Why Teen Addicted To Video Games Says He Rages At Parents

Why Teen Addicted To Video Games Says He Rages At Parents

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  1. Why not take away all those electronics

  2. He really should have opted for one of their famous and fabulous Party City®️ wigs.

  3. Pro gamer huh I see him rage quitting a lot ……lol I would take his consoles and phone an run them over with the car and lock up the credit cards

  4. Let him throw that controller. Then roll over it with your wheelchair, lol.
    Game over.

  5. Im 16 but in from the bad parts of town but i would beat tf outta that kid for talkin to his parents like dat

  6. He looks like a little girl and sounds like one too😂

  7. All he do is play games but yet he still trash and he a xbox player shitbox/gaybox

  8. The entire relationship between him and his parents are toxic

  9. Didn’t even wash his hair before coming on the show. Jesus Christ.

  10. "he hits me and stuff"



  12. I can't even begin to imagine what they would do if I talked to my parents like that.

  13. Kid couldn't even wash his hair before going lmao

  14. The kid can't even sit down and talk to the camera he has to play his game and talk

  15. I’d be like “that how you like you act when your mad? Well when I’m mad I like to smash game systems” but all jokes aside I hope things get better for that family.

  16. This is the parents fault… Just saying

  17. I’ll Fro My deViTheSss aCroTthh Daaa WooOmbb

  18. The parents pulled him from help after 9 days. Way to go parents way to give your son a chance at life! So sad and upsetting.

  19. some kids use video games as a way to escape reality, maybe there is something wrong in that kids life

  20. I play guitar hero

  21. Mmmm Its fun killing kids like this in GTAO 🤣🤣

  22. "You'll get awested"

  23. Sports or extra curricular activities should be mandatory elementary through high school.

  24. The sad part is it’s fortnite that’s taking his attention not even a good game

  25. Ofcourse he's an Xbox player

  26. God forbid let him have hith devithith

  27. He looks like Knees Down aka Andy milonakis

  28. Just break everything he has

  29. Take your family to the gym man !! It will save your life …

  30. Welcome to our future🤯

  31. At that point you can’t whoop those type of kids , they kill u in yo sleep, gotta send him somewhere

  32. This was good tho , to actually let him see himself like dat on public tv in front everbody. Maybe that’ll change his mind

  33. Now I'm only 15.but if that were my child, the second he hit me /called me a name the 1st time, I would have thrown the game console out da window and wouldn't even feel bad about it or get him a new one, I'd also probably hit him rly hard to learn to not speak to me that way. (keeping in mind I have Latino blood, mom's side)

  34. force that child outside

  35. I would just turn off the WiFi & disconnect his phone . They just let him do what he wants

  36. A redditor in the making

  37. He def says the n word on live lol

  38. If he breaks something of yours, break something of his and don't replace it. Easy peasy. No school or homework, no video games. No shower, no video games. If he tries to resist change the wif password and take the devices. If he fights or threatens to stab you like he was doing in the video-tell him you are not afraid to die so go ahead and do it. Sometimes you have to out crazy the crazy to get them to back down.

  39. They all need to go to the farm

  40. Steven Assanti: the early years…

  41. Lol I'd beat the breaks off that punk

  42. Throw the consoles, televisions, and devices in the dumpster. Problem solved.

  43. He probably get bullied at school and is trying to escape in the video games

  44. This kid is my spirit animal

  45. Ok so this kid goes on national television and won’t even brush his hair

  46. why doesnt he use r's he sounds like my 2 yo nephew

  47. We'll see this kid on 600 pound life soon. What a horrible mother

  48. Look, you can see it from the bright side, the person is playing on the xbox and not on the PlayStation 💁‍♂️

  49. I love how even for his interview he’s on that couch playing video games haha

  50. sounds like Kyles mom (from south park)

  51. This dude looks like a girl 🤣

  52. This is so extremely toxic. I couldn’t life like this for 5 minutes.

  53. I wonder how long it took him to get off the couch to get on the show. He couldn’t even brush his damn hair lol

  54. Nico
    says he wants to be a pro gamer

    There is a difference between being a pro gamer and being a nuisance who refuses to do anything BUT play games

    But there is also a difference in good parenting and bad parenting too

  55. haha thought it was a girl

  56. His hair is so oily omg xd

  57. take away the damn games!!!


  59. He needs to go to a farm and then get is Xbox get thrown out the window

  60. Instead of paying for games and consoles, they should've been paying for a counselor and a speech therapist. He's 14 and sounds 4.

  61. Take the console away, it's not like he'd chase after you to get it back.

  62. Bet he has barley any fortnite skins

  63. One solution and one solution only.. SEND THEM TO THE RANCH 👏🏻

  64. He's so ungamer for not taking a shower or getting and education

  65. He didn't get like this last night they have allowed and played into his foolishness

  66. Why not support this new parents are supporting everything

  67. He needs to go to speech class

  68. I only play video games from 8:00pm to 10:00 pm

  69. y’all act like this isn’t you rn

  70. He plays on Xbox lol I would be frustrated too

  71. He talks like he is challenged. Some people are just fat losers. This kids going to be one of those.

  72. in pewdiepie voice Send him to the ranch!

  73. His game system would disappear!

  74. Most of us are addicted to our phones and fb so we can’t talk.

  75. Only way too beat him, is too beat him at his own game. 1v1 build fight !!!

  76. He really just said “9:010”

  77. This is probably one of the salty kids on fortnite 😂

  78. This kid is a little bastard! I’m sorry I know that he’s the product of his fathers rage. But he’s a over weight anti social brat. I would throw his game counsel away!!!! Point blank. Ur games are gone.

  79. No this is a NO PERIOD

  80. Why is the mother just recording while watching her son speak to her father like that?

    She's the problem. You can tell that she lets him do whatever he wants from the TV tray and McDonald's bags on the f*cking ground around him. She lets him live like a pig with zero responsibilities.

  81. Gee no wonder he cant speak correctly and what his age is, she lets him consistently skip school

  82. Also, suddenly my parents don't seem as bad, we had to do everything before we could even touch it and only if we played outside first

  83. He has prob gets made fun of due to his speech impediment. Look at him, the poor child looks miserable. His parents must have let this go for so long bc he has a disability and they must feel guilty about it.

  84. Is that rifty the fortnite youtuber wow he looks angry 🤣

  85. I would love to take an axe to that gaming stuff.

  86. These types of violent games are what's causing these changes in kids behavior doesn't only apply to this kid. But if he doesn't change his ways I see him being locked up in prison. He seems like someone who is capable of doing harm.

  87. I feel sorry for this family. They are all suffering… This boy needs to go to school and stop screaming like that at his parents.

  88. I bett hes a fortnite kid

  89. For real ..just kick his stuff out

  90. surprised the parents havent thrown him out and locked the door, what a useless kid

  91. He needs to be in a speech class and join a sports team

  92. If he broke a controller. Why buy him a new one

  93. They needed to set boundaries and didn’t and he’s depressed and has explosive anger now. Point blank.

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