Why Isn’t Cycling Normal in London?

Why Isn’t Cycling Normal in London?

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  1. You are showing pictures of Utrecht where you meant to put pictures of Amsterdam 😉

  2. Or you could just use the underground and you know… Walk

  3. 2:58 is that Matt Parker's Dutch brother?

  4. Love cycling, they should make London/UK more cycle friendly!

  5. Save yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!​

  6. Binging on Beardy’s brothers batch of bideos is brilliant

    Yes bideos

  7. Its way too polluted

  8. park your bike anywhere… and when you return it's gone

  9. Cycle in London? Give that one a swerve!

  10. 4:42 I love how you saying that Amsterdam and London having a similar climate is a good reason for why London can have effective bike lanes. The climate in Amsterdam is possibly the worst for bikes, so that's actually a disadvantage for bike lanes in London.

  11. London's assembly really has no power other than voting down the Mayor's budget – it was made more or less toothless so that it wouldn't resemble the old GLC. The mayoralty is essentially an elective dictatorship and whatever they do is them, with central government approval. The "superhighways" are for the most part long streaks of blue paint and most of them outside central London aren't segregated.

  12. In Bristol, pedestrians walk all over cycle lanes because they arent marked properly and pedestrians are dozy as fck.

  13. What fucking idiot signed off on the blue slippery paint for them to ride on? I swear, england is full of idiots.

  14. My modestly sized North American city is considerably more cycling friendly. Though there does remain a lot to be desired.

  15. Because of Ronnie Pickering he scared off the nations cyclists ?

  16. …..very true Report….I followed it myself and Thank God to the "SuperHighWay"…I just wish, Cyclist become a bit more Human again…..Say " Hello " to each other and smile !!!……now we need a propper eScooterLaw !!!

  17. It’s the bikers fault for not using the bike lanes from the start, maybe if they’d use them then they would’ve kept bike lanes.

  18. Why is this so autistic?

  19. You can see 5:08 from google street view.. 😀

  20. This is so british

  21. It's 4:20 here, and I just realized that Jay is like Monty Python crossed with that old science show, Connections. The dude with the huge glasses. I loved those films!

  22. The British kind of humour is like a comedian not smiling/laphing when they are trying to be funny. In other words dry humour, you don't know if they are trying to be funny.

  23. because black people will steal your bike or moped gangs of foreigners will steal your phone

  24. I once read that immigrants from non-European countries considered cycling a sign of failure. Even they have discovered the benefits of cycling.

  25. Q:Whats wrong with these people?
    A:There acting is horrible

  26. english people are weird

  27. 2:14 music please?

  28. You'll get held up at knife point and have your bike stolen from you.

  29. That women's laugh is nightmare fuel

  30. nice token black

  31. >british
    russia needs to nuke the british.

  32. you have to be British to be so stupid: they didn't use the cycle paths because they thought they would be forced to use them…. feels a bit like americans who want their guns to protect themselves, even if it means to have mass shootings 300 times a year with uncountable deaths. The principle is more important than the actual life of kids. Three hurays for yourself

  33. Is Jay Foreman the new John Cleese? []

  34. I never set a foot in Europe, let alone Britain, yet I laugh so hard at this while I hardly laugh at most supposedly funny things now. What does that mean? What does that say about me?

  35. Cyclists are a scourge on the road. selfish and constantly breaking the law. They should be forced to buy a licence like car owners.

  36. The retarded car ad was hilarious (as well as probably being 100% historically accurate). ?

  37. That's one of the funniest things I've watched on YouTube ?

  38. I’m a big fan of CSH2, I use it pretty regularly (from Mile End) but jaysus it’s sometimes terrifying, especially when cars try and drive over it without looking, or pedestrians randomly walk out… the more cyclists, the more this will improve

  39. Jay: "AAAAAHHHH!"
    Jay: "AAAAAHHHH!"

  40. I don’t think it should be normal anywhere!

  41. Talks about Amsterdam show Utrecht @2.58

  42. 2:59 this is Utrecht, not Amsterdam.

  43. two words: thieves & weather.

  44. As vulnerable as cyclists are, it is true that us pedestrians are even more vulnerable, so respect zebra crosses, you cycling wankers!

  45. I just came to say cyclists in London tend to think they have different road laws than motors. Will either take up the pavement cut through traffic and frequently not signal or even look where they are going and love to run red lights like it's not illegal. A huge number of accidents are caused by selfish bike riders but 9/10 the automobile user will get the blaim even if it was a blatant fault from the bike rider. Worse is you get all that bullshit get off scot free with everything and pay zero road tax. Next to merc drivers they are the worse things on the road.

  46. Can someone give me a list of the music in this vid?

  47. Ask your prime minister

  48. 0:17 reality and marketing say otherwise

  49. Gayest channel ever

  50. Some road lanes in Nottingham have been changed to cycle lanes.
    Fun fact for you lot

  51. why do all the poaple until 0:50 seem to have just left the crazy hospital

  52. Grow up, get a car.

  53. this city is made for cars..not for bikes…make it for get more bikes..I ride every weekend everywhere no problem. Many people are afraid of bad drivers.

  54. That's literally the best advert ever for skill share ?

  55. Just stop them cycling on the pavements which is actually illegal.

  56. As this is also an advert for Skill Share forget it. 🙂 🙂

  57. Quite the comedian. 🙂

  58. I love cycle lanes too… But I hate how sometimes in greater London I see cyclists choosing to use the carriageway instead and clog up the traffic

  59. I visited Belgium and Holland recently, their roads are amazing and it's so cool how people are so used to the cycle roads. My brother and I kept falling into the cycle section and people would tell us to move. Sounds stupid but it's cool

  60. Give this man a slot on TV ?

  61. 4:30 Not to mention Britain's chronic obesity.

  62. Lovely greetings from the german capital of bikes, Münster!

  63. It is ‘normal’ to ride a bike anywhere. What you mean is why do few people use a cycle in London. It’s quite simple really…you get killed. No need for a video on the matter. Do one on Why are politicians so dishonest ? That’s worth a video.

  64. Lovely. Very idioty.

  65. This cunt is hard to listen to!

  66. Short answer, because it's bloody dangerous

  67. You would get fuckin run over??

  68. Elementary, Because it rains all the time.

  69. Can anyone explain the joke behind Leslie Hore-Belisha's look?

  70. jay i love you and i'd normally watch the ads for you but i got one for clearing and it's a level results tomorrow so i had to skip

  71. 0:51
    Hold up.
    That animation was made to illustrate the perks of living in the town I live in.

  72. Grow up and get a car

  73. If only teachers taught like this in school then i would love going school

  74. Because if you aren't stabbed you'll have acid thrown in your face.

  75. The lack of cycle path infrastructure, TFL drivers and London drivers in general, the weather, people in London working insane hours just to get by and being too tired to cycle, London not being quite as flat as the Netherlands. Take your pic.

  76. The cyclist is always wrong

  77. Now what the f*** was that laugh please kill me someone rn

  78. 0:20 Killburn High Street LOOOOOOOOOL I wasn't expecting to see that

  79. Lol make it 10+ minutes so you can sneak an advert at the end

  80. As a Dutch person I really enjoyed this.

  81. 3:17 can i just say how amazingly beautiful that background is?!?!

  82. Wait so, roundabouts aren't all the rage and super convenient while also being super safe??

  83. Because it's one of the most crowded cities on earth serviced by roads designed for the horse and carriage

  84. Who could fail to be charmed by this clever presentation? I don't know, and I don't want to know. Cheers from Toronto, where we're learning but, like London, in fits and starts.

  85. I see you used a non highway code sign. Round signs with a red border are order signs. Putting diagonal a bar on it means the end of what ever is on the sign. So only the sign without the border is the correct sign.

  86. Come to Jersey, everyone cycles here!

  87. Let the real cyclist do the lanes design not the cyclist 'experts"coz they r motorist perspectv mayb im no xpert or beurocrap dingdong jz an cyclist

  88. i fuckin hate cyclists

  89. There is a similar and just as good (as Amsterdam's) system in Copenhagen

  90. Come to cycling in Manaus, it's really huge adventure, London is so boring, streets too many safe.

  91. I'm all for more people cycling, less pollution is good, but as a pedestrian I would request that cyclists stop acting like utter cunts, riding through red lights while shouting at pedestrians to get out of your way is obnoxious, and be warned if anyone does that again to me I will be swinging my bag at you!

  92. Thank you to that guy screaming "The Netherlands"

  93. End the cyclist fascists

  94. Great video with great humour

    Seriously tho, as a belgian i've been to england twice (once to Oxford with school and once to London with my sister) and I'm alwys shocked by the size of the bike paths

    and that guy shouting "The Netherlands" at 3:29 reminds me of myself , even though most dutch people I know call their land Holland, it's the netherland god forbid it!

  95. What a waste of time watch this

  96. BTW… Yes they are on street view,-0.1101297,3a,15y,325.05h,85.47t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sMISuFOqCz8ObJ-r7OCPzog!2e0!5s20180201T000000!7i16384!8i8192

  97. Talks about cycling in London, walks by a bicycle

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