WWE Raw Main Event Changed! Roman Reigns Insulted! AEW Star Reaches Out To Rusev! Wrestling News!

WWE Raw Main Event Changed! Roman Reigns Insulted! AEW Star Reaches Out To Rusev! Wrestling News!

Heres your news for
December 7 2019 We’re starting today’s video by
looking at this week’s Smack
Down, as the show opened with an
appearance by The Miz. After Daniel Bryan was dragged
under the ring and had his hair
pulled out last week by The Fiend on
the A-Lister vowed to
find out what had happened to his former
NXT rookie and longtime foe,
but was quickly interrupted by Wyatt
himself, who appeared on the
Firefly Fun House. The Universal champion
suggested that though
Bryan agreed to a rematch between the two, that
the Yes man! may not even
make it to TLC, and instead focussed his
wicked mind games on Miz,
holding up a picture of the A-Lister’s wife
Maryse and their children
to goad the SmackDown Superstar. Of course, this led to Miz hunting
the demonic Champion down,
and after calling his wife to lock their
house, quickly said he was
leaving the arena to make sure they’re safe. In our first match of the night,
Mandy Rose took on Alexa
Bliss, and this match saw the SmackDown
debut of Referee Jessica Carr. The first female ref in Smack
Down history, Carr performed
excellently in the role thanks to her years in
NXT, and the match saw Bliss
get the win after Twisted Bliss. Backstage, Drake Maverick
asked Dana Brooke about
her upcoming date with Batista, and even
asked what the 6-foot-3,
multi-millionaire, former World Champion Marvel
movie megastar has, that
Maverick doesn’t We’re not quite sure if Maverick
was ready to hear the answer,
but before Brooke had the chance
to respond, Elias appeared to
deliver her answer via song. In a very no-PG line, the Living
Truth suggested that the only
action Maverick gets is with Lotion and
Tissues, and after Elias had a
line about Drake’s wife Renee jumping into
Elias’ bed, that proved to be a
step too far. Coming back from commercial,
Maverick was in the ring and
called out the singer-songwriter for a fight,
and Elias was more than happy to oblige, with Brooke by his side. Giving Drake a spanking, and
a punt up his boot, Elias
finished the humiliation off with his finisher,
before allowing Brooke to get
the pin, in this unsanctioned contest. Backstage, Miz was still getting
ready to leave when he saw a
strange room and kicked his way in, only
to be blindsided by Wyatt who
mocked him with another pic of the
Mizannins. Interestingly, this wasn’t the Fiend
who attacked Miz, but it was the sweater-wearing Wyatt, who hit
him with a Sister Abigail to
finish him off, and took the picture as his
trophy. Back from commercial and it
was Fatal 4-Way Tag Team
Elimination match actions, as the Lucha
House Party faced Heavy
Machinery, The Revival and Mustafa Ali and
Shorty G. A match with huge stakes on the
line, all four teams battled for a
chance at the SmackDown Tag Team titles,
and it was ultimately the team of Dash and Dawson who emerged
victorious. With the Revival and the New
Day scheduled for TLC, this
is a match fans have seen plenty of times
in the past few months, so
hopefully, the four men involved can bring
something new to the table. On commentary, Michael Cole
hyped up the return of CM
Punk to WWE Backstage next week, and we
also saw another hype
package for Sheamus, after the former World
Heavyweight Champion has
been out of action for almost a year. Back in the ring, Lacey Evans
was making her entrance,
and it didn’t take long for the Sassy Southern
Belle to defeat local competitor
Hayley Jones. What happened post-match
though is what got folks talking,
as Sasha Banks appeared to run Evans
down, but quickly got schooled
by the former Marine. After Evans feigned a punch,
The Boss fell down in anticipation,
to much laughter from the crowd, though
these smiles were gone when
Bayley ambushed the Southern Belle,
leading to the 2-on-1 double
team, and the former Tag Champions
standing tall. On Commentary, Cole revealed
that Miz Vs. Wyatt had been
made official for TLC, but didn’t mention
whether the Universal Title was on the line, or if there was any
special stipulation to the contest. In addition to that, it was also
announced that Roman Reigns
will face King Corbin in a TLC match,
though it’s more than a bit
worrying when your first matches announced for
a Pay Per View, are made clear
just 9 days before the show is
supposed to happen. Speaking of the Big Dog, it was
now time for the main event,
as Roman Reigns took on Dolph Ziggler
in the show’s finale. A finger to the eye quickly gave
the Show Off the advantage,
but after a comeback by the Big Dog, King
Corbin was carried on his throne,
to watch the rest. Combing back from commercial,
and Reigns made quick work
of Ziggler, pinning him after a Spear to
get the win. Fans watching live will have
noticed that there was plenty
of time left in the broadcast, and that was for
good reason, as as soon as
Reigns won, the men who carried the King
to the ring, ambushed the former Universal Champion. Overwhelmed by the eventual
numbers game, Roman got
beat down by the combined six other men, and
ven had his wrists handcuffed to
the ring post.
Though this could have led to
some vicious assault or
interesting booking, Ziggler and Corbin
instead chose to douse the
defenseless Roman in Dog Food, and after
the reset Big Dog mascot
incident, this was a rather bad ending to an
interesting premise. Despite this, Reigns did his best
to sell the awkward attack,
screaming out in anger whilst covered in
dog food, to bring this week’s SmackDown to a close. On the whole, this week’s Smack
Down was fine enough, with
special mentions going to the Miz and
Watt’s segments that felt
straight out of a horror movie, as well as Jessica
Carr who did exceptionally well
under the much bigger audience. It was also nice to see the WWE
FINALLY build towards next
Sunday’s TLC Pay Per View, but with the
awkward ending as well as fans
getting the New Day and Revival again,
this week’s SmackDown won’t
be saved in anyone’s DVR’s anytime soon. Whilst SmackDown may have
been something of a mixed
show, spare a thought for AEW star Joey Janela,
who almost got in trouble with someone taking his idea. As we all know, the world of
professional wrestling is a
creative place, and when you’ve got a good
nickname for yourself, you’ll
want to protect it, especially when the
biggest wrestling promotion
in the world tries to get their hands on it. In recent weeks, the WWE has
referred to Rusev as the Bad
Boy, using the moniker at both Starrcade
and RAW, but what some fans
may not know is that Janela has been
using the name for quite
some time. Now, Janela has filed a trademark
for the name The Bad Boy, which should keep Rusev and WWE
away, and hopefully his
application goes through, as the AEW star has
been the Bad Boy before
Rusev Day was a thing. In a tweet, the original Bad Boy
apologised to the Bulgarian on
Twitter, saying you’ve gotta do what
you’ve gotta do, and this is
just the latest piece of bad luck for the former
United States Champion. Lana and Rusev’s marriage has
been collapsing for months now,
with Lana filing for divorce and issuing
a restraining order against her husband, though she and her
new man Lashley were arrested
during this week’s RAW, after attacking
a police officer who wasn’t
prepared to put the cuffs on the sympathetic
Bulgarian Brute. Now, it seems that this toxic
relationship will end once
and for all, as during a commercial break for
last night’s SmackDown, the
company promised that “the tumultuous
marriage of Lana and Rusev
will come to an end on Monday night.” It’ll be interesting to see what
exactly the company has
planned for the three Superstars invovled, as
the finish line may be in sight
on this awkward angle. Over to NXT next, and whilst this
week’s show lost to AEW
Dynamite by just 6000 viewers, the Superstars
left all in the ring, with some
being a bit damaged because of this
mentality. In WWE Now’s NXT injury, it was
reported that Mia Yim is cleared
for a match against Dakota Kai next
week, after there was concern
that a facial injury could be an issue,
but medical attention refused. Rhea Ripley is suffering from a
strained vocal box after Shayna
Baszler slapped her and locked in the
Krifuda Clutch on the Australian Superstar, but Ripley’s shot at
the NXT Women’s
Championship is still on for December 18th. For the men’s side of things,
Damian Priest couldn’t work
his scheduled match against Killian Dain, and
was replaced by Pete Dunne,
though the former United Kingdom champion
landed on the steep steps
awkwardly and hurt his knee. The Bruiserweight is also suffering
from rib pain and his condition is being described as “day to day,”
meaning he may have to take an extended leave of absence soon. Of course, this list is often used
as part of a storyline, so take
everything that is said with a grain of salt,
but after the performance of
the Gold brand Superstars at NXT, Take
Over War Games last week,
and Survivor Series, it’s completely possible
that these injuries are for real. Even if Dunne has to step away
from the ring, fans can still see
his classic matches on the WWE
Network, which now has a
free tier service that was released with very
little fanfare. It seems WWE want to test the
water of the free service, before announcing it to a wider audience,
and hopefully the company addresses the issues that caused
tons of fans to miss Starrcade. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
reports that a tiered system has been long talked about, and that
in addition to the free service
and the standard 9.99 a month, there
will also be a 14.99 a month
elite tier. This highest level of service will
give fans access to content
previously unavailable on the Network, and
that may even be companies not under WWE’s roof, but still have
content that the promotion can
use. The report reads: “The idea has been to do a three-
tiered network, with a free tier, the $9.99 tier and a $14.99 tier
which should be launched
early next year and would feature content from
Evolve, Progress, wXw and
perhaps other promotions for early
next year. “ There have even been rumors
of a cheaper, but not free
version of the Network, which would provide
much of the same standard
of service, but would also include
commercials to make up for
the price, which would be less than 9.99 a month. We’ll have to wait and see just
how much content from other companies the WWE decides to
use, as they could certainly
stream from plenty of libraries, ranging from
CZW to Puerto Rico’s WWC. A lot of fans might be really
excited about Evolve, Progress,
and wXw as well, but for now, we’ll just have
to wait for this change,
arguably the biggest change to WWE content
distribution since the Network was launched nearly 6 years ago,
to be announced. And finally today we’re heading
back to Monday Night RAW,
as the WWE can sometimes make
changes to an episode up
until the show starts. This week was seemingly no
different, as this week’s
show underwent some big changes, according
to Loose Lips Backstage. The Reddit user has nailed
several stories in recent
memory, most recently revealing the Lana and
Lashley arrest several hours
before it happened on Monday Night
RAW, as well as having an
impressive track record for announcing stuff
ahead of time before that. Now, the account has said that
there were no plans for Randy
Orton to be in the main event of RAW,
stating: “There were NO plans for Orton
to officially be a part of this
match. Original script had same six men
in match, just different finish.
Original was Orton interfering during the
match and giving Styles an RKO
which led to Mysterio pinning Styles
for the win. Then Orton would
give RKOs to Anderson and Gallows.” It seems the company is building
towards something big at TLC,
and with the show scheduled for next
Sunday, fans won’t have long to
wait to see what happens. But what do you think about this
angle? Do you want to see
Styles and Orton face off at TLC, and if so,
what kind of match should it be?
Leave your opinions in the comments
below and as always, thanks
for watching.

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