Would You Kiss 2 Strangers In Front Of Your Partner? | MTV’s Lip Locked

Would You Kiss 2 Strangers In Front Of Your Partner? | MTV’s Lip Locked

(Funky music playing) – [Host] Do you think you
could pick your partner out by kiss alone? Whether your dating, besties, or even in the friend zone. – [Contestant] Declined! – [Host] Once again! – We’re about to put your
chemistry to the ultimate test. – We’ve been dating for over a year. – [Host] All right, get a room, you two. – Well, we just got married in March. – What the (beep) Nell! – [Host] Here’s the rules guys. No talking. No touching. One is their partner.
Bring in the kissers! The other two are just decoys. – [Host] Very indecisively. – Is my chev in? – I feel kinda hot, like three people want to kiss me. – Let’s see if you got your man. Make sure to catch all the
kissing on MTV’s Lip Locked. (upbeat music)

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  1. I wanted to watch it until the dude on dude stuff ????? bruhh

  2. 1983: Michael Jackson

    2019: This

  3. WTF did I just watched

  4. So these dudes are cucks

  5. can someone listen to my music please

  6. Definitely not Kareem LoL ?

  7. Jokes on you man, I don’t HAVE a partner

    Now I’m sad

  8. This reminds me of "Change of Heart".

  9. Came here for Mel and Naz?❤️

  10. Came here for Naz

  11. Well that’s 48sec of my life I won’t get back…?

  12. Enough with the gay shyt, already!!! ??????

  13. This is a sure way to end a relationship

  14. It won't last past season 1.

  15. Mtv is running out of ideas. What's next? Can you take a poop in front of your boyfriend?

  16. I love me some Justina

  17. Soon to be renamed HOW TO KILL YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

  18. What next banging in front of your partner and busting some nuts in front of a studio audience? First few rows need to wear rain coats? Lol

    Please make my idea a reality. ?

  19. Yeah I'm thinking old MTV Creative is starting to run out of ideas for shows.

  20. I’ll be watching, the world is making Love after Lock up a thing…??‍♂️

  21. One of them got married and that’s what they do

  22. Let the hate comments BEGIN!

  23. i recognise one of those guys from are you the one season 6.

  24. Ummmm l lost 49 seconds of my life…..l will never recover from that…. its senseless


  26. this is disgusting.

  27. Heres a great idea for a show….how about a show with latest Music video clips 😉

  28. This is the reason why terrorists hate and bomb western world because of these type of shows.

  29. Similar to Love at First Kiss

  30. 1990s MTV: OMG were so funny and crazy
    Modern MTV: Boring, Outdated, PC, and not funny

  31. Wtf is this shit @mtv this is what we’re pushing on kids today ?kiss randoms…

  32. To whoever is reading this I just started my channel so check it out (:

  33. Imagine being on this show ? people will do anything for fame lmfao

  34. Im watch it loll just too see the reactions of people face ??

  35. I love sweet gay kisses!?❤???

  36. How incredibly asinine.

  37. I guess wild n out aint playin when they say Nick aint payin em

  38. If you wanna end your relationship do it this way…


  39. Worse and nasty sharing germs that's gonna be in your body for months y'all kiss random y'all nasty asf friends or not that's fucking nasty how about just have sex with random and see who your girl or guy is

  40. Damn when u run out of ideas for the show…

  41. OHHH MY GOD . ?????

  42. MTV Really Needs To Retire
    F*ck Is This BullSh*t

  43. What a show to ruin relationships

  44. I'm sorry but this is kinda….nah this is really nasty. I'm surprised that there is ANY black people involved. This is someone white ppl foolishness. Nope we don't spin bottles or none of that lol, it's nasty folks. Kissing is a intimate thing that this show or (whatever the hell this is ) is making it comes across as it not being something that is intimate isn't supposed to be a buffet type of thing ?? these people could have broken teeth, cuts in their mouths, a cold or virus I mean I could go on but yuck. Who's stupid idea was this.

  45. How is this a show? This is why TV is dying

  46. This is gross af

  47. Definitely a scripted show. Nothing "reality" about it.

  48. This is so damn dumb. So cheating just on national TV?

  49. What a stupid show…

  50. Quickest way to an std

  51. That’s a great way to catch something

  52. All I'm saying is….we need to improve our schools. People getting paid for this…wtf is thi

  53. Hope nobody has mono or herpes cuz we ain't got time for that

  54. Mtv running out of show ideas. ?Just bring back "Next" lol!

  55. Lmaoo Ewww Wtf This Show Is Nastyyyyyy Asf Don’t Nobody Know Where Tf Them Girls Lips Been????

  56. This was so funny

  57. Are they running out of ideas?

  58. A way to ruin relationships and bore the hell.outta people.

  59. Tea is about to be spill… Along with some relationship

  60. Wow a black guy gets to kiss a bunch of white girls

  61. Man I miss old tv shows like viva la bam and wildboyz what is going on now ?!?

  62. Who’s here just for Naz & Mel

  63. 0:20 the girl looks like moriah Elizabeth lmao

  64. Those two chicks were horrible like eww, please stop. But yeah why is this a show and why the hell did I even click, like why.

    P.s How you gonna get mad at your partner for kissing another person better than you. When y'all agreed to a show called Liplocked where they kissing other people. Just more people trying to get their spinoffs.

  65. When the lesbian episode come out?

  66. This is how murders happen

  67. Is it bad that I want to be on this show?

  68. Stop coming for nazanin and her husband they didn’t know this was the challenge all they were told is that they were gonna be on MTV show.

  69. i thought mtv was about music

  70. 0:23 Im Confused Never Heard That In The Video And Is There No Talking

  71. came here for them lesbians but i cant find them

  72. That is the most assaning thing that MTV has ever put on since they did that show about best friends getting tattoos on each other about how they feel.

  73. Just watched the entire playlist omg haha I would tooootallly do this with my girlfriend. It looks so fun to try out haha. Where I sigh up? ??? it just looks so fun. And I'm pretty confident I know my girls lips pretty well.

  74. Watch all of your favorite Lip Locked videos here:

  75. I’d beat a bitch ? I couldn’t do this shit lmao tough

  76. How do you get on the show?? Lol

  77. How do you get on the show?? Lol

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