Who Was Wrong? Archeage Unchained 2019

Who Was Wrong? Archeage Unchained 2019

The story will be familiar to most of you
I’d imagine. Archeage launches, people enjoy it, they figure
out it’s p2w and a promising project that could have been one of the top talked about
games in the genre today became tainted. When an MMORPG becomes tainted like that,
it’s a popular talking point but at the same time, the game will then just have negative
growth until the eventual end. So don’t get me wrong, archea ge as a game
survived a long time, it’s still going today…But it was barely going. Hardly hanging on….And that’s where archeage
unchained comes in. So we’re all aware of the story until this
point. Now unchained is the answer to the question
of what would archeage be like if it was fair and not pay to win. The problem is….We were focused on the wrong
question. We should have been focused on what did archeage
become? And how did we expect gamigo could deliver
this project? Now I’ve avoided making this video to date
for two reasons. First being you all know I’ve got an ongoing
issue with gamigo and so I didn’t want that to cast doubt on my opinion on this subject…I
know myself and I know I can seperate that from what I think about the overall situation. I also wanted to wait to make another archeage
video until I had good news and a resolution to that situation but unfortunately, that
isn’t today. So what exactly am I even talking about? The two questions I just asked, the first
one, what did archeage become? That has been pretty covered by a few of the
content creators that have played unchained. So I won’t go massively into this but we will
discuss it…Then the second and the one I’m not aware of anyone really talking about and
that is how did we expect gamigo to deliver the project. Now what I mean by that is that their hands
are kind of tied and while I applaud the ambition, if I had stepped back and looking at this
in the same way I approach black desert online and their situation in the certain territories
which have different publishers…I’ve alwaays said the same thing and I’ve got videos from
7 months ago saying this to back it up….Korean developers do not care about what you think. Korean developers probably and in most cases
do not care what even the publisher thinks. Now don’t get me wrong, you can probably find
a korean dev studio that does care and that does take their western market seriously and
takes their feedback…They may be the exception. What I actually see from the popular korean
games operating in the west, is the western publisher literally caretaking a garden. They can water the plants and keep the garden
alive, they can let you into it to take a look…But if you’re in that garden and you
spot a hornet nest, the caretaker literally can’t do anything except shut down the garden
and wait for the koreans to show up and remove it….And here’s the kicker to the analogy,
the koreans could just say…No, that’s what we like. Now this is obviously varying situation by
situation, company by company, game by game, contracts are contracts. So basically what these publishers are doing
is they’re proposing a deal to these developers to say, we have the experience and infrastructure
to maintain your service in our region, we will give you x amount of money and these
percentages for things like license fees. They will then of course stipulate and negotiate
over levels of control of the game, what can the foreign publisher add, remove, change,
what can they ask and have worked on for their version, can their version be different in
any major ways, can it run on a different build that has features removed…Stuff of
that nature. So what relevance does this have to anything
archeage related? Well you know, I hyped Archeage unchained,
I was excited man. I had the blinkers on for the nostaliga I
felt about archeage and the idea that they could deliver this to us and in 2019 it would
be what we wanted…The problem is three fold I believe…The launch has been a complete,
unmitigated disaster…Like I’m talking I’ve never in my life witnessed an mmorpg launch
as bad as this and that’s saying something…I played an mmorpg launch before where the first
week there were no creature spawns in the game for 90% of the day…I played an mmorpg
launch before where they had no persistence….You could log on and play and you logged off and
it deleted your character for a whole 3 days. And yet here is archeage unchained…It’s
literally months since the game came out and every single week is a new major problem. I actually can’t off the top of my head name
them all because there’s so many, I’d have to make a seperate video that was 10 minutes
long to detail them all. Some of the major ones of course include the
original delay, the launch with a key system of the game not even working, the exploit
that they then said wasn’t an exploit, the bans that were overturned, the archepass being
abused for thousands of gold with no punishment, the disabling of the archepass which literally
didn’t work properly which then locked literally half of the required items in the game behind
a currency that no longer existed in the game, the repeated fumble with the compensation
for the diligence coins that lasted literally weeks, khrolan going missing from
streams since launch, community managers vanishing from discord, the whole situation with me,
the archepass got enabled again like a week ago or something and then made people crash
repeatedly so they had to take the server down, I think at one point the server also
wouldn’t come up with the archepass enabled…Then anyone who had it up before the crash could
complete quests and get rewards while it was down for everyone else….That’s just off
the top of my head and that’s just in 2 months, not including a ton of other massive stuff
probably, I don’t even keep up with the news of the game anymore and I know all that, so
how much more you think there is? So problems aside…What’s the reason for
all this in my opinion? Who’s to blame? How did this ever happen to a game that has
been operating for this many years, how are they that incompetent? Right? Well first we have to explain who is gamigo,
who is working on archage and what has changed from the trion days. This whole argument of trion was better or
gamigo was better is usually misunderstood so here it is. Trion was a publisher, they then had a team,
that worked on archeage, a team thaat worked on rift, etc etc. Trion was the overall body and these teams
were the limbs. Trion is gone, gamigo is now for all intents
and purposes trion now. So who changed? The decison makers at the top level changed,
the customer service, some staff in those teams probably changed….The vast majority
of the people that are working on archeage and archeage under gamigo are exactly the
same people as before with trion, the same people, in the same positions, with probably
the same hierarchy within. So there’s no they were better or worse, they’re
the same people that handled our version for years. Are they to blame? I’d say somewhat….They’re
part of it for sure. Now what does this team do to archeage? They maintain the garden. They are sent updates, that they have to request
for XLgames to work on. Guys, XLGames does not run unchained in their
region, they do not use these systems in their region. They built these systems purely for us….They
of course have a financial incentive to not purposefully fuck it up…But there’s a massive
barrier here. So there’s tons of things in our version that
the western caretakers probably want to change…but can’t. They are at the mercy of XLgames and the contract
that was signed at whatever point it was, whether it was with trion and that contract
transfered over or gamigo signed a new one…This is your power. I can’t say 100% what their actual ability
to do things is, but it won’t be beyond fixing tiny, small issues, or interface issues between
the backend and the game…Things that don’t affect gameplay. Of course they can probably choose when to
do events and things like that also. That’s about it.. So my whole thing here is…Thinking back
on it…How did we ever expect gamigo was capable of delivering us a product being built
by people who don’t use the systems they’re building for us, gamigo team can’t fine tune
it as they go because they’re not allowed, meaning all issues take longer to fix than
required, they also have to run it up a chain of command literally across the world to get
even answers on things…Time wise, these systems being developed by xlgames for our
version are not being tested there, so they send it over, it doesn’t work, they have to
send it back for a tiny tweak aand repeat…It legit takes orders of magnitude more time
to get simple issues resolved. Then to top it all off, the icing on the cake
for this, the xlgames team can most likely just say no you can’t have that, no we won’t
do that, no we’re not changing that…And that’s final. The evidence for this is blatant, the streams
on archeage unchained, a big hot topic right, changing the trade system. They said they wanted to, but they’re in talks
with xl over it and they’re going back and forth on a system. Why if they don’t play the same version as
us, do we need to go back and forth? Implement the system we want in our version,
in our version…It’s different to yours, why do you care? Why does unchained have to be gameplay mechanically
similar or systems wise close to the korean version? They exist entirely seperately…. And this is the issue with trying to make
a westernised version of a korean game. You can’t do it while ever you’re the caretaker,
that garden isn’t yours, get off the grass gamigo. A lot of these publishers in the west get
a bad rep from publishing these eastern games and them being p2w…But I’d struggle to think
of a korean mmorpg being not p2w in korea and coming to the west and then being made
p2w by the publishers…It’s usually p2w there and then on a sliding scale between mildly
p2w and just as p2w as korea. So which one of us has seen a contract for
these publishing rights and know the facts and figures for how much of their monetisation
they are allowing to push into our version despite what the publishers want. Think about a publishers job, they want to
publish games you’ll play. They’re like a franchised pizza hut. They want you to play their games and so they
get the games you want from the east…Either they get the game and make the money, or another
publisher will and they’ll accept the same terms you just turned down and you’re out
a big import game to run for potentially 10 years. And none of this at all is me apologising
for gamigo, for trion or for publishers, I’d go as far as to saay that most of them would
make the games p2w still without these awful contracts they have to adhere to…But just
to say this is how a lot of these games operate. The publishers are almost nothing more than
a middle man. This is why if you play a korean mmorpg, you
might as well be a mute, because no feedback you give to anyone will ever matter, it doesn’t
ever reach anyone that is in a position of power to really do much of anything. Now archeage unchained as a game….The no
p2w thing made the game better than it ever could have been, that’s for damn sure. And you know what, despite me having more
reason than most to absolutely talk shit on gamigo and archeage unchained….I like the
game, I like that they had the ambition to do try and do the game this way, but multiple
issues, their hands were tied from day 1 with the whole being a publisher not a developer
barrier, then they’ve pushed out a product in a rush and from then just been playing
catch up on an absolute tidal wave of problems, mostly of their own causing. But as an actual mmorpg, as a game, I don’t
dislike Archeage Unchained. I think it has content for a lot of people,
most the people from my community who still play are casuals, like what I said originally…The
game has a massive market appeal for casual players, the life skillers, the socials, the
farmers. It’s just not for most of us in 2019. They took a sandbox themepark game and turned
it into a thempark themepark game. The freedoms of the game are limited, the
systems are streamlined, the content is designed around that carrot on the stick daily grind…Combine
with the labour system, the archepass being daily and weekly just more tasks or chores
to complete….We’re not in wonderland anymore guys. It’s a totally different game. It still has the same core but at the heart
the game is fundamentally different. And unfortunately for me, not in a good way. Though you only really find this out once
you hit that end game area and until then it’s more and more promising as you level
and see these cool systems, then you hit the daily grind wall and see how many daily tasks
there are to do and you’re like brick wall at 100 miles per hour. I think archeage unchained will remain to
be a success, depending on what you define success as. I know they’re going to turn a profit off
all those sales. I know gamigo will still be around and I’m
not holding any grudges…I just think they massively fucked this up with a combination
of a bunch of problems that are a bit more nuanced than first glance would suggest. The big thing I want to point out here is
that archeage unchained objectively is in a very precarious position right now due to
the things I’ve outline in the video. They must haave spent weeks or months convincing
xlgames about this unchained vision and the only major actual system that changes unchained
from archeage legacy is the archepass…And it doesn’t work. Just fundamentally the archepass since day
1 has not functioned in the intended way, archeage unchained is literally archeage,
with the archepass system and some items taken out of certain areas of the game for certain
currencies and the removed p2w. That’s it. So how long are they going to waste, keep
repeatedly breaking the archepass, a system people already dislike anyways, how many times
is that going to get broken and be an issue? Are they going to take weeks and months more
to develop a new system to make unchained viable with the non p2w model and put all
these items somewhere else in the game and find a way to monetise people more without
archepass sales? I just see a big exclamation mark here flashing
and no one talking about it, like what are they going to do if they just can’t get this
sytem to work? What will xlgames let them do? Either way, this was just my 2 cents on the
situation anyways. Hopefully some of it made sense. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with the bell. Join me on discord to talk about anything
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Comments (45)

  1. The core game was build around p2w system for years and every new content or changes that hapened had the vision "what we can do to players sink gold so they buy more apex", so now we are forced to do boring things, it's a gold race. Also AA is such a complex game that gamigo failed to understand that maybe isntead of doing a cheap deal without trying to understand the code and maybe have some ability to hotfix problems without to submit a ticket to XLGames that would take months to fix it., that's why 1rst of all they launched the game with known bugs, 2nd every exploit was abusable for plenty days wihout any repercussion. IMHO AAU is another legacy server fill with alts and players that endure the daily system because from what i saw from gamigo and xlgames with the future content will stay the same, but no apex lul.

  2. I stopped caring about competing after learning that exploiters got a free pass. Only reason I still play with one hand hanging onto a cliff.

  3. I just log in to craft my tax certs & pay them >~>

  4. i think you just have a grudge with the game, all the problems u mentionned are not problems to beging with but meh im not allowed to respond or i ll be labeled as whiteknight cuz u know …ppl like sheeps who say the same thing

  5. Archeage has always had a lot of potential with no one able to actually pull it off. At the same time the gaming community is just toxic crybaby trash for the most part. While the things that have happened are unacceptable as a person you need to decide to walk away or enjoy the game with the knowledge you have now. I knew the game was going to still be a shit show, I knew that gamingo was a shit company and I knew that they would not have much control if any over the game. Game for fun, not for life. People get far too worked up.

  6. I had some hope for unchained, I did expect some form of failure from the disgracefully incompetent graveyard company that is Gamigo just from what I had read about them before the launch, and we all knew how useless and uncaring XL is from the last time.

    But oh boy did they surprise even a cynic like me with just how much they fucked the game up. I can say without a doubt that the game will die, it feels much worse now on unchained than it did when the game was p2w.
    They could of at least got some good servers so the game wasn't so laggy all the time, it lags in fucking instances, isn't that supposed to be the point of an instance?!. It's a joke. There are so many problems it's not even funny. Bugs on previous servers are still in, DX 11 crashes the game randomly for me, if I run sound through my headset it sometimes randomly crackles and cuts out.

    There are such huge gaps between gear for players on a competitive pvp game because of all the bullshit. People were sitting in queues for the first week, meanwhile people were exploiting thousands of gold and enough labour to last months. You have to somehow balance such a problem out and catch people up if you don't want them to just stop playing. People are 10k+ gearscore already when the majority are around 6-7k.
    And don't even get me started on the ALTage, literally 10-20 people are just afk in every raid because it's just people's alts farming for honour. It's pathetic.

    This launch has corrupted unchained to it's core and it will slowly rot and drip away players until it's no more. It deserved so much better and we deserved so much better tbh. I hope Gamigo realise that this will stain any positive reputation they hoped to have; forever. I hope it hurts their business in the future. Seeing them go bankrupt would make me happy. Fuck XL too. How those morons even created a masterpiece like archeage I've no clue seriously, they seem beyond useless and seem to give 0 shits about the game or the players.

  7. I'm still loving the game, just gotta play the game the way you want, not the way the community tells you. Haven't done a daily in a month and loving it! What people dont understand is Gamigo being a publisher can only do as much as XL games allows them.

  8. AAU was the first time I'd ever played AA. I enjoy it like no other game on the market, warts and all (plus I can play lolis) Before AAU I'd been stuck with WoW Classic. Having experienced housing, sailing, farming, trading and amazing crafting (and other sandbox elements) I can never go back to static, rigid games like WoW Classic and FFXIV wont cut it either. It may be insensitive but the non-casual, super-serious players were actually ruining the game for me. They make me miserable. I need a game to escape, to be someplace else. The 'hardcore' players wouldn't be an issue if they weren't jerks. Killing people who clearly don't want to fight just because… because why? Hijacking someone's clipper for no reason to destroy it. They are as responsible for driving people away as any game issues.

    My point is, as the hardcore people slowly leave (who apparently have not suffered some trauma(s) in life which drove them to MMORPGs) I find myself enjoying it more and more. Now maybe the casuals will stop leaving. I just hope the hardcore players leaving does not kill the game. Mind you, I say I am not hardcore yet I play practically 24/7, have two houses, tons of gold, 3 level 55 chars, and one ancestral etc. I just play differently. For example I don't play it as a sport. I don't play any game competitively save for Overwatch type games… but even then I am chill and super-polite. In fact, I am not playing at all. To me it is virtually real (the mmos, not overwatch)

  9. I gave up for a lot of these reasons. But the big one for me is around gear. MMOs for me need to reward me for adventuring. When I realized loot gear wasn’t really something you use. That your gear is behind in game gold door. F that. Then many of those path to gold disappeared before I got to those levels. Nah. Next

  10. This game progressed 10x faster than the P2W version. Gamigo let exploiters keep all their gains so people have 3k gs gains on you, they then take forever to give us compensation so those exploiters sit on tons of labor while we wait on our diligence coin, servers constantly unstable, maint constantly delayed for up to 4 hours, archepass was a total failure, they dont respond to any tickets, people who bought the premium pass with credits never got their credits refunded, random maint causing people to lose larders even after we plan around the scheduled maint. I can go on and on and on…I love this game at its core but this game will NEVER work for the West.

  11. Korean MMOs are always gear based which ruins pvp for everyone because it results in unskilled players reigning due to having better gear or more money if its p2w. Gw2 may have its own set of issues and neglect pvp as a whole but the Auto Balanced pvp model they have is perfect. Going to heart of mist everyone gets max lvl stats so the playing fields even and winning or losing comes down solely to builds,skill, and balance patches. Not gear, pvp should never be gear based. Defeats the purpose

  12. You have to think about continued support and stuff like engineering complexity. Ideally the game launched in West should be functionally identical to the stuff in the East. The more changes you put in the harder it is for the teams to cohere systems. That’s why a trading overhaul might be argued with.

    If a publisher doesn’t have its internal engineering team capable of accessing and modifying full game source then it’s just the same as a hosting and localization company with extra transactional capabilities to tally up the cost and count the revenue.

    Sure they can fiddle around with the db a bit and do a bit of ongoing service like GM and banning hackers, but in the end it’s not their expertise to significantly redo the game. If they did alter the game then going forward every single patch released in Korea will need to be considered and carefully applied around the functional (as opposed to visual or language) differences in game systems.

  13. I didn't even know that AAU was going to be released until after WoW classic. I love WoW but AA was a much more sophisticated game, much better PvP. Personally, I don't give a shit about the issues. There are always issues in any MMO that people whine about for years.

    Just get on with it, level, meet people, go have LOLZ and roleplay/PvP…who cares if you can get an archepass or not…I don't.

    The sutff they have added since I played is really neat. This isn't a short term game…like weeks…it is long term.

  14. Somewhere… ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD — there is aN Asian man laughing at us.

    And lets be F***ing honest here, IF you could squeeze out more money from a dead/dying game, again, again, and again to fund new cashgrabs wouldn't you do it too?

    Fun fact for you western Slowflakes; CHINA ALONE HAS MORE THAN ~1.4 BILLION PEOPLE – AND IS THE FASTEST GROWING MARKET IN THE WORLD. /You're welcome.

  15. I backcharged this awful game and it took them an entire month to finally get around to banning me. I bet that if I were to appeal, they'd even let me back in for free. #ZeroTolerance.

    Gamigo and XL are both laughably inept, even when it comes to their own money.

  16. is the crafting still rng as fuck?

  17. I'm playing and progressing my gear like all people who spending more time on the game than whining in discord. At least in Archeage u do dailies for a reason – u becoming more stronger in pvp which is useful in sea fising and protecting your grinding spot and your gear matters.
    And why u do your routine in GW2 or f14 – to obtain higher gear to kill mosnters? naah

  18. Maybe u should do your reasearch before u start saying shit you clearly don't know anything about Korea does use the archepass they announced new less pay to win server with the archpass

  19. What happened to the partnership program Kira? Did you ever get paid?

  20. Thank god i got my money back!

  21. I'm still enjoying myself, even with gamigo's fireball of a launch. If anyone here quit, I understand… have fun elsewhere.

  22. The game had so much potential. played for 500 hours plus and uninstalled, hard to keep up against people with 5 accounts and exploiting. could say if you cant beat them then join them, but people fail to realize that even doing these kind of things in a game reflect on what kind of person you really are. its sad this game has went down hill.

  23. I'm glad i didn't buy in again after 2 fresh start servers , i was done no matter what they've promised

  24. unless they literally create a fresh new server after EVERY BASIC ISSUE is fix this game is just dead to me.
    And archepass is no longer unique in AAU. It's already been shown that korean AA or NA legacy will be getting an Archepass of their own in the near future. It's not even an AAU feature.

  25. Has always been and will remain, the ONLY mmo that I’ve never played

  26. One point: xl is interested in bringing a version of the archepass for the korean market. I read that somewhere on the forums.

  27. all games have p2w gold ,from other site i hate that but in this archeage is better bicause i can have all what others have but need longer time

  28. Im having a blast just logging in and messing with my houses and farms! Its a stress reliever for me lol. Ive never cared about being in the top 5% of any game because im casual. The game has alot to offer to the hardcore or casual player. Play the game at your own pace . If you only do dailies in Archeage, you wont be happy.

  29. Tried AA and then immediately went back to GW2.

  30. I havent played Unchained since week 1. Bought the game for myself and my brother so I guess im a clown.

  31. never played an mmo with bad launch, OK. BUT ! final fantasy 14 had the WORST launch ever in mmorpg history 😀

  32. So glad I never purchased this game, I have been burned by so many games like this that were just terrible or no different. Phew! Bullet dodged.


  34. Feel like this video is biased. I'm enjoying the game as a casual. The issues you speak of happened months ago. I havent had any issues since launch. I admit the dailies are annoying, but what modern MMORPG does not have a daily grind? WoW has dungeon grinding, BDO has mob grinding and FF14 has boring quest grinding. I don't think anything exist that does not have some kind of boring grind surrounded around fun things you can do.

  35. Got a refund after 1 month just shit how gamigo handled launch

  36. They are waiting for the Koreans to put the new trade system in their version so we can get basically the same thing MAYBE slightly modified into ours. I am sure that is 1000% less expensive than a completely custom trade system.

  37. they already have released the new archepass on test servers. It earns diligence instead of gold this time, its going to be a limited number of missions per week that are general objectives that are achieved through normally playing. Removing the archepass or entirely replacing it was never an option. People have already intentionally payed extra money in their pre-order bundles that include archepass upgrade tickets. The archepass is also intended to replace the subscription model as a long term income. One time purchase cosmetics will dry up once theres a shortage of new players. However, monthly exclusive cosmetics through a pass system is infinitely sustainable through a "cosmetic monthly subscription." I personally like any version of the archepass because it enables gamigo and xl games to make a sustainable source of money through dedicated players that makes the game worth running for them without resorting to pay to win. I also don't see the issues as as big as people think, they have begun to ban people on the leaderboards for things like gold buying. And they were supplying free labor and diligence to everybody in compensation for the arche pass being gone. This means that even though the exploiters are still ahead, the percentage of gold or labor that they're ahead by has diminished. Also, players are starting to hit a point in gear around 10k gear score where it costs significantly more time and gold to progress meaning that the gap between them and lower geared players will only get smaller as time goes on. Many of the major issues archeage has seen so far are primarily concerns if you expect to be extremely competitive on the leader boards. You don't even need that though. Yes there is gear dependency, but less so than other games. I can easily beat players that are 2k-3k gear score above me in gladiator arena 1v1s. One appreciable fact about archeage is that often , depending on what class and play style you play, you're skill has a larger impact on the game than gear difference, to a point that a 1k or less gear difference becomes almost entirely insignificant in isolated situations. Once the gear gap is much smaller due to progression gates, (don't get me wrong, they will always have a lead) but this lead will become entirely insignificant and will have no real impact on the outcome of a fight to any skilled pvper.

  38. i made a mistake going back to AA but once AAU came out i fucking left for good. AA will never change for the better still p2w RIP but if you have alot of money to waste go head and spend as much money as you like to get your gear score up and keep doing its your life no gives a shit if you spent thousands of dollars lol

  39. went back to BDO, dont missed Archeage Unchained at all.

  40. Are you sure the game isn't just shit? i mean there's a bunch of heavy p2w games still going after years.

  41. Good fair observations

  42. 3 weeks, no streams, no krolan, no second servers to user second Founder pack… so good bye archeage for good.

  43. Still loving the game.. all the hype beasts and people that wanted to be top geared have burned out but all the true fans of what the game has to offer as a whole are still having a blast.. the exploit in first couple weeks wasn’t great but in the grand scheme of the game and investment in it.. they meant nothing. People that understand the game know that. One if not the best MMO’s around as far as what it has to offer. Also new archepass is redeeming.

  44. Lost 1k gold and larders from surprised maintenances, I ignored it the 1st time but it happened again so I decided to just quit. gl to anyone still playing though

  45. I just quit being very dedicated/hardcore and now play it VERY casually. Basically do my dailies, grind for coinpurses and strive to improve my gear and im actually having a blast. Especially in pvp which was the primary reason i fell in love with AA to begin with 🙂

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