Why you need to RELAX when playing table tennis (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

Why you need to RELAX when playing table tennis (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

Many people which are playing table tennis amateur or half professional they are forgetting
to relax during the playing. They start to be too stiff in the body. They are too
stiff in the underarm. We cannot forget the ball is only 2.7 grams.
We don’t need unbelievable lot of power to put ball over
the net. This part of the arm, it has to be relaxed and soft. Then you can control
ball much better and you can also accelerate underarm much
better. It means you will play harder ball, faster ball, better control
ball with the relaxed underarm instead of the stiff one. And if I want to play harder, I just accelerate underarm a bit. And I play harder. But I don’t use extra strength of my body by being too stiff. I’m soft and relaxed and I’m
trying to transfer the weight from right to the left leg. When I make spin… I try to transfer body weight. Then with
the body weight I put more power in the ball without using extra energy. And like this I can play 10 hours
without using so much energy. This is the same
as swimming. For example there are people like me which are fighting
against the water. I can swim for 50 meters and then I die. I think
this is the hardest sport in the world. And my wife she can swim two hours.
For her this is like walking. This is just a technique and
table tennis is the same. Same with the backhand.
I’m relaxed and I use my underarm. And if I want to play harder, I just
accelerate a bit more and take power from my left leg and hip. For the backhand, it’s the other way around. I transfer the weight a bit from the left to
the right leg. But all the time I stay soft in my
underarm. It’s not unbelievably relaxed but still relaxed enough that I can
accelerate. Do not forget to breathe. You have to breathe out. I’ve seen many players in my life and they start
the point and they are like a bull. They start like this and are 10
seconds in this position. If I do 10 seconds like this I get muscle fatigue in
all my body. I have to play a ball then relax. Table tennis is very similar to boxing. Each of us we know how boxers look like. Boxers are soft and any
moment they react, then speed comes out but then again they are soft and this is
the same with table tennis. You make one movement. Then during the movement you have tension in your stomach. You have tension in your body. You
transfer the weight. But then you breathe out. Then you are ready for the next one.
I don’t play like…..There is a no chance to keep the tension for 7 sets. You play one
movement, you breathe out. Next movement you breathe out and this is something what
is important. Many players forget to breathe.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the brand new Video! By the way: it is Bundesliga, not Budesliga 😉
    I think a lot of players can not relax due to the excitement and the nervousness before the game. This often falls off during the competition. Is there a way to go to the table more relaxed?

  2. Very good tips Tom!

  3. Great video!
    When the coach talks about the 'under-arm' is he referring to the forearm?
    EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach also has this video about 'in pai' where he talks about something similar!

  4. Another great video. Very informative. Keep go on Tom. We love you love from Turkey. (By the way we expect you to commentary table tennis world. For example what do you think about wonder kid Lin yun ju he beat ma long and fan zhendong at same tournament. I have never seen fan zhandong soo much tense before. This kid demolished world top 10 very coldly )

  5. First, very good video, but I'm sure that it's "Bundesliga" and not "Budesliga" (vid title) (btw German is my native language).

  6. Can you explain how to make weight transfer better. I am having trouble with it no matter how many videos I watch.

  7. But what about during a rally when you lose the initiative and your opponent is putting pressure on you? Like you accidentally give a high ball and he's about to smash or he's making you anxious thinking about where the next shot may be. How are you suppose to relax when everything is happening so fast and you cannot anticipate well enough and tense up?

  8. it's not enough to tell people to relax. You have to tell them how. You can only relax when you know what to do in advance and are not in a rush. I get relaxed when I correctly and quickly guess where to put each part of my body before the ball arrives and then execute the move with proper synchronicity and placement of all parts. That way I am not in a rush. But it requires a lot of technique and proprioception.

  9. Good video, gr8 tips

  10. Guilherme Teodoro from Brazil in the video

  11. I realized this problem recently, so basically "Swing the bat fast but never hit it hard", and that means we should always hold the bat as loose as possible, the looser we get, the more spin and speed we can put into the ball.
    In fact, wearing a tennis wristband actually helps a lot, it slightly squeezes the wrist and forced my hand and fingers being looser than normal.

  12. Nive vid but I think we have to relax the forearm not the underarm…

  13. Relaxation comes with hours and hours of hitting that little ball. Initially it is awkward and tense. Only when you get few hundreds of thousands of ball behind you will loosen up. Or rather you can loosen up.

  14. Thanks for the tips…that suits perfectly.

  15. Thanks Tom! this a wonderful share. Can you recommend any self monitoring exercise where we come to know when we are tensed in arms and how to overcome that? Same for the breathing. Another important aspect which I find (I hope that many others will also relate to this) is the distance from table. This happens in two scenarios, first is when after opening the first ball with topspin, we don't step back and the block chokes us. Second is when in a rally, when someone starts lobbing the ball and we move closer but forget to step back and get choked on the next ball. Sorry for the long post, IMHO, I felt that this would also help many players including myself. Thanks for all your efforts!

  16. This is great! The more professional coaches the better. -See how he bends his wrist like a chicken wing at 1:54. I always wonder if that wrist bend is beneficial or just a preference.

  17. Tom, I'm still looking forward to your defenders Tutorial.

  18. The title is misleading (thats why I almost didn't click it). I thought this was about mental issues, but its clearly on the technical side.
    Very good video though…

  19. Rade is perfect living JO Waldner's clone – concerning the technique. Would really like to ask him how is this possible to copy the perfection so well? Concerning the breathing, the relaxation it is extremely important mainly if you have limited physical power and you have to survive the yougsters 🙂 P.S.
    compare them two here

  20. Extremely useful ?

  21. In short, play like Yan Ove Waldner! Lol He never looks rushed or un-relaxed. Even when the pressure is on. How does he do it you may ask? …decades of play and years being the best. Enjoy the game, as it is a game, train hard, and play smart. Then watch the game come easy to you. -Tilden

  22. Best Table Tennis League on My channel.

  23. If we take rest,even our opponents get the opportunity of getting rest???

  24. I want to know the right way to hold a bat

  25. Perhaps it's also a good idea to exhale during stroke. Just look at how martial artists scream while punching/kicking, they're essentially exhaling. That way, they can exert more power on their technique.

  26. great vid upload more secrets from bundesliga

  27. How do I be accurate with bat which part i need to hit from and where should i stay if i am a back hand player

  28. Yeah… I can do that, but then I can’t reply a side under arm serve

  29. Great video from Rade Markovic! He was great player, my former oponent and now he is a good coach, but the most important, he was always nice guy and good man! This thing, how to be relaxed and strengthenin in the same time and BREATHE , it took me over 30 years to find out the way to learn it !!! Because NOBODY explained it to me. Here you can hear and try the right way. He is right!! Marek Klásek

  30. This kind of tenis I always play?Realy focused & relaxing for good body & mind conditions?%?

  31. Another excellent video which will help players of all abilities.Thank you.

  32. I think relaxing comes from confidence given by good practice + good basic technics such as stance/timing/mindset/control of your emotions. Good player acts as condenser :accumulate energy : Release / Recharge / Repeat. Fear creates tension , in my case it is true.

  33. Great points, very helpful, many thanks.

  34. Play like a Ninja !

  35. Reminds me of all my techniques from my years of karate training.
    Soft, then hard for a moment at the moment of contact.
    Hip action for power

  36. Exactly 80000 subscribers!

  37. Hi Tom my son wants to learn how to play around the net from the backhand side .

  38. But at least it was helpful. Thank you so much. Your videos at all,are helpful.

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