Worlds LARGEST NERF GUN CANNON! (Largest Nerf Darts Too)

we’re testing it on the wall before we test it on humans hello I’m Stephen Sharer and Im about to get hit by the World’s Largest Nerf Cannon in 3, 2, 1… so what what’s up everybody i hope you’re having an amazing day it’s so sunny so gorgeous out we are on our way to the post office to pick up a very special package alright let’s get going post office time getting our package so they will take it back out? Unsuccessful package attempt apparently they don’t have in the post office even though they said they did so they said to just wait at our house until it comes so hopefully it will be there by the time we get back home oh my gosh there is something in the mailbox not yet please please please no it’s a package that grace is sending out Oh delivery attempted reschedule delivery or pick it up like how do we ok so you want to reschedule I don’t know. Hi I’m looking to track my package. Its out for delivery right now? okay awesome! thank you so much! it’s been about two hours let’s see if the paint is dried it’s actually okay it still looks tacky like what it’s not it’s not fully dry but that looks so wet right now it looks with it’s a little it’s a little bit yeah why this finishes drying will be impatiently waiting for a package to comes out in the meantime I my mom is helping us do this right now so she found our subscribe button that we made and she’s got paper on top and she’s stenciling this out and she’s going to make us letters and we’re going to stick them on the cannon the cannon and the cannon will say subscribe. it’s gonna look really cool! it’s cold outside the paint was not drying its drying to touch, well, kind of it kind of got my fingers so we brought the cannon inside and we have this awesome heater we don’t get to use it very much so I’m excited to turn this on this is a yeah I don’t even know what it’s called but look all right let’s just turn it on how do we turn it on oh there we go and check this out guys get a couple seconds yet and yet scared even over there this thing is so good it’ll heat up the garage like 90 degrees and in just a couple minutes while we’re waiting for our package coming we have no idea what time is coming so we decided to go ahead and make our own nerf bullets so we got a pool noodle and we got to cut the noodle in half because it’s too big to fit inside the cannon. Thats easy oh my god that’s so nice that’s gonna be our length, that looks to scale? I don’t know roughly so what we’re going to do is this is too fat to fit so we’re going to cut a piece out to make this a little bit skinnier so it’ll fit in the barrel fine this is how much you have to cut it and then pinch it back together so this will give us the size that we want time to tape it up the nerve what is done we kinda messed up it looks so awkward and it’s then we’re gonna try anyways we’re waiting for our cannon to dry right now we turn that big either on and we’re drying the paint on it so once it’s dry we’re gonna go shoot this thing on second thought we decided to make another nerf bullet so we’ll see if this one turns out any better. hopefully we’re gonna cut away a little bit less so it doesn’t look as any frail and then does that well it’s skinny and it’s actually too small it slides in the barrel too easy so it might not shoot that good we’re gonna make this one a little bit better not this year so Hunter has real Yeezy shoes and he’s like so proud of him someone to step it up the game and show him how cool my gold light up shoes are. we got a first-timer over there and can’t even leave the car yet oh my god oh yeah that is not how you ride a hoverboard. now that the gun is painted we are re strapping the Taser just put the last piece of tape on here and we are ready to go. look how glossy it look so frightened I love that anything is going to turn out that well here are the 2 Nerf Bullets we made. One Nerf was a little crooked it’s always better the second time. using the ramrod shoving the nerf noodle or the nerf bullet in their dark nerf dart the right terminal shoving the nerf dart down in their next step is six seconds six seconds of hairspray twist the cap on ready to fire the nerf dart in 321 nice way to add a little more weight to that that’s a good point guard let’s try shooting at somebody we’re testing it on the wall before we tested on humans so three what whoa whoa whoa all I don’t know if I want that hitting me that’s not a little strong. you’re up! i’m not doing that. i’m Stephen Sharer and I have to get hit by the world’s largest nerf cannon. right we’re about to shoot Stephen with the Nerf Cannon. you ready Stephen? all right here it comes in 321 It missed, it went right over you. Off Road hoverboard fail barely looks like it working. Hoverboard catching on fire yeah yeah hoverboard might catch on fire hoverboarding is our hoverboards off-roading. yes the mailman’s here let’s see if it is our freaking nerf gun. i think we have a package we’re looking for a package it said it was delivered yes or they tried to deliver yesterday and didn’t work you have a package for us? Oh perfect thank you. no idea if a nerf gun can be in one of these boxes but we will find the moment of truth. is just the gun? ready comment #Nerf if yes or no? I think it’s gonna be no Carter. oh crap, Freak a Leak, that’s not it it but this other we need for the other vlog. yeah quite open that one it’s got to be the Nerf Gun. this one this is the most taped together i got it wasn’t easy to do but I think I finally got into it this has to be a Nerf Gun great moment of truth is this package the nerf gun? yes or no comment #Nerf if yes. Comment right now. you have two chances to say yes it’s our no I don’t know you don’t want to either answer would be a fail no one will know that you know it’s not it again so just try to see if you got that one wrong you have another chance to get this one right ok open three two one that’s so yeah yes better come with bullets oh it did it came with bullets. Oh, its a Mega Nerf Gun. Thats sick Cass ok guys be prepared we are going to light this sucker up. Carter why don’t you test this Nerf Gun first, before you do the Cannon. 321… right in the cheek. this is our second try to hit Stephen with the Largest Nerf Cannon. Alright Steve, are you ready? Ton of hair spray. You ready? ready! Alright here we go Largest nerf Cannon in 321. Ow that hurt! that’s gonna leave a mark! our mom found this deer and now Hunter is going into the bag has been in here rotten all like week how disgusting there is meat on his bones there Hunter loves deer for some reason there’s a dead deer in that bag Hunter is a hunter and is used to this Oh got some big antlers huh is it worth head is it just the head in their hood on it smells bad oh yeah look at that huh well you those antlers are nice ones that you want me to take out of hardware and he’s got a vertebrate a hanging down its disgusting I wait to rock a little more than just got where you can just come off now just come off the way this girl today was an awesome day we built a giant nerf cannon the nerf gun came late so finally finally came yet so tomorrow we’ll do some cool stuff with this a stay tuned for that and Stephen a trooper he got hit by the Nerf Cannon. did that even hurt? Kinda hurt but was fun! okay that was pretty scary i don’t want to get hit by that so, to end this vlog we’re going to shoot a fireball will show you how to make them so this was the stuff that we got at home depot and steel wool this is very important you gotta get the superfine 0000 grade it won’t work if you get these other grades you get the fine so you want to get these and just unravel them to come rolled up so just unravel them like that that’s one already two more there’s two and then here’s the last one we are unraveling ok so there are three pieces then you want to get a rock this is actually let’s get shot in the steel wool is light, it just kind of trails behind it so you get the rocky stick it in there and you get these three pieces like that and then you kind of like fold them down like this and then the rock is in here and then you have the steel wool trailing behind like a tail the last step is you get a wire and just wrap around the rock like that to hold the steal wool on and then tie it off and it’s kinda like a birdie for badminton. This is the biggest wool, steel wool fireball that we’ve ever done to stick that thing in the long should push it down so you can shove it in the barrel and you put it just barely fits the perfect fit use the ramrod and cram it all the way down the barrel that we are ready to go through deer in the backyard Carter we should shoot one. NO! they’re probably looking for the dead bones that Hunter was taken out. Time to load the hairspray we are locked and loaded and she just went straight up fireball cannon in 321 what well baby there goes yes whoa oh yeah beautiful well there you have it guys. that was our Largest Nerf Gun Cannon. hope you guys liked that. if you did give it a thumbs up we have some awesome videos (#vlogs) coming this is going to be a lot of fun tomorrow this will not be just your regular nerf gun (#nerf) so stay tuned for the crazy madness we have in store for this. We will come up with some creative creative ideas oh yeah haha alright until next time stay awesome and share the love. Peace!

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