World’s Easiest Racquet Game

World’s Easiest Racquet Game

Games that are too
easy aren’t too fun. Nice shot, Ken. But Goodminton is easy and fun. Goodminton is a racket
sport for everyone. Specially designed birdies make
your shots easy to control. The flight feathers
are angled to spiral, guiding the
shuttlecock’s flight. Long feathers on the birdie slow
their flight for casual games. Or for a little
more competition, play with the shorter,
faster birdies. Goodminton is a flexible
game that’s all about fun. If you want, you
can ditch the net. You don’t even
need to have sides. Adaptable play means
Goodminton is fun anywhere– from the park to the
beach, or even the living room. Each Goodminton set
includes two wooden racquets with soft handles, two slow
birdies, and two fast birdies. Get off the couch and have
some fun with Goodminton. Buy it now at

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  1. the girls laugh i will have cringe nightmares

  2. Hmm… Like those Japanese child games though .

  3. I'm 10 and I have never had one brownie

  4. Why that's a Good game!

  5. Does it have. A bottle oppppener

  6. Badminton and Goodminton

    2 hours later

    I GET IT NOW! Ahahaha-… Ok, I'll go now

  7. Great… pun… guys…

  8. this is literally badminton without a net

  9. I kinda want to get this and the human slingshot, and create some kind of weird quick passing impossible game.

  10. …Or you could play badminton.

  11. so….it's basically badminton

  12. you said you could play on your couch

  13. Hey vat 19 you should have dude perfect be in one of your vids ?

  14. I googled GOODminton as a joke. Found this.. lol

  15. I did this and my uncle got one birdie in a candle and it lit on fire

  16. Somewhere over there, a badminton player is screaming: "What the f*** is this supposed to be?!"

  17. Goodminton? Seriously Vat19? You couldnt have thought of a better name

  18. 0:57: they just said you could play on your couch, and now their saying get off? Make up your mind vat19…

  19. This looks like Chapteh

  20. Dude, I just take my regular racket and shuttlecocks and play it in my front yard. This is entirely the same, except for babies and it's expensive. I don't hate Vat19 or anything. It's just stupid to have this idea.

  21. Oh i get it BADmitten and GOODmitten

  22. Why can't you just use ping pong rackets and a badminton birdie

  23. wow.. another rippof…

  24. We play this without paddles. We hit it with our feet. It's called chapteh and some people used ping pong paddles too. It's much cheaper. You can find some good chapter at
    funlearners. Com

  25. this is just japanese game called "羽子板(hagoita)"



  27. “Get off the couch and play Goodminton.” You just showed footage of people playing Goodminton on the couch.

  28. Hey vat19 can you makes this but rather you hit it you kick it

  29. Knowing me I will somehow miss every single hit.

  30. I'm early let me think of a joke

    Read more

  31. This is badminton but with ping pong bats

  32. become lee chong wei

  33. This remind me of a childhood game called Capteh where you have to kick the feathered shuttlecock and avoid it from touching the ground…

  34. Anyone else think that pop when they hit the thing is really satisfying?

  35. I have it and it’s AWESOME!!!

  36. I am from Malaysia our serious players have racquet ten times bigger than that and our shuttlecocks don't look like that

  37. Ha ha he said shuffle

  38. Idiots,it’s exactly the same

  39. Thats a ripoff of badminton

  40. Just learn to play Badminton

  41. badminton is still better

  42. I thought this was jazzminton?

  43. Them playing in the living room reminds me of the room when they toss the football 5 feet away from eachother

  44. The dart looks like capteh(traditional malay game)

  45. We alredy have that in Indonesia it called bulutangkis

  46. badminton knock off

  47. What's the difference between "Goodminton" and "Jazzminton"?

  48. Badminton with Table Tennis Racket

  49. It us no need if u r having badminton

  50. The little badminton ball thing, in China we play them with our feet

  51. Is this just badminton with ping pong racquets

  52. I love badminton, it's so fun

  53. I bought something similar while in Vietnam, called a foot shuttle.
    It's basically this with two metal disks at the bottom for weight, and you can do keepy ups and kick around with your friends
    It's pretty cool

  54. I just want to say good to my first week and my first year and my second half today.

  55. Badminton turn in to goodminton ??????? how about var19 turn in to bat20??????????????

  56. So BADminton is BAD
    And GOODminton is GOOD

  57. Badminton is better. But where can I purchase the friends

  58. Looks like peteka that is bigger ans we play with hand…

  59. Get off the couch?
    But you just said I can play in my living room

  60. Wait until someone smashes

  61. Its like badminton

  62. Look at that cock shuttling

  63. 0:47

  64. Where I'm from we made those things with feathers and an eraser.
    We also didn't need racquets we just used our foot

  65. We all know that the base word in badmiton is bad.

  66. This has got to be sport copyright

  67. I got the game ….
    It aint as easy as it looks

  68. How it can be a easy good game where I have to get off my bed?

  69. can you throubh the berdys

  70. Badminton 😕

  71. 0:19 “shuttlecock”

  72. I can make it from eraser and some feathers

  73. Because Badminton isn’t good enough

  74. Where is my fales

  75. The ball being used looks like sipa from phillipines
    Just search sipa of the phillipines

  76. Actually I’m in my bed

  77. Its fun until it get stuck on the roof or somewhere so high you cant reach it.

  78. They should’ve called it goodglove

  79. They should’ve called it goodglove

  80. Does any one sing vat 19. com at last

  81. Are you actually going to hit birds Pawn City

  82. its like badminton

  83. At first before i saw the name on the racket, i thought it was "GOODMITTEN"

  84. One of my favorite Vat19 videos because the girl at theend sings it so perfectly. ?

  85. It's just like badminton tho??

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