With tongue? Wait is there tongue in this? yeah, yeah, yeah It’s like a real kiss right? Yeah, it’s going all in. Im gonna Win I mean, im the best Ok, all right. (huh?) Good morning Jake Pauler’s, what’s going on I hope you guys are having a great day This morning I woke up, and then I decided to wake everybody else up [Dirt bike noise] Ohio! Yo I feel like I almost had a heart attack Good morning Anthony Ohio Ohio That is an Ohio wake up You scared me so much, i was in the deepest sleep AUSTRALIA! Ohio and i woke up really sick, sicker than I’ve been this whole entire week So i like took this shot of anti-sickness juice and it sucked! Oh my god It burns! It burns! I still feel the pain! and then i had a quick small session with Chance and then… I went to disney cause im an actor bro yo, Ethan bro, how have you been dude, you haven’t been in my vlog for like two weeks Yeah, I know, it’s been a long time you been good? Yeah! You know, ever since you have been in my vlog your instagram growth is just hanging Oh haha You know what’s funny though Oh tell me tell me you had to fake buy your brother a lamborghini cause you can’t afford a real one Funny Ethan. um that’s good bro I really missed you You know what else is funny if you had a Lamborghini you wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals soo oh that that’s real funny I’ve never heard I’ve never heard a short joke before You’ve never had a short joke before never never oh ok Your not falling short of any short jokes You know what else is funny oh tell me what’s funny you’re gonna lose favorite social media star to the a 3 pound dog Yea that’s right Just cause their is a goalie does’nt mean you cant score Hi!! Hi im Jake!! You know the wifi password? I know my Phone number!!!!!!!! whos he?!?!?!?!

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  1. I bet no one wants to be with you lucas and marcus are why cutter than you your UGLY .

  2. This is soo fucking disgusting

  3. The fact that all af them are all on each girl is disgusting. Probably half of them got a lip infection. Yikes????????? i really wonder what her parents think….

  4. WOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Jake take hare

  5. 11:00 the reason why we are here

  6. I want to date you Jake I'm 22

  7. Its just sad that these immature boys hv everything from doing nothing

  8. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Tela was the first person to cross the river?
    If yk yk

  10. I love Jake Paul videos

  11. 2019 me , wow he’s still with Disney

  12. and this is how they got STD

  13. I vote for you Jake Paul

  14. We need to build a wall ?

  15. I have you on Snapchat

  16. Jake paul us the best kisser

  17. Kiss ? a lot is no funnnnnnyyyyy subscribe to jake Paul and like me

  18. But everyone put blame on them and then they get kissed

  19. I whould date you bit I’m a 9 year old girl

  20. It’s been 2 years and this is still one of top 3 cringiest things I’ve ever seen.

  21. I have never had a kiss ? of a ? boy

  22. I am only seven and I have kissed 10 boys

  23. We only expect this from u dude

  24. Where are the rest of her clothes?

  25. Jake u hit that kiss good

  26. 2019 anyone

    If watching in 2019

  27. I vote for you can you please get me the phone i’m subscribe and hit the bell for all

  28. It’s been so long that jake Paul saw Ethan

  29. Gross,????????????

  30. I was thinking that jake was going to make her kiss his shoe

  31. My dog is a 3 pound so you’re lucky

  32. You’re losing to a 2 pound dog

  33. This is how old I am!

  34. I will Date you my name is rose

  35. I now what it feels like to be sick I’m sick right now and my medacin is grose

  36. I'm a big fan I've watched all of your videos and Tessa Brookes is ???

  37. Today I wanna have y’all been a good

  38. Jake paul is the best

  39. “Do you know the WiFi password” lol. Also, 2019 anyone

  40. Son derek y berni cre de bizarbag

  41. Anti-Sickness juice??? MeDiCiNe?

  42. Jake made hella money off this… U get $3-7000 per million views u do the math 🙂

  43. 2019: after seeing kissing, i want a bf ;D

  44. Tf I want to date you jake

  45. Chad is so funny????

  46. I miss watching Jake and team 10 as a 13 yr old

  47. I miss the old vlogs

  48. Jake Paul is a better kissers that other people jerkia is better than chance and Brooke

  49. I vote for Jake Paul!???

  50. Im just here waitting for jake to kiss a boy cause he gei

  51. 11:45 I wish I was her in that moment

  52. they didnt noticed they all kissed each other!!?the same mouth 3 dudes

  53. Hey you got a little money on the back of your house

  54. 3rd the one who looks the best

  55. JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Don’t little kids watch jake paul literally what is this POLICE

  57. Do you know how to drive stick

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  60. Hi I vote jake paul

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  63. In my opinion number 1 is the best

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