by stretching our chest muscles and strengthening our back by a set of exercises called, ‘Stability and Mobility Exercises’ which are done against the floor or the wall. And next comes ‘Movement Training’ and this is where you learn the 5 Basic Movement Patterns Bend and Lift, Single Leg, Push, Pull and Rotational Movements using your Body Weight. After that comes, ‘Load Training’ and this is where you pick up weights. Next is ‘Performance Training’. These are called the 4 Phases of ‘Functional Movement and Resistance Training’. But unfortunately, most of the gym trainers start Loading you right away, without first straightening your body or teaching you the basics of movement. And ACE calls this, ‘Dysfunctional Fitness’. So unless you want to spend a lot of money on a Physio or an Ortho, do not lift any weights, be it 1 KG or 10 KG unless you get your Stability and Movement sorted. Rule #2: Start Small Now in most of the gyms, you will see a poster that’ll read ‘No Pain, No Gain’ This is the most Bullshit advice to give. Because of this advice, in 2012 4,60,000 people in the US, ended up in the Emergency Room as a result of Gym Injuries. 32,000 of these were Hospitalised or declared ‘Dead on Arrival’ and you can only imagine the number of Muscle Spasms like mine that went unreported. In July 2017, a guy called Daniel Popp sued his gym because his Urine turned black, serious enough to threaten his Kidneys. And Doctors blamed ‘Excessive Exercise’ as the reason. Because his trainer asked him to ‘Push’ even though he complained of significant pain in his legs and his groin. Yes, you need to push your limits to reach to the next level. But that’s only after your body is capable of handling that stress. and that’s possible only if you start small and then gradually progress. So if you’ve not been working out and don’t know where to begin, then using these 2 rules, the best workout for you is this: 1. Move More. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk for 10-15 Mins, two times everyday or play with your kids. 2. Start with this 15 Min Beginner Home Workout and move on to the advanced levels only after your body feels ready. 3. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not for Beginners. So before you join any workout outside take trial classes to figure out if that workout will suit your body or not. It can be Pilates, Dance, Running, Playing Badminton or hire a Personal Trainer at a regular Gym. 4. Always check the Crediblity of your Trainers. Ask to see their certification. So that you know you are being trained by qualified people who won’t ‘Push’ you to Injury. Remember, the purpose of exercise is not to be in pain. It’s to be Injury Free. Because only if you are Injury Free, you will workout again the next day. You will start enjoying it and that Consistency will lead to Weight Loss Results. So, before you pick any workout, remember these 2 rules and combine it with this Diet Plan. Not only will you lose weight, but you will also gain health. Remember, your body is not a 30 Day, 6 Weeks or a 3 Month Project. You have to live with your body, long term. So please do not fall for money making Transformation Programs, Belly Blasts or High Intensity Programs. My main aim through this channel is to help you see through those Fitness Fads that are not only ripping our wallets, but are also causing our body harm. Because just like me, I don’t want to see you moving like this. And the reason why this channel is called ‘The Urban Fight’ is because our Urban Lifestyle is a fight. to stay away from the Fattening Food-Industry and the misleading Fitness Industry.

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