Wie DU deine Beinarbeit mit 3 Übungen verbessern wirst

Wie DU deine Beinarbeit mit 3 Übungen verbessern wirst

hey friends my name is Bojan Besinger and today I give you three Table tennis exercises on the hand you can do to improve your footwork in table tennis so much
fun with today’s video the first exercise I want to introduce you is three
points forehand and all participants of the high-performance courses are definitely looking forward to it because the exercise was right exhausting for most but
let’s take a closer look at the exercise the exercise is as the name implies
three points forehand we play from the three points the table gives
everything with forehand we start here with the low forehand then it goes on in
the middle and then in the backhand and we play all the balls with the forehand . Here we play the first ball here from the deep forehand, that means we play the first ball here, the second ball back here and the third ball in the backhand
why are we doing this? because if you were to play the ball from the deep backhand with the forehand, parallel and you play relatively quickly, the block often comes back here in the diagonal forehand if you do that in the match so play the ball fast and then back here takes too long that’s why even in training we train the whole ball right here parallel in the forehand and then we go here backhand side the whole thing can be played in two variations either We go back here and then we start when we are in the back of the field Let’s go right back to the deep forehand or we go back over the middle, that is first ball forehand, second ball, third ball, here over the middle Forehand and back to the middle, bit is the easy variant otherwise you can also train the first ball with a serve on the Forehand topspin on undercut if you say ok I start with a short one
backspin serve and the first ball then comes in the forehand and I open on backspin and then just go into the middle, it is important to play the exercise just on many balls It’s a leg work exercise and not forehand whip through every ball but first bring in safety
and then we can do that too increase speed so we continue with the second
exercise the second exercise brings a bit the backhand also with pure, you know the exercise perhaps, it means Backhand Mid Backhand Forehand, however, I show you two variants of it now that is the normal variant is just
backhand then middle forehand. middle is always forehand then back in the backhand and then deep forehand that means we play backhand middle backhand forehand here again normally just in the backhand when right-handed versus right-handed is in the backhand of the training partner because then we can play backhand diagonally depending on when you say okay, actually your backhand is stronger than your forehand then you can too look more that you say okay, you want to train more backhand parallel and play the forehand ball diagonal normally, but it is more like that That the forehand ball is safer, which means it makes it easier when you’re here just from the deep forehand playing the ball in parallel, we come to the second variant the sequence is actually the same, we just change a bit the beat variation that means we catch here at first ball backhand second
ball middle with the forehand third ball instead of playing with the backhand we walk around play the ball with the forehand and fourth ball is then deep forehand I make the whole thing again here first ball backhand second ball forehand third ball forehand and fourth ball also forehand and then back to the backhand Here again if you say I would
like to practice opening ball here again with a short one
or start with the sidespin serve if your training partner is already better and then flip the ball for example and then it starts with
here backhand forehand forehand forehand usually leg work exercises are regular in the third exercise However, I will show you an exercise that can be done regularly as well as irregularly regularly means you know exactly where the ball
comes on the table irregularly that means a little bit of variation with it
and you do not know 100 percent where ball next comes exercise number three is called 1 1 or 2 2 or even 3 3 that means, for example, if we say 1 1 is the exercise we have a ball out of the forehand second ball is out of the backhand and that is always changing, that means 1 1 1 1 always short movements You can also play it with 2 2 for example, that means you have two balls with your forehand and then two balls with the backhand and then go back two balls in the forehand the whole you can also 3 3 or 4 4 or 5 5 play but it makes more sense when you’re with the smaller numbers, you’ll have 1 1 or 2 2 how can you play the whole thing irregularly So as I said in a leg work exercise, the focus is more on the legs you should move you can just do the exercise 1 1 play with only forehand but irregularly the whole thing goes even if you say one or two balls, for example with the forehand and then one or two balls with the backhand in the exercise then decides your training partner how often he opens up
this place plays that means he plays you One or two times here in the forehand or he plays you once or twice in the backhand so the whole thing is a bit closer to the game and you have to look closer to the ball better I’m going over the backhand right now or I still stay in the fore important
in such exercises don’t speculate
that means you play the first ball with the Forehand and he could still one now
to return to the forehand a second time instead of you thinking ah okay now he comes back in the middle or now he comes back to the forehand you wait here in the basic position and then go in the forehand if he comes in the forehand or go into the backhand when he gets in the backhand if you speculate, it’s just like in the match it’s going to be difficult for you to hit the ball as well with a good quality.
Therefore exercise number three just take turns here one
regular exercise respectively irregular. If you are a bit better player you can make it irregular and thereby
you then improve your footwork in table tennis These were the three exercises for better footwork in table tennis I would really like to know what exercises you already play Write that in the comments so I know how your training level is and check also the links and everything in the info box There is a lot of cool stuff for you.
See you in the next video My name is Bojan Besinger and I am your table tennis coach!

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