Why is there NO CRISIS in AUSTRALIA? – VisualPolitik EN

Why is there NO CRISIS in AUSTRALIA? – VisualPolitik EN

It is known as “The Lucky Country.”
Sun, amazing beaches, a great deal of natural life and many, many natural resources…
This is Australia, a surfer’s paradise and a centre for the sport of cricket! A calm
British sport where there is even a break for tea. Australia is, dear viewer, such a special
and unique country that 80% of its plants and animals don’t exist anywhere else on the
planet. Everything is so different in Australia, compared
to the rest of the world, that even it’s characteristic animal, its national symbol,
doesn’t run, or even fly… it jumps! But Australia’s natural environment is not
only unique, it’s also rather terrifying. Australia has more deadly things than any
other place in the world. For example, all of the ten most poisonous snakes are from
Australia! Not enough evidence for you? Want some more
examples of the deadly Australian ecosystem? Well then, have a look at these four animals:
The funnel-web spider, the box jellyfish, the blue-ringed octopus, and the stone fish.
They are all in Australia and they are the deadliest of their kind. And be careful, because there is more, much
more: Giant crocodiles that weight more than 1,500
kilograms, sharks of all kinds and sizes. And if animals don’t scare you enough, don’t
feel safe yet, there are many more natural dangers of all kinds, because this is a dry,
hot and aggressive climate. However, none of those things have stopped
Australia in any way from becoming a dream for millions of people who dream of a better
future. And it’s only logical. I mean, take a look
at some of the incredible places we can find there. This is the Gold Coast:
And, hey, we are not only referring to regular folks heading to Australia for a brighter
future here… In the last years Australia has been like a magnet for millionaires as
well. But why? To find out the answer to that that we are
going to leave animals aside and talk some business. AUSTRALIA: A MAGNET FOR BIG FORTUNES Every day it gets easier to move around the
world. Today we can reach almost any place in a quick, comfortable, and affordable way. Further, thanks to the internet and all new
kinds of communications methods, you can run a business from wherever you want. And just look at how things have changed:
Just 50 years ago, for a trip between London and Sydney we had to make many stops on the
way and it never took less than 3 days. Today, this same trip can be done in much less time
– in a a little over 20 hours. And today this plane is more comfortable, safer than ever,
and has a wide selection of in-flight entertainment. Because of this increase in the ease of travel
and communications, wealthy business people have become more demanding of their country
of residence. After all, they can now easily choose where they prefer to live without it
affecting their business. And it’s not only attractive taxes that
affect the choice of where a wealthy person lives… they also want to live in places
with a high standard of living, where it’s easy to do business, where has good schools,
as well as safety in terms of both physical security as well as judicial safety… Meaning
they can leave their savings safely deposited somewhere, safe in the knowledge it won’t
be seized by a corrupt politician who they have had an argument with. “64% of Chinese millionaires have either
emigrated or plan to emigrate—taking their spending and fortunes with them”. Hurun
Report, 2014. And Australia has a lot to offer these millionaires. On the one hand, it is the fifth most free
economy in the world. It is easy to do business there, and there are a plenty of opportunities
for business. The justice also works well, it has a a very competitive financial system,
and regulations (as a general rule) are pretty light.
On the other hand, it is one of the countries with the highest standard of living in the
world. There are a huge number of quality services like hospitals, universities and
schools. In fact, year after year, Australia’s big
cities maintain the highest positions in the international rankings in terms of quality
of life. As an example, Melbourne, for 6 years in a
row, lead the quality of life ranking as compiled by the Economist. It must be a wonderful place! And if that wasn’t enough, the country recently
created an “open door project” for people with significant fortunes.
In Australia, all those millionaires willing to invest around 3.5 million US dollar will
obtain a permanent residence card. And if they come up short, they can get a lot of
advantages from 750,000 dollars. Life quality, ease of doing business, and
open doors… What do you think the result of all of this is? Well, the result is very interesting. In both
2015 and 2016 Australia has been the country where the most millionaires have moved to,
beating out even the United States. In 2016 in particular, 11,000 millionaires
moved to Australia. An unbelievable figure for a country whose population is less than
25 million. And honestly, that might be the best indicator
of the unstoppable Australian economy. THE BEST VERSION OF THE UNITED STATES When you arrive in Australia some might say
that they feel they have arrived in an “improved version of the United States”. This is to
say, in general, the cities, system, and society in both countries is quite similar.
Australia even has its very own Washington, a capital city built for and by the political
powers. Because it’s easy to forget that the capital city is not Sydney or Melbourne,
it´s Canberra. The truth is you could mistake Australia for
America at first if it wasn’t for the fact that the cars are on the wrong side of the
road and there are statues of Queen Victoria decorating the cities. Interestingly, Australia is still technically
a monarchy and its queen is Queen Elisabeth II.
Well, the thing is that, besides all the similarities, Australia is a safer, cleaner, more modern,
more cosmopolitan, and more prosperous country. And Australians are also richer than Americans.
“When Australians visit the U.S. they see a country in decline. Australians see the
bad airports, the infrastructure, the poor, the beggars”. Richard Flanagan So, now maybe you can understand why people
think Australia is something of an improved USA. Now, generally speaking, international media
doesn’t pay a ton of attention to Australia… but this shouldn’t be the case, because
this is a country hasn’t seen an economic crisis for 26 years! In fact the last time
the country went through a crisis, Gorbachev was still in power in the Soviet Union. Not
bad, ay? No financial crisis, no crisis over raw materials,
no unemployment… seemingly no problems at all! And, well, what’s the result of all this
prosperity? With a population of just 24 million inhabitants, its economy is already as big
as Russia´s. Now it is also important to note that Australia
is very dependent on its raw materials. They make more than half of its exports.
“In 2019 Australia will replace Qatar as the world’s leading exporter of natural
gas.” Expansión So, when the prices of raw materials started
to fall, it seemed that Australia would be facing a situation similar to those which
occurred in Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia etc… It seemed as if the good times
were about to come to an end.   But the reality is entirely different. In
Australia, unlike almost every other producing nation, the crisis in raw materials didn’t
cause any harm. So, what is it that makes Australia almost
invulnerable to any kind of crisis? Well, let’s see…
THE SECRET OF SUCCESS To those who regularly follow VisualPolitik,
you already know we like to say: “Good policies, good results” That is exactly what Australia has done in
the last few decades: reforms. The changes were many, so we will mention
just the most important ones: First, their government decided to bet on
opening up the economy to the international market, removing most tariffs. The country
is today a firm defender of free trade agreements. Second, in the early 90s, the labor government
of Paul Keating decided to start a retirement system known as “SuperAnnuation”, based
on capitalization. So each worker saves and invests a part of their salary to pay for
their retirement. In this way the Australian system is similar to the one in Chile. The results are outstanding, the program has
allowed people to generate large quantities of savings which have been invested in the
productive economy. Besides, all this money saved has launched
the finance industry. For example, Australia is already one of the most important markets
for investment funds. And it isn’t just that: “Australia leads the world growth in finance
technology” – ICEX Third, in 1995 they started the National Competition
Policy, the aim of which was to reduce state interventionism in many sectors. This program allowed the elimination of, wait
for it, almost 2000 rules and regulations which restricted competition. Also, an ambitious
program for privatization and elimination of state monopolies was launched. Want an
an example? Well, that would be Qantas. One, two, three! Big, major changes! And then
we also have budget stability, labour flexibility, and so on and so forth. And the result? Well, 25 years without a recession,
an economy with no unemployment, and an average salary of more than $5,000 a month. And that’s
not even mentioning the tons of foreign investment. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, we at VisualPolitik will draw the conclusion
that is is wrong for a country to blame the price of raw materials for a financial crisis.
They simply didn’t do their homework. And you know who did? Yeah, Australia! So, what do you think? Do you think that Australia
is a great destination for the wealthy? Do you think that the country could be to the
21st Century what the USA was to the 20th? Let us know in the comments below. And as always if you enjoyed this video, please
hit that like button below, and don’t forget to subscribe for brand new videos every Monday
and Thursday. And I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Smart country, good people

  2. Wow…..heaven on earth….who went newzealand to kill hundreds of innocent people???? Whose parliamentarian was openly supporting him and idea that Australia is only for white people??? Many many many minorities are deprived and no job is available….where????? Heaven on earth

  3. It's that way in nz

  4. It might be a great country if you have money, but since we are taxed on everything except the air we breath (give it time), you will find it very difficult to get ahead. Owning your own home is out of reach for more and more people. In Perth, everything is expensive – rents, food, clothing etc. And it's bullshit there has not been an economic crisis since Gorbachev. Lots of errors.

  5. Give it 10 years and the Chinese will own Australia

  6. And now we are having big economic problems

  7. Yeah, but our wifi sucks. I mean I’m using my 4g half the time.

  8. Haha, Im an aussie.

  9. Lucky country? Dumb country more like it. We lead the world in per capita carbon emissions, and our politicians want to open more coal mines and build coal fired power stations. We lead the world in species extinction. Even our politicians have investments in offshore tax havens. We have officially no empathy for refugees. Multinational companies pay no tax. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And the gummint is hell bent on running down our health system to match the USA. Oh, and we are allowing the Chinese to buy all our best food producing land and sell university education to foreigners ahead of educating our own young people.

  10. Immigration policy is destroying Australia. It is quickly losing it's identity. It is not a melting pot culturally. Although America has many faults it also has a constitution that allows for a greater republican democracy. This gives it a better check and balance system. Most importantly AMERICA is a totally sovereign nation and Australia still has a leash from the UK on it's neck.

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    F#@K YOUR FUNNY..!! NOT..!!

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  14. Australia:
    Defeats every crisis that world faced in last 26 years,
    Still were defeated by Emus almost 90 years ago.
    So who is better Humanity or Emus, I guess Emus wins this round.

  15. You neglected to mention that Australia and the US are two completely different countries. Australia has 25 million people and we have over 300 million, huge difference man

  16. Australia felt like a lucky country, back in the 1970s when annual salary to house prices was 1:3 and a mechanic could give his family a good life on one salary. We borrowed our way out of 2008 and now this population of 25 million owes one trillion in foreign debt that it can't pay back all because they were too afraid to have a recession. There is no escaping the pain to come, but that won't stop the bloody stupid morons running our country from blaming everyone but themselves.

  17. I am to old to move from the USA where I have done well. My father served in the U.S. Navy during WWII on a hospital ship. They would take the wounded to Brisbane where they were treated well as Allies. Same for Auckland New Zealand. Australia offers opportunity to young smart well educated people because like all English speaking countries including the USA. The rule of law protects us all.

  18. You say Australia is an improved version of America but in both countries the quality of life you enjoy depends on what state you live in and what is most important to you. In Texas the speed limit is 85mph and you can probably get away with at least 5mph more. In Most states in Australia 90mph would result in your car being impounded and a fine that is just rediculas. There's no point being wealthy if you can't feel free and in control of your own life. Absolutely everything is done to stop you from enjoying cars here. Radar detectors are banned and in Victoria most police cars are unmarked. Cameras are everywhere and instant on radars patrol even the most remote areas to the point where the police car and you may be the only cars for miles. The police, despite being the least educated of all public servants are commonly referred to as the experts by politicians who enjoy the one point one billion dollars a year that speed cameras and police generate in revenue. Iff you like cars America is still better.

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  22. Stop comparing us to America. We sit under the monarchy not a bunch of weak cowards who are trying to become our rulers when in-fact the people are the rulers and if anyone says differently your a traitor and should be in a prison.

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  24. record poverty levels,
    highest land clearing record of ANY country in the entire world..
    highest taxed, per capita
    highest infant mortality in Indigenous Peoples, anywhere
    highest foreign debt per capita
    highest personel debt per capita
    highest mamalian extinction rates of ANY country
    Most coups be any country[illegal non elected transfer of leader to prime minister [a election should be called an the people decide whether the suggested leader should lead the country.., not the ''party''
    one of the highest poverty rates in the western world

    the only reason alot of money men are coming the total support of big business over the people, and human rights..

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  29. The No Unemployment in the last 25 years thing was dead wrong, other than about 18 months from late 2006 to early 2008. 1.5 years out of 25 years – I'd give that claim an accuracy score of 6%.

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  37. The cost of living in Australia is astronomical and it’s simply due to inflation and the small population. It’s a country with no progression or ideas for the future. With overcrowded cities and poverty on the rise, it’s a country with a crime rate that is growing day by day. Australia is a nanny country with laws that punish its citizens so state governments can revenue raise. In 2017 alone, the Victorian state government raised $780 million in revenue from fines. The government is killing small business and big business is taking over. The government of Australia is only interested in taxing citizens in every way shape and form. Australia is just too expensive.

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  45. "an economy with no unemployment"??? That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. Hey reporter, did you know our politicians fudge the stats regarding the unemployment rate? You can be working only 1 hour per week (yes, one hour per week) but you are technically considered employed. BTW, our unemployment rate sits at roughly 5%. Bet you didn't know that buddy. Have you also heard of 'under employment'???

  46. No mention of stagnant wage growth for the last 7 years.

  47. I hated Paul Keating and after nearly 30 years, I still can’t vote labor. He gave me a recession when I finished high school in 1992, it took until 1997 to get my first full time job

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    Take care of our home nation.

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  55. Oz politicians are by no means perfect but politicians from all major parties agree on one thing–being selective in which immigrants to accept. This has spared Australia from many of the problems faced by the US and Europe where this consensus does not exist.

  56. Aus is finished..Successive neo con Govts, Banks and the WTO and G20 Globalist forces have bought our politicians. Late last Friday the Aussie Govt. passed legislation that means they will ban cash payments…starting big but with provisions to scale down to whatever level they want. Worse than communism…

  57. Hate to be negative" but there is a civilization shift in progress in global economic and military power because the global sovereignty conditions have become compromised and weaponizing of current global dollar. The US democracy system is being rejected as it's misused and broken! Nowhere will great to live for a while soon as the entire western economy sham is coming undone. You will see.

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    You read that right. Australia was very blunt; Yank don't bother applying because we won't accept you.

    I wasn't angry as Oz is their country and they weren't interested. I respect that.. .

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  80. Nice promo on Aussieland! -Much safer than other countries, especially schools not like the states. 
    Australia was great in the 1980's and 90's not the same in the 21st century. The Gold coast has changed so much since then. 
    It is expensive too live though. Lots of travelling to go anywhere, expensive domestic flights, lack of trains throughout the country with technology explosion in the 20th century Aussieland didn't get trains built! Aussies can be apathetic and conservative.
    We seem to let mental health patients go under the radar, stabbing people and taking hostages!
    If you are wealthy Australia is a great place to live, many average australians struggle and poverty or struggling low income or unemployment is 'hidden' to a certain extent.
    Country Australia is better than Sydney or Melbourne. Beaches are great and across northern Australia from WA to QLD is a must see-visit or live a while.
    We need more public holidays or a 4 or 4.5 day week than there would be less sickies! Australia has one of the lowest PH in the world. We should have 6 weeks A/L so you can drive long distance since it is so expensive to fly, this is why so many Australians go overseas as it is cheaper to fly to Asia, New Zealand or south Pacific Islands and you might as well go experience Europe than go Sydney-Perth and stay a week there-paying for accommodation & hire a car etc.
    Summers are hot-humid depending where you live, so don't forget sunsafety!!

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  98. Just about EVERYTHING you've said in this either exaggerated or outright wrong. DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK, MORON! Look at the comments below made by Aussies! To begin with Australian people themselves LOATHE the Asians, especially Communist Chinese. They are NOT welcome. And based on the behaviour of the Africans & the rest of the third-world they keep importing, they aren't welcome any more either. Neither are millionaires who have raped, pillaged & ruined their own nations. FUCK OFF. WE'RE FULL. MOST AUSSIES DON'T WANT YOU HERE. And you have NO IDEA what you're talking about, employment is high, but underemployment is even higher. And yes, we had a recession back in 2009. The gap between the rich & poor is getting bigger. Pensioners can't afford heating & cooling. Qantas is now half owned by an Islamic theocracy, it no longer serves pork of lights & it hasn't paid any corporate tax in TEN YEARS. Australians loathe it. We don't consider it our national airline. It's a disgrace. As is your ill-informed, inaccurate video.

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  100. To everybody else in the world, please note that the Narrator is a Brit and Australia's general view of Brits is not always positive and I am saying that despite how many positive things he is saying (think on that). PLUS this was done 2 YEARS AGO.

    Our superannuation and finance sector were hiding some bog secrets which we finally found out about in the banking Royal Commission.
    And the free trade assholes sold out our entire car manufacturing sector along with all of the car parts manufacturers.

    We have also had 20years of completely ineffective energy policy. I am an engineer and our gas exports that has turned into just one of our supply nightmares. Right now we can't supply our own gas needs but we sell heaps to Japan and China. We have not built any major new power stations in 20 years while turning off 5. Our population has increased 25% since 2003. Energy & water demands are UP and supplies are DOWN means prices go UP and our power water and gas are now among the highest in the world. And to boot we are hot dry land with limited water and have been mismanaging ourselves into oblivion. We have kept much of that quiet for some time, but it is not a secret anymore.
    We are not as fucked as many other countries, but we simply must deal with these issues before increasing our population further.

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