Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

Uh… Now we’re going to slow it down a little bit I’m guessing most of you folks have heard *Cymbal crash and drum intro plays* *what is he doing* I’ll cue you in. “Caravan” Three, four *Bass plays* *Mouths* “Fuck you” *Piano plays* *Cue the brass* *Saxes play and now the whole band plays* I will gouge out your motherfucking eyes *CRASH* *Now enjoy the concert* *Trombone solo* *Wait* *Is Fletcher actually jamming to the performance?* *Is that a smile???* *Yep*

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  1. We've watched this movie in music class at school, we were shocked by fletschers behavior LOL, I love this movie

  2. Who is the actual drummer for this part

  3. Me: masturbating
    Gf: What are you doing man?
    Me: I'll cue you!

  4. vai pro diabo, muito bom!

  5. I just noticed, he says a lil' something to Fletcher at 0:47

  6. I love the captions

  7. the pianist is out of tempo

  8. I like this scene. He is now confident that he is doing a great job. He isn't scared to show it, even if he has to stand up to a professional

  9. JK Simmons face as he goes from pure loathing to realizing that the kid is killin it

  10. "He is the one."

  11. One of the worst movies I have ever seen, and a mediocre drummer to boot.

  12. This song kinda reminds me of the intro to Cowboy Bebop.

  13. Wheeze laughter
    “You serious?”

  14. I love how Neiman mouthed “fuck you” to fletcher

  15. Bruh omg the high hat doesn’t line up while the tromboner is doing his solo

  16. 존나 짜릿했던 9분이었다..

  17. Miles Teller played the drums better than my ex-girlfriend played me.

  18. Subtitles… "Now enjoy the concert" Idk man, there's like a world war 3 on the stage.

  19. This might be your band, but this is my time.

  20. This movie fucked me up the first watch through

  21. Any pro jazz band directer would not let his 2nd alto play between his legs.

  22. I know fuck all about music, and I've never been a jazz fan, but this fucking scene changed me.

  23. does his conducting bother anyone else

  24. Ladies and gentlemen, the Eric Andre show

  25. Where could I find the score for this?

  26. Calmdown man brought me here?❤?????

  27. I can watch this scene million times with out getting bored

  28. We all know who’s gonna play Jeff Bezos in his future documentary

  29. How do you not show the final drum solo?

  30. Jk simmons looks like white obama

  31. Generally not my favorite standard, but they absolutely kill this performance

  32. For some reason, I really love 00:19 along with that close up.

  33. Sounds like Cowboy Bebop

  34. When the bassline kicks in


  35. I am sorry, no slowwing down until show ends… Catch my breath ??❤️✌️⚔️?

  36. ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Exactly… ?❤️??????⚔️?

  38. Terrence: I'm gonna fk you like a pig
    Andrew: uno reverse

  39. At least a college level

  40. ‘I wanted to be the man who made Charlie Parker. The man who discovered some scrawny kid, pushed him, prodded him, shaped him into something great — and then said to the world, “Check this out. The best motherfucking solo you’ve ever heard.” ‘

  41. Hola! Soy Pastor y me encanta éste video.

  42. トロンボーンソロ好き

  43. fantastic film… love the immediate cut to black when he finishes and whacks the cymbals

  44. Not quite my tempo !

  45. This reminds me of a true story, the book called The Man Who Listens to Horses by Monty Roberts. I thought about this as I was reading the comments and realized that it was a direct corollary of this . It is a cautionary story of why Fletcher's techniques are outdated and dangerous.
    So I searched Google and I found a Medical Journal study here that describes the correlation to human behavior. Here is a copy of the Abstract of the study.

    The popular novel and movie The Horse Whisperer are based on the work of several real-life horse whisperers, the most famous of whom is Monty Roberts. Over the last 50 years, Roberts has developed a technique for training horses that is both more effective and less aversive than traditional training techniques. An analysis of Roberts’ methods (as described in his book, The Man Who Listens to Horses) indicates a deep understanding of behavioral principles including positive reinforcement, timeout, species-specific defense reactions, ‘‘learned helplessness,’’ and the behavioral analysis of language. Roberts developed his theory and techniques on the basis of personal experience and folk wisdom, and not as the result of formal training in behavior analysis. Behavior analysts can clearly learn from such insightful yet ‘‘behaviorally incorrect’’ practitioners, just as such practitioners can benefit from the objective science of behavior analysts.

    Monty Roberts later successfully adapted his techniques to humans by using similar behavior analysis for troubled young men at a ranch called "Flag is Up", which is still in operation since 1966 .

    Following people like Fletcher will lead us to Armageddon is my humble opinion.

  46. Wow this movie was so good i literally felt so fucking intense at some scene

  47. No me cansoooooo de verlo qlo

  48. 0:19 When I watched this part for the first time, it scared the sh*t out of me!

  49. I’ve seen high school productions with better acting than that actor’s attempt to play bass.

  50. the true star was the bass guitar player. don’t ask ??‍♂️

  51. Now, was I rushing OR WAS I FUCKING DRAGGING!?!?!?

  52. Lmao it’s funny when he starts playing and fletcher finches.

  53. All about going above and beyond…

  54. The hell, where is the solo?

  55. The camera work of this movie ?

  56. wow it so amazing drummer

  57. Best scene of all time

  58. Want to see caravan played to perfection. Lookup Charly antolini carvan. He owns that number. This was such a great movie.

  59. Not my fucking tempo !

  60. Just looking for "not quite my tempo" comments..

  61. I love how Neiman has so much authority here and all fletcher is doing is waving his hands around like a retard on a rollercoaster
    And then he finally realises Neiman is the new Buddy fucking Rich

  62. Dumb way of teaching … r they a rock band? Sorry just now i watch it coz i dont have a choice

    But love the drummer ?

  63. Music is the only nice thing in this world and it the only happiness I have left its the only other world I can escape to that isn't filt with complete misery I am truly tired if everything

  64. idiotas mames como mierda la suben sin el solo…estupidos

  65. Why would you put this in parts..

  66. Cowboy bebop still better

  67. It is himseld of the Schilinger just like in OZ

  68. Jazzy Roger Taylor


  70. This nigga shows up to the Area 51 raid, we dome

  71. conductor looks like he could play Jeff Bezos of Amazon in a movie

  72. How Fletcher goes from "Fuckin' hate you" to "Damn that sounds good" is AMAZING

  73. 3:03 he’s finally on my tempo

  74. 1:37 Neiman is not even smirking

  75. このシーン、ニーマン以外が楽譜を見ながら弾いてるのは元々フレッチャーもCaravanを演奏するつもりだったのかな

  76. 0:39 He rushed on saying "three, four". Like 1/4 of a beat rushed.

  77. Just poved yhe movie

  78. Bro, i am so inspired

  79. Who is here from Dunkey?

  80. I think he was just mad at the picture peter Parker sent him of Spider-Man, god damn younglings.

  81. Bruh i actully played this song in my jazz band

  82. 1:37
    That's a threat lol

  83. Donkey boi sent me here

  84. What really happened in band class afterschool

  85. That felt like an episode of Cowboy Bebop for some reason

  86. People acting like this is a "Yeah, he totally owned Fletcher!" scene are so wrong. This isnt triumphant, this is tragic. Nieman has become Fletcher, he's thrown away everything in his life to music; in this final scene he validates Fletcher, he becomes the musician who he was trying to make all along. An obsessive, vindictive perfectionist. As the film makers say, yeah he's more advanced as a musician, but the cost is too great. He's broken. He wont lead a band or become famous, he'll probably "overdose in some hotel" cause the pressure gets too much, just like Fletcher's last "star pupil".

    That smile at the end, thats not acknowledgement… That's "I was right all along. I was justified."

  87. Bald man teaching man with hair to play drums

  88. 4:08 Me when I listen to a rock song.

  89. The world record holder of bowsers big bean burrito brought me here

  90. Miles Teller must have showed him pictures of Spider-Man

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