—Why you should NOT get the NASM CPT || Certification

—Why you should NOT get the NASM CPT || Certification

How are you doing everybody, Jonathan here,
and in this video, and in five minutes less, your original FitBoss is going to give you
a couple of reasons why I don’t think you should get NASM certified. And let’s start from the top of the fact that
I’m not just somebody that is just bashing NASM for no reason. As you can see behind me, I have a number
of certifications including NASM, including ACE, including NSCA. So before you invest in something like this
300, 600 900 dollars, you have to ask yourself, what do you want? What do you want in this industry? What are you looking to accomplish? And if you’re anything like me, you don’t
want to work for a corporation, you want to help people and you want to make money on
your own terms. And when you go the personal training certification
route, it doesn’t necessarily give you the best opportunity to make those dreams come
true. First and foremost, if you earn a personal
training certification, you have to understand that the only reason that you get it is to
get a job. All right? So let’s separate the fact that you’re getting
education from the certification because you can essentially read the manual front to back,
you can know it front to back, and then never take the exam and have all the information,
the education, all right? Or you can read all the information, you know,
front to back, and then get the certification. So, realistically, it’s all about the piece
of paper. That piece of paper behind me on my wall,
that’s what I’m talking about. So the issue that I have with the information
is that it shouldn’t cost you 300, 600, or 900 dollars. If somebody wants to get into the personal
training industry, I would say that you can get this information for like 40 dollars. All you got to do is go to Amazon, look up
the NASM manual, and then you can rent it for like, 40 dollars for six months. You can study it front and back. And the only difference between you, and a
certified trainer, is that piece of paper. A lot of trainers think that they need to
get the piece of paper in order to see success. But I found that the opposite is actually
the case because, the only thing that the piece of paper gives you is a higher chance
of access to working at a big box gym, at an entry level position. And most gyms that are going to hire you with
absolutely no experience, but having the certification, are going to pay you peanuts. So for instance, if you’re going to start
off with no experience and you got your certification at La Fitness, they’re going to be paying
you six dollars per session. And if you’re not training the entire time
that you’re there, you’re not getting paid. So, think about it. Think about the fact that you may have paid
300, 600, or 900 dollars to earn the same amount that you could have earned working
for Burger King or McDonald’s, or any fast food joint. That doesn’t sound like the kind of situation
that I would want to be in. So the freedom aspect I think is a huge component
to being fulfilled in this industry. And if you can’t make your own rules, then
you’re not going to be happy. But the problem is the certification does
not teach you how to make your own rules. The number one question that I get from trainers
is, how do I acquire clients? And saying that your NASM certified doesn’t
make you any more attractive. All right? Moreover, the training style that they teach
the OBT model, is not the kind of training that gets people excited about training with
you. So, the two most important things that you
need to know, how to acquire clients, and how to keep clients, are not included in the
NASM certification. So, what is my alternative? It’s going to be more important for you guys
to learn how to number one, manage your own business so that you can make your own rules. Number two, train in such a manner that you
can get clients and keep clients. And number three, learn how to market and
learn how to acquire clients. And that’s why I put together the Dumbbells
Two Dollars course. With the Dumbbells To Dollars course it teaches
you everything that NASM teaches you, in terms of the theory and the exercise and anatomy. But it also teaches you the very important
things that NASM never taught you like sales, billing, nutrition, how to acquire clients. So, they, even if you’re working in a big
box gym, you can do it way more efficiently. And that while you’re in that situation, which
isn’t ideal, you will learn how to on your own, build your own business and be more successful. And that’s why I don’t think spending 300,
600, or 900 dollars on a piece of paper is going to be worth it. I’ve had a number of trainers already say
that the Dumbbells To Dollars course has taught them so much more than the NASM certification. And if you’ve done that course, I absolutely
guarantee that you would feel the same way. So, if you want to try out the Dumbbells To
Dollars course, all you got to do is go to, get the course
you have 30 days to try it out. And I feel so confident in it that if you
don’t think that it’s the best information for you to success, I’ll give you your money
back. And that’s the best that I can do. So I want to thank you for watching this video. Remember, if you have any questions, comments,
put them in the comments section below because your questions are what fuel this channel. But, check out the course. I guarantee that it will help you. And as always, remember to eat healthy, hydrate,
drive safe, get rest, don’t stop anybody, love your clients, they’ll love you back. I’ll see y’all tomorrow or the next day. And you have a good one.

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  1. Bro cannot deny the importance of nasm certification .its the number 1 certification and most toughest certification .And more over how to acquire and keep clients all id given in the last chapter of book and it really helps a lot.

  2. I agree 100 ! Many of the association's / certifications in our industry do not help us obtain better jobs, or more money. The real problem is the fact that if you go to work for a gym, they decide what they pay you, regardless of all of the certifications you may have obtained. I have ACE, CSCS, ACSM, IDEA, and MES ( Medical exercise specialty) and I have trained for over 20 years. All of the knowledge is great to have especially the business building, safety, anatomy, and programming information, but gyms only value you as a warm body. They will pay you next to nothing no matter what certifications you hold. Get your experience, build your business and your clientele, and go private.

  3. Thumbs up to this advice.

  4. Well I have signed up already for NASM already and I am part my 30 days and I add nutrition to it so I am gonna learn about that I just want to understand u are saying that they are charging to much I am doing what I can in life to get a head and have a better life for me and my family am I on the right track

  5. Also I love your videos

  6. I’m an independent trainer now, I don’t even keep training cert current anymore. I’ve had ACE,NASM, ISSA, NCSA and probably another I’m forgetting. I was a Fitness Manager at Gold’s gym for 2 years and a trainer for 2 before that. I hired, fired, and developed trainers for a living and I can without hesitation tell you this as a hiring manager…I give exactly 0 shits about what training cert you have. They are completely irrelevant to me. And the general managers don’t care or know the difference. The “BOX” gyms do not care. Get a cheap cert, market yourself, find clients, and hone your skills. When you are good enough, LEAVE THE BOX, go independent and keep more of YOUR money. And listen to everything Jonathan says! But seriously guys in the industry like Jonathan are priceless sources of knowledge and information to new trainers. If there’s a trainer willing to take you under his or her wing so to speak, soak up young sponge!

  7. Credebility as well

  8. I got the NASM certification because it’s more respected within the fitness industry. However, you’re right about how NASM doesn’t teach you how to become your own boss, but they do send you into the right direction. Once I passed my NASM they sent me my official cert along with a “NPE” flyer.

    NPE specializes in helping you get the tools that NASM doesn’t teach you. I’m proud of my NASM cert and nothing you can say or anybody for that matter can make me feel different. I understand that you’re trying to get your own business out there ( and good luck to you brother. I’ve read some positive reviews about your course online. But you don’t have to put NASM down to my yourself or your business look better…..Or maybe you do because it’s part of the sales game 101.

  9. Nice video. Its true u can read up materials and get clients without needing to do the certification. If you are good at the job people will come looking for you. But there are lots of reasons why it is good to be certified, for one you are in the health business and if anything goes wrong the first thing the law will ask you is "your qualification" having a certification can also serve as a marketing tool. In the fitness industry, how successful u wonna be really depends on the individual. The success is limitless

  10. First, it REALLY sounds like you are saying that you shouldn't get any certification, not just NASM. Unclear as to why a specific brand was targeted. While I agree with the point that you are trying to make, that is the same as claiming you don't need a college degree for a job that requires as much. I'm a firm believer that experience is paramount in the industry, but you can't even touch a client in most establishments if you don't carry that "piece of paper". Now, once you are established and self-sustaining as a trainer that may be a different story. But if you are just getting started and trying to build your brand you gotta dish out the money to get certified.

  11. Let me get this straight: If I want to go into business for myself as a trainer I DON’T NEED a certification ( just the knowledge) but I WILL NEED insurance?

  12. Lifetime fitness pays you $144k a year if you’re certified from NASM and have 3 specializations from them.

  13. thank you for the video. as someone who is def looking into being NASM certified, i have this question. I can get the book from Amazon as you are sayin up above, but….still take the exam online without the actual course? Or are you saying forget getting certified all together? appreciate any advice

  14. Question! You Keep Saying You Don't Need Need "A Piece of Paper" If you have Knowledge well what if you don't have Knowledge?

    I Want to get into Personal Training but have little to no Knowledge about Training. How Do I go about learning about the right things to train without NASM…To me it seems you are talking to people who have the know-how. You Keep speaking from a buisness side of things but what about someone like me who don't know much of anything about Training to begin with, wouldn't it make sense to get NASM to learn the basics. I FEAR YOUR PROGRAM WILL TEACH ONLY THE BUSINESS SIDE AND I'LL BE STILL STUCK AND CONFUSED ON HOW TO TRAIN.

  15. Mine cost $2200 🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. How are you covered when it comes to liabilities if you are not certified! I have had people who want me to train them but I am currently in the process of getting my NASM certification so I have turned it down because I don’t want anyone getting hurt on my watch, though I am confident in my work that is always in the back of my mind.

  17. So glad I saw this

  18. I'm glad I found this video… I recently bought the NASM textbook, and was going to use fitness mentors, but now I can't think why. I have 0 desire to work at some soulless gym, and really want to start ASAP (assuming I don't need to sell a kidney first). I plan to work for myself, and have a few people wanting my help, but I want to make sure I have everything covered so I can best help them, and myself. I went from 305 down to 184 with nothing but desire, and a few youtube videos. The first time I stood up w/o needing help, I almost lost my sh!t! It felt so good to do something simple that I couldn't do w/o boosting up with my arms (I'd been a fat guy from about 13). My point is that as soon as I stood, I wanted to help others get the same, or a similar experience. I've been toying with the idea, for some time, but now it needs to happen.

  19. Damn I was just about to buy the nasm program.

  20. I get and agree what you're saying about the certs vs experience and your quality as a trainer. However, the only thing I would throw in is, your location plays a strong part. I'm not too familiar with where your from, but I'm from NYC. I've done my research about personal training, the different gyms, and the current community here. First thing is, here it's different. Unless you work at a Planet fitness, Blink, or private gym, most of the gyms require you to have either ACSM, ACE, or NASM in order for you to be even considered for doing personal training. (Even some blinks here have that requirement, very few do but they do here). On top of that, community wise you're either known for your rep or your certs. If you have NASM it's seen as you know what you're doing (even though that's not the case with every trainer), and if you're Well known here, at some point you had either NASM or one of the other two I mentioned.

  21. Bro you were just boosting on how recognized they are….6 bucks per session…lmao what gym you working at pays your 6 dollars a session lmfao

  22. I'm working in Saudi I whant to do nasm for Saudia reps. For lisence

  23. If not nasm then what is better

  24. I appreciate your opinion and knowledge on this topic. Very useful and will continue to watch your videos but, I would like to state that I think your videos would be even better if you just slowed down a little bit. I mean this in the most respectful way possible. I kind of felt like you rushed this video a little. Anyways thanks and keep it up!

  25. Ha! I agree I'm ACE educated and expert rating certified and done just as good as the big cert trainers. The thing about the cert it helps you get insurance. Dumbells to dollars is definitely a great investment. I recommend it to everyone. Keep up the good work Johnathon Fit Pro!

  26. Can this course prepare me for running an online coaching biz?

  27. I agree with you. I also disagree with you. I'm not sure why you only picked NASM. It could be argued that any piece of paper from ANY type of certification, or degree for that matter, is not worth the price paid. However, to say it doesn't mean anything to those hiring has not been my experience. I do agree that a NASM, ACE, etc certification is geared more toward box gyms than working for yourself. I also agree that working for yourself is better than working for a gym. However, everyone and their brother has discouraged me from going it alone in the beginning. With that said I think it depends on the situation. I have a full-time sales position. It is my money maker. Personal training is something I'm pursuing as a side and I'm doing it to help people change their lives. I have all of the sales/marketing experience needed which, from what I have been told, most PTs don't have and struggle with it. I don't agree that certifications hold no clout. I learned a lot on my own prior to becoming certified. I've trained for most sports in the past, including martial arts and boxing. I still learned a lot from the NASM course. In my opinion, no one should take the power of the degree or certification lightly. It can easily open doors that would otherwise be difficult to open. That's what you are REALLY paying for. This doesn't only apply to the fitness industry, it applies to any industry.

  28. Yes man you so right when comes to study. read read read lean

  29. You are just selling your product bashing NASAM.

  30. I’m from Thailand. I just have one question, do I need to test English language?

  31. The audience in the comments are cluless! It's funny but sad… They didn't grasp a thing you pointed OUT!

  32. I mean, college degrees are pieces of paper. Money is paper. Your social security card is a piece of paper. The truth is that the value of these things is what society says it is.

    I know its not a golden ticket, but hardly anything is. There's no reason why anyone can't obtain a NASM cert and still better themselves in other aspects of personal training and communication at the same time.

  33. can unfit people still earn the certification?

  34. Exactly. The mainstream Fitness industry is a giant scam..

  35. Why you talking so fast ?!

  36. I am contemplating personal training, but my background is in business development. Lead generation is the name of the game. If you can't master marketing, you're doomed to being an employee forever. I like your content and your mind set. Just subscribed. I'm not at all interested in big box gyms, so want to find a way to become independent sooner versus later. Thanks!!

  37. Sup brother, I’m South Africa, and want to immigrate to the uk, what is my best route, thanks bro and peace ✌️

  38. NASM is a great program #Hater

  39. It’s not the paper, homie, it’s the knowledge attained. I’ve been a trainer for 30 years, 22k sessions. Nobody even knows what is studied, it’s personal information. Ohhhhhhh, buy your stuff, I get it! NASM gets you in the door, the rest is up to you.

  40. Hmmm. This is making me reconsider. Im planning on getting certified so I can become a trainer. My worry is not getting hired w/o a certification.

  41. I'm wondering what cert. You recomend.

  42. What are your thoughts about NCSF? Thanks man.

  43. I was thinking about the same. Just to read any of their books (NASM, NCSA or NCSF). However, if I do that, how can I get experience since most of the big boxes require certification?
    Also, If I just read the book, do I have to get any type of coverage (insurance)? What type?

    Thanks man…

  44. Yeah but that piece of paper is proof you actually know the material.

  45. I want work with this, be a personal trainer. what the best thing to do?

  46. You could say the same for just about any branch of knowledge. I could read college text books back to back to learn… anything. But how does that knowledge mean anything if it’s not backed by something reputable? You need some kind of credentials whether it’s experience or knowledge or both in order to get a job or build a reputation for yourself as a private entrepreneur.

  47. If all you want is a basic ass trainer cert do it. NASM is good

  48. bottom line is a certification doesn't make you a trainer.
    you make yourself a trainer by experience, hard work etc.
    NASM is a good certification to get, most are good.

  49. Very true.. great advice to those who want to pursue a career in personal training

  50. Dudes wack… just another shit talker selling his own stuff…

  51. Actually in the UK it's £40 an hour not £6

  52. Isn't it illegal to train without the cert?

  53. Two reasons I don't take this video serious. Two pretend WWE wrestling belts in the background.

  54. A company will hire anyone with a nationally accredited certificate that is very WELL known(as NASM, and many others are.), over someone who walks in without a certificate that is not nationally accredited. I’ve been to many gyms. Many of them PREFER you have NASM over many others bc they are very highly held and they don’t just handout certificates, you actually have to know the material. If you are working for yourself, then no you do not need a certificate to train anyone because you are your own boss/owner. But at the same time, why would a client choose a trainer who is not certified, instead of walking into any gym on the corner and finding trainers with an education and certificates in the field.

  55. this is the dumbest video i seen. he gotthe cert but said you dont need the cert. lol way to be a hypocrite. People need to get the certs to use as fuel on your resume to get a START . you did the same thing ! dotn tell ppl dont get certified cuz then theyll go apply with a blank resume oh but type in hey i read these books im CERTIFIED NOW. yeah reality doesnt work like that

  56. That piece of paper allows a person to teach group classes also… not just personal training. Try to teach classes at a gym with no documentation showing you know anything… see how that goes. Plus it shows people you're committed enough to follow through, and not lazy and looking for the easy and cheap way out. Get a cert… it's worth it.

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