World’s Thickest Table Tennis Racket

World’s Thickest Table Tennis Racket

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity We are back with another episode of
“Challenge Pongfinity” Don’t forget to leave your
comments and ideas in the comment-section below! You would kind of need a pillow
or something for this! Much better! You look comfortable! No! That’s just unfair! Yes! Actually… it works! We will have to do it so that one is standing. Yeah, exactly. Coming! Oh no! But we got 3! That was good! There is 79% of you guys who haven’t subscribed to our channel So remember to do
it right now! Miikka I think we should both lay
down. That sounds a bit difficult. That was perfect! I guess you won the point! Now we are going to play a one man’s doubles match. So every other shot with the right hand Every other shot with the left hand. Let’s go! Good backhand! This is going pretty well! Good serve. I would have just needed to put the ball on the table! I try too difficult shots with the left hand. That was a big point! Good point. This is difficult. Own side! Thank you. Good fight! Okay now let’s make
the world’s thickest table tennis bat. Let’s start off with three layers. Well… there is some thickness already It’s very easy to hit the edge with this! The backhand is really good! Over the curtain! It’s time for some more layers! That’s four layers. So eight rubbers. I don’t think ITTF would approve this
racket in a tournament. It’s so fast! It’s like playing with a trampoline
or something I think it’s time to add on some more
layers. We need to make it thicker. So the next one is going to be ten rubbers. So five layers. And I think we are going to need some heavy-duty edge tape. Alright, now there is ten rubbers. Let’s put some edge tape. Let’s start on this side. What a racket! This is better than the previous one with 3 layers! I think chopping is best. I think the best way might be to
actually just play with the edge! It’s so big the edge that it’s quite easy to
play with it. Look at that! Smash! Which one shall we
take next? This is a good one. So layer number 6 – we still have some more! Six layers! This is heavy! It’s so slow! It’s so heavy! It’s such a big hand movement but still so slow shots. It’s really slowing you down the racket. You can still actually play
pretty well with it! It’s time for more layers. Alright so 12. There is 12 rubbers. That is already looking quite thick! Wow, this looks really stupid! It’s like a hammer! The sound is so weird! I think it’s time for me to step in. Let’s try to go for 10 on each side. There we have it – 10 layers! It’s pretty thick! How does it feel? It feels okay. It’s quite slow But you can play with it. Let’s add as many as we
still have. Yeah, let’s just put everything that we have on it. 16 layers! It’s 32 rubbers! I think this is the world’s thickest table tennis racket! Pongfinity special. It doesn’t even look like a racket anymore. No, it doesn’t look like a table tennis racket. It has gotten even slower! It really is quite slow. That is a really good loop! Thanks! So spinny! And hard. It’s so heavy! It’s so heavy! C’mon hit hard! Good spin! Okay so a normal table tennis racket weights around 170 grams. And we calculated that this is
approximately 1.5 kilos. So that’s about 3 pounds (lbs)! It is quite heavy! Let’s try 5 around the nets with the edge of the racket. Almost! That’s one. This was a bit difficult even for
me. But I know what to use now. Now it might be possible! Five! And it was the last ball! Thanks for watching guys! Remember to hit subscribe and check out our previous videos there. Until next time!

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  1. 0:10 Play while lying down on the floor
    1:50 Alternating 2 hands doubles match
    3:55 Make the world's thickest table tennis bat
    10:40 Try 5 around the net shots with the edge of your racket

    Remember to leave your ideas below for the next Challenge Pongfinity episode!

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