Why Guys Like Asian Girls // Anna Akana

Why Guys Like Asian Girls // Anna Akana

Recently I was talking to a friend who said that she knew “the perfect guy”
for me. Because all he dates are Asians. Anna: What?
Friend: Yeah, he totes has yellow fever~! She said it like it was a good thing,
which it’s not! Men with “yellow fever” look at you and
they only see schoolgirls or sexual geishas. They hide samurai sword collections in
their closet, and they learn how to speak an Asian
language and only talk to you IN THAT FREAKING LANGUAGE! Guy(Japanese): Good morning. Are you well? Uh..English is my first language. Guy(Japanese): Is that so? I..I would really prefer if we spoke English. Cause you know. This is America..
You’re white..? Guy(Japanese): Ah, but, Japanese is so
beautiful, isn’t it? Okay. (Guy bows)
Anna: Stop it. These men, the problem with them.. is that they don’t give a fuck about who
you really are. The idea of you is enough. I don’t understand why, why you would
romantisize an entire race as being submissive or weak or docile or delicate
or fragile or whatever the FUCK is the allure of
Asian women! Oh, I’m sorry, but do these GUNS look like they’re very
“submissive” to you? No? Okay. Well how about these? And yet the exact opposite happens to
Asian men. They have such a terrible history of being
emasculated. Sorry bro. Now look, there’s nothing wrong with having
a type. Having a type, knowing what you like, what you’re attracted to,
THAT’S FINE! But yellow fever.. is when the only prerequisite for me to
become your potiential partner is the color of my skin? That’s cheap. That’s offensive. You’re
an asshole. Go away. Pisses me off so much. Men come up and they’re like,
“All my ex-girlfriends are Asian.” Like what the fuck does that mean to me?
That doesn’t mean shit to me! That just means you’re a racist asshole! You might as well come up to me and be
like, “I’m a racist asshole.” Because then at least I’ll be like, “Oh,
he’s honest! That’s cool!” Oh my GOD! OKAY!
Stay awesome, Gotham! I’ll see you next week! It’s been a crazy week.. Oh, just a quick update on the short films. So sorry that I’m behind on my 12 of the
year, the breakup and the move and all that stuff kinda like, made me fall behind.
But I’ve got two beauty pageant ones coming out. One is a fantasy,
post-apocalyptic-y beauty pageant that Megan wrote, it’s about a
contestant who keeps having strange visions. And then I have an intergalactic
beauty pageant, which I wrote, coming out in collaboration with
Ron Howard’s studio, New Form Digital. Then I’m also working on a puppet one, and
a dance one, and I’m just working working working working, keep calm, work hard,
work smart, and you can do what– I had coffee clearly today. YEAH! I’ve been talking for a long time.
Alright, for real! Bye! EUGH! Subtitles by Skylar Coland via Amara

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  1. well… I like Asians.
    …also latinos, redheads, blondes, brunettes, russian girls, german girls….

  2. OK no one should date asian women. There, now you are happy

  3. i like asians. i like latinas and brunettes too. any of the women i dated, i asked out because i thought they were attractive and i liked being around them.

  4. i think you are describing what is called a weeaboo and yeah those guys are usually nerds and weird.

  5. I'll tell you what the "allural" is to Asian women
    Their feminine
    plain and simple that's it
    it's very attractive not to date a Butch or an over-opinionated cowgirl or a vicious third-wave feminists American which are usually overweight
    is that clear enough for you?
    Btw you look Asian
    Happy now….. you look really Asian

  6. Not really. Asian women ain't got attractive bodies. Some do, but the majority don't.

  7. this is literally like most kpop-obsessed girls, especially when there's an asian around. doesn't even matter what time of asian, they throw a bunch of terribly-pronounced korean at you and think you understand and are disappointed when you don't

  8. I like all skinny women! Especially women with attitudes!

  9. those guns though. ? ?

  10. Never thought about it like that

  11. I like anime but it honestly fueled this problem in society?

  12. A S I A B O O S

    Aka when it unfortunately wasn't a phase

  13. Why is it ok for women to only like Lucifer (6pack, 6 fig, 6ft tall) but not ok for men to like what they like? Seems bit of a double standard.

  14. Truth: feminine and not fat go a long way. I'd be willing to bet their exists a higher proportion of Asian women that meet this selection pressure. It is, of course, a probability distribution.

  15. Oh look, I found baby ana akana from five yrs ago. wait she isn't any different today,,conclusion… this woman doesn't age! :-C

  16. You have the whitest teeths I have ever seen ??

  17. There are asian women who only date white men. What do you call that, round-eye fever?

  18. From a strictly aesthetic perspective I think Asian women are beautiful and check all the boxes of what I find attractive. That being said the few Chinese women I had a chance to date were shallow and materialistic and I was instantly turned off by their attitudes. Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  19. I like asian chicks because they are asian… I have no idea why #_-

  20. When I moved out of the woods of New Hampshire to Silicon Valley, I was exposed to every other non-white race on Earth. It was great.

    Along with that came puberty (I was 12 when I moved). I don't know what it was, but I got SUPER into the look of asian girls. I mentioned that to cousins and they joked I had "Yellow Fever". It was really just more of a type, a look I was more attracted to, I wasn't attracted to asian girls for being asian, for the culture or the language or the food or the anime or whatever. It didn't last, it didn't take too long to realize beautiful girls are beautiful regardless of their skin color or hair type (and of course I had also realized by the time I was an adult that beauty isn't the only thing that matters, or even one of the most important).

    But if I contributed to the idea that Yellow Fever is cute and normal and funny…I'm sorry. I didn't think of it this way, and now I can totally understand the frustration it's caused and the sensitivity to it now. Luckily I didn't literally perpetuate this, and I'm glad to have learned better. Thanks for sharing!

  21. This title is very misleading, I came looking for real and helpful information and all there is, is a girl sharing her opinion about the topic and not even explaining why men like Asians.

  22. Ok I started by wanting 2 argue with her the realized I "like" Asians. I dont have yellow fever. They r less verbally aggressive thou. And tend 2 be more straightforward which makes things so much simpler. Not all r. In the end thou I usually date white or Hispanic cuz well they available lol

  23. I blame the schools.

  24. How many philippines complete these two feet do not speak english they are losers their corrupt country the racist including china

  25. And yet its almost always a white guy acting as your lover in your videos, its okay to be into one race Anna you do it too ?

  26. Asian shemales rock

  27. This is why I only used to date homegrown Asian girls once they're Americanized than their just like any other American girls. I'm so glad I married one. Retiring in her home country Korea.

  28. While I do find Asian women attractive…. On an individual level I have to get to know her. Who she is, what she does and doesn't like. Etcetera. And I will say that you are absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous. But my favorite things about you are your attitude, and your sense of humor.

  29. “I had coffee clearly today.” LOL!

    I never understood the logic of the term yellow fever. Wouldn’t that make one sick of Asians?

  30. I'm attracted to all feminine females who do not identify as feminist in the modern world.

  31. I love you for who you are your talents your lips your eyes your personally you’re funny sexy amazing and I’d love to hold you in my arms

  32. i still got a thing for Asian. i wanna cuddle them

  33. Heeeeyyy. If some girl likes me because she’s into white dudes, I’m not gonna complain. If all you like is my stereotype or my skin color – at least it means I get attention.

  34. Honestly I don't get it. Now I have types that I won't date but as long as we can enjoy each other's company I'm down to get to know people.

  35. USA White women are crazy. They come with a bunch of mental disorders.

  36. Men are stereotyped All The Time


  38. so you are are saying the japanese that loves hispanic in japan are wrong toward hispanics. brown fever.

  39. I prefer Asian women

  40. They give Lower standards to white guys than white girls and in Asian aesthetics ,white makes facial features is a large cut above themselves

  41. thanks to western gunboat diplomacy they basically wrecked asia in the late 18th, 19th century. Which we are still barely recovering from today at least from a cultural standpoint. Like anna said western men fetishize asian women probably from what the GI's experienced in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam.

  42. i like you. dont matter to em weather black azian..if you re hot you are hot. is it ok i am attracted to you, is that rascist too…?

  43. Don't flatter yourself plenty of guys prefere black, white and latino women over asian girls

  44. I just like long black hair slender bodies Asian women can be strong and still remain female

  45. i love asian eye . its mean your grand parents should be from there .

  46. Yeah I hate that too ?

  47. El Racismo son para gentes primitivas.

  48. As a Caucasian-American, I will say…

    That's pretty much right.

  49. Personally i prefer European women.

  50. Asian women are beautiful to me. I'm black. I don't know why I feel the need to say any of that.

  51. yellow fever = sexual objects by white men

  52. Anna, don't hold up guns to emphasize your point. That's a turn-on for Americans.

  53. No, to me Yellow Fever means a man PREFERS Asian women. Maybe he likes a lot of their qualities, besides the ones stated. Of course, you do have the creepy guys who fit that stereotype, but not all (of us).

  54. all that matters to you is my skin colour lol asians basically have white skin…

  55. lol i c y u have no man..

  56. Please dont judge all men like this,….I was in a relationship with an Asian girl for two years and she was highly respected

  57. Asian Fetishizing, White Fetishizing, Black Fetishizing, Latina Fetishizing, WHO GIVES A F&*K!!!!, let people like what they like.

  58. Asian girls can fetishize white men or other men, but men can't fetishize Asian women, I call BULLSHIT on this and Hypocrisy.

  59. Stop I have a mental illness that has been destroyed. I am trying to make it with a mental illness.

  60. Ocd was the first billionaire.

  61. I just like Asian Girls. I love love the most dating fashions. Is this a death sentence?

  62. This girl is so rude, vulgar and coarse no nice guy of any race would want to date her.

  63. thing is physically speaking Asian features have been my type not out of choice but cos that's what speaks to me, beautiful deep brown/black eyes, dark hair, bone/facial structure etc and particularly both Chinese (all forms) and Japanese language sounds fascinating to me, that doesn't make me racist I loathe the concept, im not attracted to Asian people because theyre Asian but because Asians usually physically look like what im attracted to… I don't limit myself to any race but time and time again its Asian people I end up crushing on…

  64. Wastern Feminism is like HIV, you are prime example that even Asian girls can transform into Western rags.

  65. If you compare lets say a thai to a caucasian, you will probably see that the "white" one can NOT turn on without lots of alcohol . . .

  66. Can I just find asian women attractive without being a creep? Jeez.

  67. Maybe its just because Asian women are HOT.    I mean…. we can ALWAYS reverse the whole thing to
    "Why Guys Hate Asian Girls".      As an African American I would say …… Be Grateful.   
    Cause you can be hated for being Asian just as easily.

  68. Is that women do?

  69. So my wife is Asian and we have been married for 18 years and I still have yellow fever. I guess she married a racist? It is ok though, she loves white boys too. I guess that makes her racist. I guess we are an old racist couple? Even though she is Filipina <technically asians reject them and so do Pacific Islanders> and I am just a white mut. So blows your whole theroy up have a good day. BYATCH! Oh I know that is just me though right, and about 50,000 other Filipina white boy couples in the Pacfic west coast. Take a trip to San Diego might blow you mind off.

  70. Am Asian too but Indian so look way different than you Chinese/Japps etc. 😀

  71. When i think of Yellow fever i think of the disease Yellow fever a disease caused by a virus that is spread through mosquito bites.

  72. We all know Asian women bow down to white boys.

  73. Filipino women are my favorite, because I think that they have the most beautiful eyes of all Asian women, that don`t looks like commas.

  74. WOW, this is so far left from the truth

  75. Isnt she always dating white guys herself tho?

  76. 0:07 I laughed so hard at this. She said that like she had a balloon in her head. LOL

  77. you don't even look Asian so stfu

  78. Arab women are stereotyped as well. Same as African women. I've seen it. I'm a black American woman and I think you should love someone based on their character. It's all love!

  79. ?? This whole rant I was thinking to myself "this girl is so angry, I bet she'll end up forever alone." Then she says she recently broke up! LOL… forever alone.

    But, for real though, it's ok to not like to be stereotyped… wait she just stereotyped white men fitting her stereotype. Smh

  80. It's your beauty that I love I never even thought of you being docile or weak I just want a strong beautiful woman who happens to be Japanese I personally think Japanese woman are the best and that's my story, Japanese ladies rule my world.

  81. It angers me so much too.

  82. Lol very funny. I've dated different types of women but will admit I think Asian women are absolutely beautiful. Which is also funny since I've never dated an Asian woman.

  83. the ironic thing is, white guys have yellow fever, while asian girls LOVE vanilla so much…if you know what i mean.

  84. Shut up and get on ur knees

  85. I just think Asian women are pretty plz no kill!

  86. Don't think it's that black and white.. Yes there are stereotypes that are that, but think most are not. Though you being pretty you will probably attract more of them..

  87. You were hot until your mouth opened

  88. What the hell is Yellow Fever? Anna, you are not yellow…you're HOT! Smoking hot!
    You should change the term 'yellow fever' to 'HOT fever'
    There, I corrected it for you. Now let's see those guns again!

  89. Oh my lord, it's such a sin to have preferences >_> smh

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