Why Do Haters Hate? – 8-Bit Philosophy

Why Do Haters Hate? – 8-Bit Philosophy

Why do haters hate? In a wealth-obsessed world where every demographic has their politically correct but ultimately narrow-minded ideologies, it’s not hard to see how the rise of “The Hater” came about. But is the hater really cynical, or is she a poser? Thought to be an exemplar of cynicism, Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope actively pursued a lifestyle in spite of social conventions. His goal, however, was not simply to give
people the finger. He lived his philosophy, which held that reason is superior to the passions, that courage is superior to wealth, and social convention should be flouted wherever possible. You see, all three make life more complicated. More importantly, they make a virtuous life vastly more difficult to achieve. By detaching oneself from these things, however,
one will have a better, freer life. Obviously, separating oneself from the conveniences
of modern life is no easy feat. In fact, many of us would think it makes life worse, not
better. But this is just the sort of thing Diogenes
did because he believed in pursuing freedom in action, speech, and self-sufficiency. Haters, on the other hand, are superficial. They merely look down at everything that’s not down, cool, rad, hard, tight. Although doing so might be fun, it’s NOT meaningful — it doesn’t accomplish anything. At least, that’s what Diogenes the Cynic would likely say. A Cynic is someone who puts himself at risk,
at least so far as social status is concerned. But it could be even more dangerous than that.
The Cynic takes life seriously. A Cynic would be one, for example, who chooses
to be homeless, who is genuinely not impressed with supposedly important people, and who
aims at living a simple life in conformity with nature. The hater just stands back from the crowd in order to pass judgment, but they don’t actually do anything in support of
their professed view. Mostly, they’re just jealous of what they don’t have, which actually makes them prime targets for the real Cynics. It’s a lot harder to be earnest and rational
in your quest for a virtuous life, to be a Cynic, than it is to merely be critical, to
brush off a question with some smug comment like, “If you have to ask, you obviously
don’t get it…”. Cynicism demands real action, because the Cynic aims at virtue. So, dear viewer, are you merely a playa hater,
or are you an original Cynic?

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  1. we got ourselves a cuppa haters

  2. folk punk oogles are the contemproary cynic eh? i can dig

  3. Been both. All things in moderation, even world of warcraft.

  4. neither, I'm a nihilist that focuses on personal enjoyment. In other words I'm in my early 20's.

  5. I'm neither. (Is this a valid answer?)

  6. Haters hate because they're miserable and want others to be too. They want to fill deficiencies by trying to create them in others. Happy, complete people don't hate because other people, unlike things or concepts, are not on their radar to hate.

  7. I'm an original hater.

  8. why say is she a hater and then start talking about a boy?

  9. "haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll"

  10. So a cynic is someone who hates a celebrity because they don't much care for what's hey do, that they mainly just enlightened us. A hater on the other hand, just hate a celebrity because they have what they don't.

  11. I personally don't like the idea of 'working' for a living, and by extension having a career and having said career say a lot about you — though admittedly I think that last part is just a social phenomenon we get to observe a lot. I have yet to apply constructive criticism to this view of mine yet, but it is just how I feel by default.

    I also choose to travel by bicycle instead of a car, because it's a million times more efficient and more friendly to the environment, and I am much less prone to dying in an accident — particularly because with a bike of that type a mountain bike, I can travel off road when I have to.

    I typically don't care what others think of me, though I am not completely apathetic about it as I still seek confirmation and attachment to any maternal figure. Because of that former part, when I am not in the mood to get out of my pajamas — provided I was in the mood to get into them in the first place — I just don't bother changing them even if I'm going out to town.

    I'd find it highly arrogant for a celebrity to expect my request for an autograph of a 'selfie' for any other reason than assuming I want one since everybody else wants one. They are not more important than the average citizen in my view. I don't place them on a pedestal.

    I also have no interest in a long-term relationship with another person. I sincerely believe that the much greater majority of people out there are both rather uninterested in others and in keeping the relationship alive. At the same time, I feel like speak from experience when I say that romantic love is a dangerous illusion. Not only that but by extension, it is probably one of the world's greatest contemporary delusions. Divorce figures may be at an all-time low, but you still hear of people cheating on each other every single fucking day. I can't have that bullshit in my life. My parents are also divorced and that struck a vital but necessary blow to me. Not only that, but how easy is it to find someone of your kind today? How few would not worry about not having an exotic honeymoon after a lavish and luxurious wedding? How many females today hold my antinatalist view?

    I just hope someone takes the time to read this. That alone would be really nice, not even if they understood me.

  12. I just hate things that annoy me.

  13. 8-Bit You Rock! Thanks for making these videos.

  14. dab on the haters

    (but what if they dab back?)

  15. "why do haters hate"

    Because they are haters.

  16. sorry nintendo, but hitting me with 30 unskippable seconds of your shitty rabbids crossover every step of this playlist has only encouraged me to boycott your entire corporation

  17. cause they are complete and absolute low lives

  18. Holy cow I finally have a word to describe myself

  19. But the real question is, why do hater hater haters hate hater haters just because they hate the people that hate hate haters because of their hate?

  20. Why do these video's never actually answer the question?

  21. Who else watched just for Mother 1/ Earthbound beginnings?

  22. I really liked this video, watched it all the way through, but I don't think it answered the question "Why do haters hate?" I learned some interesting stuff about cynicism and the contemporary "hater", but I still don't know why hatters hate.

  23. The meaning of "cynic" has basically become the total opposite of what it originally meant.

  24. Why is no one acknowledging the fact that these visuals are from Mother?

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