WWE RAW Spoilers For Next Week! WWE Criticized For TLC Injury! Wrestling News!

WWE RAW Spoilers For Next Week! WWE Criticized For TLC Injury! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for December
17, 2019 We’re starting off with news from
Monday Night RAW this week, as
the company has filmed two episodes of the red
brand this week in Des Moines,
Iowa. This week’s show was also filmed
with a 45 minute pre-tape, and
though the episode hasn’t aired yet, we already know
what will happen, but if you don’t
want spoilers, please skip the next minute and
a half of the video. For example, fans already know
that on the December 23rd RAW,
Aleister Black will defeat some local enhancement
talent, and will then be booked
for a rematch with Buddy Murphy for the December
30th show. A rematch from their match from
TLC, the pair gave arguably the
match of the night at the event on Sunday, with Murphy
even breaking Black’s nose at the
show, leading to a lot of blood. That hasn’t stopped the Dutchman
competing though, as Dave Meltzer
reports that Black has been cleared to compete
despite the injury, and will be in the
mood for some revenge on the former
Cruiserweight Champion. Looking into our crystal ball, we
can also see that Rey Mysterio
Vs. Seth Rollins will take place in a United States Title
match on next week’s RAW, and
that the December 30th episode will also feature the
wedding of Lana and Bobby
Lashley. Not only will the December 30 show
be the last RAW of 2019, it will also
be the last RAW of the decade, as it has been
a crazy 10 years for the red brand,
full of shocking returns, sad retirements and
everything in between. ——SPOILERS OVER——- We’re looking back to this past
Sunday’s TLC Pay Per View,
and whilst the show may have delivered with such little time
to book the show, some major
names weren’t there. According to Dave Meltzer, neither
Vince McMahon nor Triple H was
backstage at the Pay Per View, though the pair did
phone in on a conference call to
help put the show together according to the Boss’
wishes. Meltzer also noted that it was Paul
Heyman who was the one telling
the announcers what to say, and whilst the advocate
for the Beast took charge of the
RAW matches, whilst Bruce Prichard led the
SmackDown matches. It may be a while before the Boss
and the Game take a break
though, as the general consensus is that the show was
handled poorly, and an example
of this is what happened to Kairi Sane, who
should have received medical
attention after her nasty spot, instead of taking more
dangerous bumps and a
possible concussion. During the match, Sane took a
nasty bump outside the ring,
and then continued the match and took one nasty
bump after another. Though Sane executed all of the
planned spots that we can tell,
the physicality of what happened to her has worried fans,
and even Becky Lynch and
Charlotte Flair have commented on Sane’s toughness
after the match. If the Japanese Superstar is hurt
though, she’s hiding it well, as
Sane did tweet out a thumbs-up emoji in response. As of this video, the Pirate Princess
is not cleared to wrestle, as the
future is unclear on the Kabuki Warriors and their
Tag Team Titles. Speaking of tag team champions,
TLC was a good night for The
New Day, who retained their SmackDown Tag Team Titles
against the Revival. We don’t know how much longer
this reign will last, but we do
know that Kofi Kingston is here to stay, as he has
just signed a new five-year
contract with the company. The former WWE Champion broke
the news on the New Day’s
podcast, whilst discussing injuries and how they
affect their daily lives, whilst
speaking to Big E and the currently-injured Xavier Woods. Time will tell whether Kofi ever
returns to the main event and
regains the WWE Championship he lost in seconds
to Brock Lesnar on SmackDown,
but what we do know is that the Ghanian Super
star isn’t going anywhere. From one star returning to another
now, as Liv Morgan is on her way
back to WWE, but this may be a much different
Morgan to what fans are used to. In the newest promo for the
young Superstar, fans got a
bit more depth into what WWE planning, as Morgan seems
to be washing any semblance of
her former self. She said: One day I woke up and I reflected
on the girl I’d been. Where she
was, where she wasn’t. That girl who had let her
friends tell her what to do and how to
be and how to act, how to dress. All I ever wanted was to be
comfortable in my own skin. I’ve
always been so self- destructive. Now I have no choice.
I have to destroy myself so the
real me can emerge.” We have no idea what WWE is
planning for Morgan, who was
spotted months ago sat in the rain, and though fans have
speculated on the Riott Squad
member being the vessel for Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail,
this now looks unlikely, with both
being on different shows. Now, we all know that Vince
McMahon will do anything for
a storyline, and that attitude was especially true back
in the day with the career of
Gene Snitsky. In an effort to get fans tuning in,
McMahon had Snitsky punt a
baby into the crowd and claim it wasn’t his fault, and
though the character would
later have a thing for feet, this was actually legit. While speaking to Hannibal TV,
Snitsky went into detail about
his love for feet, and revealed that it was he who
pitched the idea to incorporate
his real-life desires into his character. He said: “I actually have a foot fetish in
real life so I kinda went to Vince
and said ‘Hey if there’s any way we could integrate it
into the character I think it would
add to the craziness of the character’ because they
wanted me to be as big and
crazy and psychotic as possible so I was like, ‘let’s try
that,’ and he was like, ‘Oh, okay’
and it was as simple as that.” Later in the interview, Snitsky would
also speak about WWE Hall of
Famer Tony Atlas, who has a shoe fetish, but whilst
the former Tag Champion enjoys
getting kicked in the face and stood on with boots,
that’s not for Snitsky. Instead, the colossal Superstar
has described himself as a foot
connoisseur, though we can’t imagine JR or Lawler ever
describing the monster heel by
that name. Back to WWE TLC now and whilst
the show saw no titles change
hands, it did see the return of Daniel Bryan, who
remerged with a new throw
back look. With shorter hair and a shorter
beard, Bryan is ending the 2010s
just like he entered it, and Bray Wyatt was also impressed
and had plenty to say about his
nemesis’ big return. Following the Pay Per View which
saw Wyatt defeat the Miz in non-
title action, Wyatt sent out a tweet, calling the Eco
Warrior a bully, and saying he
was excited to see D-Bry. This bully allegation presumably
comes from the assault Bryan
gave the Eater of Worlds after the match, though
Wyatt did also say that The Miz
was tough and that he, meaning the Fiend, is
coming for all of them. With the Bryan and Fiend feud
expected to continue until the
Royal Rumble, expect both men to have plenty to say
this Friday on SmackDown, as
both Bryan and Wyatt hope to end the decade with
a bang. More TLC related news now, as
though the Revival came up
short in their big ladder match against the New Day, the
pair could be in for an even
bigger contest at January’s Royal Rumble. The first Pay Per View of 2020
will be in Houston, Texas, the
home of Booker T, and during the TLC kickoff show,
Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson
came out to confront and berate the five-time WCW
Champion. The self-professed Top Guys even
dared Booker’s tag partner Stevie
Ray to get back in the ring and face them, and now
the Harlem Heat member has
responded on social media. Taking to Twitter, Ray said how
if the Revival are looking for
the Hall of Fame tag team, they won’t be hard to find. These were big words by Ray,
who was inducted into the WWE
Hall of Fame this year, but Scott Dawson doesn’t seem
scared, as he reminded the
former wrestler that this isn’t 1997, and warned him
“don’t get dealt with.” Just because The Revival teased
this match on the TLC kickoff
show, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Harlem
Heat will be getting back in the
ring, and we’ll just have to wait and see whether the WWE
have any plans for the legendary
WCW team. We’re looking next at the
Wednesday Night Wars, as
after last week’s NXT and Dynamite remarkably ended in a
tie for ratings, both companies
are trying to make December 18th, with WWE
using a clever trick. Yesterday, the company revealed
that NXT will open this week with
Adam Cole’s NXT Championship defence against
Finn Balor, and that this match
will also be presented in a commercial-free format. With this being the last NXT of
2019, WWE is going all out to
make this week count, including NXT Women’s Champion
Shayna Baszler defending her title
against Rhea Ripley. With NXT returning to the USA
Network on January 8th, the
break may be good for the WWE, as the show has more
often than not, lost to AEW
Dynamite in the battle for ratings. And finally today, we’re ending with
news from Monday Night RAW, as
many stars were left reeling from an explosive
TLC Pay Per View. Opening the show, Seth Rollins
and AOP addressed their new
alliance, with the Beastslayer putting down a simple
rule for the RAW locker room:
Follow him or pay the price. Promising that the AOP will deal
with anyone who dares to stand
up to the self- professed Locker Room leader,
Rollins told the audience they
weren’t going to like what they see tonight, before
ending with a disturbing “I’m
sorry” to close the segment. In our first match of the night,
the RAW Tag Team Champions
the Viking Raiders suffered their second-ever loss
since joining the red brand
from NXT. Coming up short to the OC, the
pair of Luke Gallows and Karl
Anderson are the same team that defeated Erik and Ivar
many months ago, which surely
should put them in title contention down the line. It seems like the Club have had
the Raiders number on more
than one occasion, and if the Vikings want to remain the
champions, they need to end
this worrying trend. In a squash match, Erick Rowan
continued his path of destruction
since returning to the red brand a few months ago,
and this time it was Dante Leon’s
turn to pay the price. In the jobber’s defence, Leon did
get some distance between
himself and Rowan by crawling under the ring, but when
he tried to reach the colossal
Superstar’s mysterious cage, he was quickly
flattened. Perhaps one day, fans will find out
what Rowan has been carrying
with him all this time, but for now, Rowan’s big
secret, will remain a secret. Up next, Bobby Lashley and Lana
emerged following their TLC
victory over Rusev, and unsurprisingly, the pair were in
a great mood. In fact, the happy couple wanted
to seal their commitment in front
of the world, as though Lashley had teased
proposing, it was Lana who
carried the little black box. Demanding that Lashley propose
to her there, that’s exactly what
the two-time Intercontinental Champion did,
and though the pair are hoping
for a quiet, private ceremony on next week’s RAW,
we doubt that will be the case. Back in the ring, it was time for
some gauntlet match action,
as six of RAW’s top stars battled for a chance to face
United States Champion
Rey Mysterio. With R-Truth, Akira Tozawa, Ricochet,
Matt Hardy, Humberto Carillo and
Andrade all battling, it was ultimately Seth Rollins
who made the difference, once again
flanked by the AOP. Whilst Mysterio had hoped to face
his old rival Andrade next week, it
was Rollins who received the title match, after
delivering a three on one
beatdown to the company’s Ultimate Underdog. Though Rollins may call himself a
leader, the fact that he doesn’t
hold championship gold at the moment does
undermine his claims, so winning
the US Title for the second time in his career next week,
could only help the BeastSlayer. In women’s division action, NXT’s
Deonna Purrazzo got her first
shot at making an impression on RAW, but her
dreams of a big win were
blocked by Asuka. Even without Kairi Sane with her,
the Empress of Tomorrow
proved to be more than capable of making quick work of
‘The Virtuosa’, and whilst a post-
match interview with Becky Lynch led to The Man
claiming that the company
moved her to the tag division because they’re afraid of injuring
their golden goose, it did remind
fans of something else. So far in their careers, Lynch
has yet to defeat Asuka, and we
can’t help but wonder whether this means a
RAW Women’s title match for
the Empress very soon. And in our main event fans saw a
rematch from WrestleMania 35
as AJ Styles took on Randy Orton. Both men have changed
dramatically since they battled
at the show of shows, so it only makes sense that the result
was different, as on this occasion,
it was the Viper who got the win over the
Phenomenal One. Though Styles took the loss, the
show ended on a high for the
OC, as Gallows and Anderson quickly ambushed the
Apex Predator post-match, and
even the intervention of the Viking Raiders wasn’t
enough to topple the club. Styles may have lost the battle
this time, but it seems the war
is far from over, and its a war that Styles, Anderson and
Gallows are ready to win.

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