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  1. Life lessons from Link, “MONEY IS NOT FRUIT”

  2. I like swing dancing 🙁

  3. The one time my name is in something

  4. Who is the red head

  5. Emily is pretty af no cap

  6. I never got my wish and its been 2 years

  7. Literally I get a wish advert on a wish video lol

  8. I live on

  9. Chase is so cute

  10. That was so easy

  11. Drinking game! Take a shot every time they say

  12. Rhett why you no like cats i have 4

  13. Chase is on the case

  14. Its blush not desert rat

  15. immediately went to

  16. Ive never heard a kid say sneaks

  17. What happened to Link's watch?

  18. I’ve been watching Shane Dawson and GMM all day ?

  19. Rhett dude. Liked ya till ya didnt like cats.

  20. I am chase in every way

  21. I agree with Rhett about how yeezys look like Walmart shoes. They totally do. Ive thought that since day one.

  22. This was on my birthday

  23. Turtleneck Chase. My favorite version. Period.

  24. I got an ad for wish before this video

  25. No one:
    Not even a single soul:
    Emily: IM A BEAR HEHE

  26. Sometimes, I think wish is just a way for companies to get rid of failed products ?

  27. I got a wish ad lol

  28. Wish + Yeezy's = Weezy's

  29. She said "his name was tanner" and I immediately thought of tanner or tan man from dope or nope?

  30. That wasn't a Fedora. That was a Trilby.

  31. Same Rhett, I don’t understand yeezys lol

  32. Who else is downloading Wish right now? ?

  33. Imagine Nish Kumar on GMM

  34. Wish is fake cuz I got two pairs of pants that were the same and cost $14 and like at least $3 dollars shipping and I bought it but when I bought it wish send me a message in my gmail and said I used $55 like wth!?

  35. I liked Rhett until I learned he didn't like cats.. /: lol

  36. Just pick up a roadkill cat and get it for free

  37. Nice episode but please don't show answer before so we can play along.

  38. I love Wish you can get some really nice stuff from there

  39. q_q don't make fun of my hobbies!!!

  40. This was such an easy game, anything past $80 is not in the budget

  41. "I'm a bear. Huhuh!"

  42. 11:50 We did it. We found the whitest ever dance party.

  43. Rhetts hair is so good in this ep

  44. Any sneakerhead could tell the beezys were fake at a glance

  45. Hey Rhett and Link I think you guys should do some episodes without showing us the answers before you guys, like pretty much allow us to play at home with you. My girlfriend and I love to pretend and we put a post it note on the tv to cover it. I think all of us fans would love that idea!

  46. Chase looks like the cat in the hat

  47. Deduction from this video

    Tanner likes to swing dance

  48. On the fadora one link looked at the logo on the hat

  49. I remember I bought a $2 ring from wish. I forgot about it because it took 10 months for it to arrive.

  50. I love Emily's hair!

  51. chase is so dark and gloomy… his face looks like hes fine, but iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don't know bout him……

  52. people are crazy man $500 shoes, that's just saying that I am robbing you on the shoes man and you don't even get a logo?!(who can tell what's genuine?)

  53. Y E E Z Y S ARE FROM W A L M A R T

  54. I've always wondered how Chase got his job…… Does anyone else ever wonder the same thing? It seems like most lf the people on the show have some kind of skill to justify their positions on the show buy Chase is basically the most stereotypical example of a millennial of all time and that might very well be his resume.

  55. 4:21 I wouldn't mind a bear attack from her. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Tanner from dope or nope? ?

  57. My aunt is the manager at skulls unlimited

  58. Wish or yeezys?
    I WISH i could afford some yeezys

  59. Yeezys look like pre-teen acne for your feet.

  60. Honestly, Emily is rocking that hat

  61. Its not from kim kardashian it’s from kylie

  62. I am it Rhett yezzys are from Walmart

  63. Tanner from high5 studios

  64. emily's hair looks luscious!!!! like how! BEAUTIFUL.

  65. They call it "wish" for a reason lol

  66. Emily is so pretty!! my new internet crush.

    thats not weird at all right

  67. 7:21 she’s so beautiful

  68. Didn’t wish sponsor gmm?

  69. OMG, Link actually won a game….

  70. I love Emily, she's so classy and elegant ?

  71. Rhett's Adam's Apple @11:50

  72. that guy on the right is so weird like please re cast him

  73. Yeezy 500s have resale?

  74. tanner from dope or noppe dates

  75. 2:08 m shadows? lmaooo

  76. i’m a bear huhuh

  77. You pay 1$ shipping

  78. I'm as lesbian as can be, but Chase, wearing those glasses? OMG! He is soooooo cute!

  79. I bought something for 1 dollar and it was suppose to be 1500 from wish

  80. Natalie's hair is so pretty

  81. Tanner from dope or nope?


  83. The Yeezys were fake cause the way they were laced

  84. I'm really questioning the ethics of buying cat skulls from wish…..

  85. Wow. Cats are awesome. They’re the sweetest little animals.

  86. 5:24 why is link always being link

  87. Did Anyone else know those Yeezys were fake almost immediately

  88. I got scammed for a 160 dollar phone on wish

  89. Link, when the fedora was on, you said some WEIRD stuff.

  90. The skull was REAL

  91. Oh damn, Mythical Crew member John is lookin awfully tasty ? I've never seen him before, and that's a travesty

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