Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create a ’60s Costume for Women

Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create a ’60s Costume for Women

Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a freelance fashion
journalist, and I also own street fashion site, and today we’re going
to talk about how to put together a 60’s costume, for a party for women. Now, the 60’s were
an era where there was a lot going on, so depending on your personality, you can choose
a lot of different ways for a 60’s costume to go. There’s really three main kind of directions
you can go in, and those are mod, kind of go-go girl. You can also do the kind of 60’s
Jackie O look,and then there’s also the classic hippie look, so we’re going to start with
the sort of Jackie O kind of look, that’s been popularized lately by the show Madmen,
and that’s with kind of a classic 50’s, 60’s, kind of looking dress, that’s maybe got like
a nice, kicky little skirt to it. Pillbox hats were hugely popular by Jackie O, at the
time, so looking in the hats is a good idea, and Jackie O also wore a lot of pearls, so
just kind of a more formal look. Then, there’s also the go-go girl look. With the go-go girl
look, look for short, kind of, not skimpy dresses, but something that falls at the mid
thigh, that’s usually brightly colored, and we have a paisley dress here. Solids are also
fine, and usually big blocks of color are a good idea, and then pair that short dress,
kind of balancing the proportions as well. Pair it with boots, and these are a little
pointier, and more contemporary. A lot of go-go boots you’ll see have the rounded tips,
and the kind of classic image we have of go-go boots, is the white, kind of patent leather
shiny, but the makeup that you’re going to want to put with that too, is that’s the time
to bring out your big fake lashes, do the pale lips, and think Twiggy, if you want to
look up a mod kind of look, and then finally, the last one we’re going to discuss, is hippie,
and we all know this one. It’s very easy. You’re going to want to take, tie dye is a
really good place to start. Natural beading, leather fringe, moccasins, also all capture
that kind of hippie look. If you want to get examples, look for Beatle’s era photos at
the time. Just kind of channel that Woodstock vibe, so those are your three 60’s directions,
you can go. You can go conservative Jackie Onassis, crazy, wild mod or free spirited
hippie. That’s how to dress in 60’s costume for women

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  1. thanks….!
    helped us..

  2. can you help me how to dress casual because i always turn out to be a party trooper lol

  3. ok…if you want to know how to dress 60's, 70's etc, forget Expert Village, check out YouTube sights that show old catalogues with actual pictures, actual pictures of jackie kennedy, this gal here talks about jackie's pillbox hats while plunking a totally different hat on her head. The dress you have on is much too tight to have been worn in the 60's, the shirtdress was more the style..

  4. You poor tasteless thing. Jackie O never wore a 1950's leopard dress or that 1950's bandeau (not pill box) hat…. go back to the thrift store and get some education if you want to be a stylist.

  5. You know NOTHING about the 1960s, you know NOTHINg about fashion at all. This video is embarrassing to society.

  6. The dress she has on isn't suppose to be 60's.

  7. If you Don"t know what a pill box hat is . You should not be giving lessons on fashion but learning them..The classic pill box hat was first introduced in America by "Halston" in 1960.It was popularized by Jackie Kennedy and remained in conservative fashion until 1969-1970. The hat which you wrongly refered to as a pill box is a French Bandeau. It came in with Dior"s "New Look". The Bandeau remained in fashion from 1947 to 1956. It is more closely associated with Lucille Ball than Jackie.

  8. For me the 1960's fashion is NOT a costume… it's MY fashion.

  9. @CuteMcBeauty I love the fashion from the 1960's. I like the Mad Men look.

  10. I would just like to point out that the mods were completely different from go-go dancers, and it makes you seem uneducated it fashion to speak of them in the same way, the mods were a very artistic movement and not skimpy flashy dancers. That as well as the obvious fact that the Beatles for the most part did not dress in a hippie style, and it should be specified that it would be a late sixties (think 1968 on) that the Beatles may have been hippies… but hardly even at that.


  12. (I'd also say Pattie Boyd would be a good mod reference if you're nor going for something as intense like more cute but still bold)

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