Worlds Front Line Ep7: The reactions of pro players when they watch the LOL S9 MV Phoenix

Worlds Front Line Ep7: The reactions of pro players when they watch the LOL S9 MV Phoenix

Welcome to Worlds Front Line, I am Candice I believe that you guys have watched the MV And I think you are curious about the responses of pro players Let’s check it out Rookie~~~~~ Wow Rookie Wow it is dark Rookie Who is this? oh no its G2 Caps? It is Caps, it is my teammate Is that Irelia? He is pretty good at Irelia Why do they make Caps Irelia? I actually don’t understand that part Yeah, I like this song My friend Faker Faker is coming back To lose again That’s pretty cool What I don’t get in this video is why there are no NA people Where’s me? The part of Rookie is the best part Honestly Rookie is so cool in this video What a boss oh I just realize they use three mid laners here – caps faker and rookie Interesting It is always Caps and Faker. Where is Huni Oh its dark. It is craps. Craps vs Caps. Make sense I hope Caps wins If we have to play with Craps, then that’s really sad So it’s like faker losing, rookie losing and caps losing. Pretty cool I will do better this year And the next world they will put on Huni. And then I am gonna say: “Pretty good” I think Faker is probably one of the most special players that we have in League of Legends, and caps is growing to become one of them I guess Rookie has been the Faker second for basically his entire career That’s cool though Honestly I like the video When I first saw this I was like who are
these people are they like all pro players? And then I realized it’s just
literally random people I thought it was I was gonna be like caps is
leading all that EU LEC pro players to worlds Ah I get it, Karma is hunting this part is so weird, I think it is like the challengers to world. But it is just a bunch of random people and caps it’s cool
it was a cool video Not bad. I like it How is it? Interesting? I believe you have known more about this MV after this At the meantime, let’s focus on the games of today And hopefully LPL can do well in today’s games LPL fighting

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  1. Sneaky 各種不滿

  2. NA wildcard region

  3. Sneaky hahaha meme king:
    "Fake is back… just to lose again."
    "wHy Is ThErE nO nA pEoPlE?" (JK he knows why be memed it anyway)

  4. Challengers for worlds, a bunch of random people and Caps

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