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December 18, 2019 We’re kicking off with some news
from WWE TLC, as one half of
the Women’s Tag Team Champions Kairi Sane
got hurt bad. We’re not quite sure how bad off
her injury is, but it must have
been serious, as after taken a few really bad bumps in
a row, her tag partner Asuka was
left to finish the match alone. Charlotte Flair probably didn’t
know how badly Sane was hurt,
as she insisted on slapping the petite Superstar
around, and power bombing her
on the outside before Sane was able to communicate
to Becky Lynch that she was
injured. Now, fan footage from Reddit
user ‘The Fooking Man’ has
emerged showing The Man roll Sane under the ring to protect
her for the remained of the TLC
match, though this wasn’t shown on TV, and we
shudder to think what could
have happened if Lynch hadn’t taken action. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet,
Sane was checked out by doctors
after the event but was declared unable to
compete, and though she did
appear on RAW for Asuka’s match against Deonna Purrazzo,
the pirate princess didn’t get
physical. From a report by the PW Insider,
Sane has been removed from
several upcoming shows, including next week’s
Boxing Day event in Madison
Square Garden. The show was supposed to see
the Kabuki Warriors defend
their titles against Flair and Lynch in a steel cage match,
but has now been changed
to a singles cage affair between the Empress and
The Man. This same report has also said
that whilst Sane has said
privately she’s fine, and given a thumbs up tweet to her fans,
the company is not wanting
to take any risks with one half of the reigning WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champions. Though Sane will eventually return
to a WWE ring, the same can’t be
said for Sin Cara, as after nine years, the
character is officially over. The Cara name, that debuted
shortly after WrestleMania 27,
has been most recently used by Hunico, but after
released by WWE, went to
Instagram to reveal his new name of Cinta de Oro. A name steeped in tradition, the
moniker is to honor the
legendary Mexican luchador of the 1980s, and the former
Superstar revealed that he
received the blessing of both sons of the original Cinta de Oro. According to Luchablog, the
name is from the same man
who helped train him, and Cara has also been spotted
sporting a golden ribbon on
his mask as a tribute. The new Cinta de Oro filed a
trademark for the name back
in July, but it hasn’t been approved yet, as there is a
woman named Maria Zarate
who claims to have owned the name since 2016. Obviously, WWE wasn’t going to
let him keep the Sin Cara name,
but according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, the
masked marvel is telling potential
bookers that they shouldn’t worry about the
standard 90-day no compete
clause that follows all released WWE Superstars. That same report is also stating
that Cinta de Oro is close to
signing a contract with AAA, after making a run-in
appearance over last weekend. Even if Cinta de Oro doesn’t sign
with AAA, there are still plenty of
promotions out there, such as All Elite Wrestling. This week, AEW VP Cody Rhodes
spoke to talkSPORT’s Alex
McCarthy, and was asked about the recently released
Luke Harper. It seems that the former Wyatt
family member is certainly a
target for the new promotion, as Cody revealed: “He would be great as part of AEW.
He’s a name that when you hear
they’ve asked for their release, you definitely think
about that and the next steps,
for sure. I think he’s going to flourish with what he
does next, he’s very special.” Time will tell whether Harper, now
going as Brodie Lee signs with
AEW, but the former Intercontinental Champion should
know that there is a spot waiting
for him in the young company. Back to WWE now and though
TLC may have been a huge
sendoff for the Pay Per Views of the 2010s, this wasn’t
reflected in the RAW viewing
figures. According to Showbuzz Daily, the
red brand averaged 2.05 million
fans, down from last week’s 2.15 million, and ranked
fourth, sixth and eleventh in
terms of the 18-49 demographics. Ahead of the first hour was
“Monday Night Football,” its
pre-show, and the “Sportscenter” that was after it.
Three episodes of “Love &
Hip Hop” outdrew the second hour in terms of demo
ratings, and “Below Deck”
and “Monday Night Countdown” beat out RAW’s third. Breaking the numbers down, the
show started with an average
2.2 million fans, which dropped to 2.09 million in hour
two, before descending to 1.85
million in hour three, making this week’s RAW the
lowest of the year. Hopefully, things will improve
next week when Rey Mysterio
defends his US title against Seth Rollins, and it’s very
likely that Rey will have his son
at ringside. Speaking to Sportskeeda this
week, Rey said that he hopes
for Dominick to have an official match by the end of next
year, though said it was up to
the 24-year-old whether he wanted to wear a
mask and keep on the
Mysterio name. The Ultimate Underdog did say
that he would love to share the
ring with his son in some sort of tag team capacity,
but interestingly didn’t mention
whether he would wrestle Dominick as opponents. After so many years in the ring,
and various surgeries slowing
him down, it’s no secret that Mysterio is looking to wrap
up his legendary career, and
Rey has said that after sharing the ring with his son,
he’ll be able to retire peacefully. One thing that doesn’t seem to
be slowing down is the WWE’s
use of jobbers, as there has been an influx in
enhancement talent in
recent weeks. On this week’s RAW, Asuka made
quick work of Deonna Purrazzo,
whilst next week’s show will see Charlotte Flair beat
Chelsea Green, and although
both are signed by WWE, they haven’t been pushed
yet, so it’s fine to beat them. Akira Tozawa, No Way Jose and
others have also been used in
the role of the enhancement wrestler, and Dave
Meltzer addressed this on
Wrestling Observer Radio, saying: “One of the things that Paul
Heyman is trying to do is get
people wins. So, they are doing a lot of these one and two-
minute matches to get over
finishing moves and get people wins.” Squash matches were a common
thing at shows during the 70s,
80s and 90s, but faded away during the Monday Night
Wars when both the WWF and
WCW needed to put on competitive matches. The problem with competitive
matches every week, is that it’s
easier to burn through feuds, whilst squash matches
allow certain wrestlers to get
a better chance of becoming stars, whilst allowing a
slower burn between established
opponents. It looks like this is what Paul
Heyman is trying to accomplish
as RAW Executive Director, and proof of this strategy
is the Erick Rowan segments
with his cage, which is reportedly doing good numbers
in the quarter hour breakdowns. Vince McMahon is also reportedly
a fan of the Rowan angle as well,
so fans should expect a lot more jobbers to pay
the price for their own curiosity,
curtosy of the colossal Superstar. Though Vince McMahon may be
a fan of Rowan’s storyline for
the time being, one angle that hasn’t been so well-
received is the love angle between
Lana and Bobby Lashley. Not only lambasted by fans, this
angle has some serious beef in
WWE, as Corey Graves has shared his disdain for the
angle, and now backstage
interviewer Kayla Braxton is getting in on the action. On Twitter, Braxton said that
she’d give up her entire WWE
paycheck to have Lana and Lashley never be on TV together
again, showing what is truly
valuable to her. Braxton isn’t alone in her opinion
of the angle, which has been
going on for a few months now, and the company
recently divorced Lana and
Rusev on TV, though they remain married in real-life. At last weekend’s TLC Pay Per
View in Minneapolis, Rusev
defeated Lashley in a Tables match, asking Lana to
marry him next week on
Monday Night RAW. Some more love drama for you
now, as John Cena isn’t around
Nikki Bella’s life anymore, and it’s safe to say her
reality TV series was doing much
better when the fans could see him. Speaking to Health Magazine, the
former Divas Champion admitted
that Cena didn’t take a single paycheck from
appearing on Total Bellas, as
all he wanted to do was support his then-fiancé.
She said: “The one thing I really regret
about showcasing the breakup
is that no one got to hear [John’s] voice, and it just seemed
so one-sided. I felt like that wasn’t
fair to him because he was on this journey
with us from the beginning.
What people don’t realize is that John never took one pay
check from Total Bellas. It was
beautiful—he was fully there to support me. I’ll never
forget his support and his love.
That’s what made me sad—I don’t want to say it became
the Nikki show, but in a way it did
because you didn’t get to see John anymore.” With his career in Hollywood
taking off, including a role in
DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie, the 16-time World
Champion is being paid
handsomely for his work, though it’s nice to know that
money isn’t the only thing for
Big Match John. And finally today we’re ending
with news from Lars Sullivan,
whose momentum came to a screeching halt this year. After being built up and brought
to the main roster after Wrestle
Mania 35, Sullivan was slapped with a $100,000
fine for racist, sexist and
homophobic comments made on a message board both before
and after signing with WWE,
and has also been set back with a leg injury. Though The Freak recently
uploaded a video of himself at
the gym, that doesn’t mean he’s close to a return, as Fightful
Select are reporting that Sullivan
won’t be back for a while. The report reads: “Despite Lars Sullivan being seen
training, he’s nowhere near a
return, we’re told. Internally, he’s been listed as
June 2020 as a “return” date.
We’ve also heard that his recovery was going slower than
originally expected, as of a few
months ago.” It’s no secret that in the past, men
of Sullivan’s size and physique
would be practically guaranteed a big push, but it’ll be
interesting to see what WWE has
in store for him when he makes his return. For now, Sullivan can only keep
working to try and get back in
the ring one day, though we’d recommend he stay
away from any online message

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