World’s Fastest Table Tennis Serve

World’s Fastest Table Tennis Serve

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity. Today we are attempting the world’s fastest table tennis serve. So there is this
Japanese table tennis player called Asuka Sakai And he is claimed to have the
fastest serve in the world. It looks something like this. Apparently the fastest way to do it
is with only topspin. You hit it with the backhand side of the racket. So not forehand. You go under. I don’t know why. I think the reason is that you get
more wrist with the backhand So it’s a faster wrist movement. And it’s also kind of a disguise If the opponent thinks that you are serving with
the forehand – it suddenly comes with backhand It can surprise the opponent. And I think it’s actually easier to do with
the backhand side than the forehand side Let’s try a few times! That would have been fast! This is really difficult. I feel like I’m doing
something wrong. Yeah, I think we could take some slow-mo footage
of the serve currently and try to see and analyze if there is something that you are doing wrong. Let’s see what I’m doing wrong. Okay. Here comes it has. It has to hit the white line to get the fastest possible serve. The longest distance between
the two edges. Too far out. Closer to the edge. Five centimeters too far. Here it comes. Good toss. I think that was a good touch but it just went a lot over. Yeah, it is a bit high. High over the net. I think the racket was too much open. The racket should be more closed. Otherwise it goes like this. Exactly. Maybe I serve it from too high? Yeah, maybe I should go lower. Because now I hit it down.
Maybe I should hit it more forward. If I am lower. Okay new try. I’ll try it slower first. To get the technique. That was a bit slow. That was the best one so far. That was quite fast. That’s the right speed but… That was close! Yeah, that’s the serve! That was close! That was really fast actually! That was good. I think you have got the touch now! Yeah. Clearly! It’s all about the topspin! To get the kicker. Get good topspin and right on the edge Then you get the fastest serve. Well, that definitely wasn’t easy. It was really difficult to be consistent with the serve. But I think eventually we got it quite well! Yeah Anyway, remember to subscribe! And check our previous videos there! Until next time!

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  1. We decided to try out the world's fastest table tennis serve and analyze the technique behind it. As you can see from the video, it's really difficult to become consistent with the serve and get to the same level as the Japanese table tennis player Asuka Sakai ( Nonetheless, it was fun and interesting to try out this serve!

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