WWE Stars Try To QUIT! ‘Uncomfortable Vibe’ Backstage After Firings! | WrestleTalk News

WWE Stars Try To QUIT! ‘Uncomfortable Vibe’ Backstage After Firings! | WrestleTalk News

Coming up on today’s show there’s an uncomfortable
vibe backstage in WWE following their shock releases of top employees, and some more WWE
stars have tried to quit in even more backstage turmoil, and we’ve got a recap of last night’s
SmackDown where the loser of the main event eats dog food! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk STACKED
News and STACKED Review. I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. Today on this episode, let’s kick things
off with a review of last night’s supposed Super SmackDown, in about 5 minutes. Where
the loser of the main event eats dog food. The show kicked off with Roman Reigns & The
Usos coming out a cutting on promo on Reigns losing the Royal Rumble but beating Corbin,
before they’re interrupted by the aforementioned Corbin and his cronies. The two go back and forth for a while before
they make the stipulation for their main event match, that the loser of the match must eat
dog food. And boy where they sure to remind of that fact throughout the rest of the show.
At the end of every segment was a reminder that in the main event tonight, the loser
eats dog food, occasionally with a man stirring the vat of dog food, or emptying another can
into it, for reasons unknown. It was really quite obnoxious. Up next was a Fatal 4-Way tag team match to
determine the number one contenders to the New Day’s SmackDown tag team championships,
in what was a really fun match. Heavy Machinery vs The Revival vs Lucha House Party vs Miz
& Morrison, and you knew that Miz & Morrison were going to win anyway since they’ve been
feuding with The New Day as it is, but this was a great match to give Miz & Morrison a
win. Everyone worked really fluidly together, with
some great spots and long extended sequences. The ending sequence in particular seemed to
go on for about two minutes and it was awesome. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Dawson,
Morrison hit the Starship Pain for the win. But that’s only a prelude to the main event
where the loser eats dog food! After that, Otis is backstage and asks Mandy
Rose out, and she accepts for Valentine’s Day! I’m genuinely…quite excited for that
angle. Let’s hope the loser doesn’t eat dog food! There was an awesome video recap of Daniel
Bryan vs The Fiend at Royal Rumble, with an extra of Daniel Bryan backstage after the
fact, lamenting his loss and questioning if he just loves wrestling too much, which he
admits he does. This was powerful, and emotional, and awesome. So let’s end the show with
a match where the loser eats dog food! Fire & Desire took on Nikki Cross & Alexa
Bliss next, and Bliss & Cross just…won. No reference to the storyline with Otis, no
interference or dodgy finish, Cross hit the neckbreaker, and Bliss hit Twisted Bliss for
the win. Maybe Otis should have distracted them with dog food, just like in the main
event tonight where the loser has to eat it! Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakamura was next
for the Intercontinental Title. This was a fairly quick match, lasting under ten minutes,
and the finish came with Zayn removing the turnbuckle pad while the referee was distracted,
but Strowman reversing it and bashing Shinsuke’s head off it instead, and then hitting the
Powerslam for the win. It’s honestly really nice to see Strowman
win his first singles title in WWE, but it’s about three years too late. Also if this was
going to be the outcome of this feud, was it really necessary to have Braun win every
single match along the way? And if he was in the main event and he won, he wouldn’t
have to eat the dog food! Sami Zayn is understandably upset backstage,
and he keeps getting interrupted by Elias in the ring with his guitar, so Zayn sends
out Cesaro to deal with him, who immediately gets taken out by Elias. Insert joke about
dog food. Corey Graves interestingly said on commentary
that Ronda Rousey was his guest on the After The Bell podcast this week, and that we should
expect her back on WWE programming sooner rather than later. Ronda Rousey return confirmed.
Probably to eat dog food. Shorty G vs Sheamus is next in a rematch from
the Royal Rumble, and Shorty G attacks Sheamus from behind before the match starts like the
good clean babyface that he is. Sheamus wins really quickly with a Brogue Kick, what was
the point of this match. Bayley comes out next to gloat about retaining
her title over Lacey Evans, and says she’s beaten everyone there is to beat, and she
knows Charlotte is going to challenge her at WrestleMania, so let’s bring her out,
but instead out comes Naomi. She says Bayley has never beaten her and then Bayley proceeds
to try and beat her up, before Naomi kicks her in the face to end the segment. But here come the Usos because it’s time
for our dog food main event where the loser of the match has to eat dog food, surrounded
by other dog food. Did I mention dog food. Corey had the great line of the dog food not
being fit for consumption by dogs. That’s literally the point of dog food, but the match
itself is a pretty standard affair, heels work over faces, babyface hot tag, heels work
over again, babyfaces come back, babyfaces win. Reigns pinned Corbin with a rollup, nice
and definitive there, so naturally The Usos handcuff Corbin and pin him around the turnbuckle
post, because that’s definitely what was agreed before. They bring over the vats of dog food and cover
Corbin in it, yay isn’t everybody happy. I like how when it happened to Reigns and
it was a can or two of dog food, people were treating it like it was a near-death experience
for Reigns, and now it’s two giant vats of it, it’s a light hearted, look he got
sludged moment. This was a bit pants. So that was the show, press the i above my
head to let me know what you thought of the show where you can choose from The Top Dog,
The Dog’s Bollocks, Up Dog, Down Dog, and A Dog’s Dinner. For a show that was dubbed a “Super SmackDown”,
and after the frankly awesome episode of Raw this week, this SmackDown felt incredibly
pedestrian. This thankfully seems like the end of the Corbin/Reigns feud, though I also
said that at the Rumble, and the other stories are just…chugging away, doing their thing.
I’ve said for the past month or so of the show, but there was nothing outwardly bad
about it, it was just pretty boring. Even with a title change and a loser eats dog food
main event. This SmackDown gets an Up Dog. Or a 3/5 , Smack Bang in the Middle. And now as always on a Saturday, hot tag to
me for the news. Great review, young Chop Choppity Whopper.
I’m Oli Davis, and if you’re watching at this point of the video, you know what
would really help us out. A little thumbs up party! It’s one of the easiest ways to
support WrestleTalk. You press the thumbs up, YouTube goes, hey, these guys a popular,
let’s tell more people about them. I’ll…I’ll stop now.
Not just because it’ll get annoying, but also because it’s inappropriate when talking
about WWE essentially having a thumbs down party. Awkward YouTube promotional tactic
into serious business story segue! On Thursday afternoon, WWE suddenly announced
that George Barrios and Michelle Wilson would be departing the company “effective immediately”.
Who are George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, you might ask? Have they only wrestled on
NXT live events so far? Far from it. They actually exist above the main roster. Above
Brock Lesnar. Above Triple H. Above even Byron Saxton. I know you’re secretly in control
Saxton! Wilson and Barrios were actually the 2nd and
3rd most powerful people in the company behind Vince McMahon, heading up the corporate side
of the business for over a decade. And for all of those saying that’s not a big deal,
in the day following the news, WWE’s stock has tanked – and not in a cute Shotzi Blackheart
kind of way. WWE’s market value has fallen by almost
a quarter, with its stock down 21.57% yesterday – meaning the company has effectively lost
$1 billion, as reported by Bloomberg. This is WWE’s biggest decline in nearly six years.
Vince McMahon was quoted in the statement saying: “I decided a change was necessary
as we have different views on how best to achieve our strategic priorities moving forward.”
But Wall Street analysts have called WWE’s explanations “vague”, which is their way
of saying ‘we don’t believe you, sell sell sell.’
While Dave Meltzer reported the Barrios and Wilson firings are a scapegoat tactic ahead
of next Thursday’s investors call, which will apparently announce earnings as “lower
than expected”, PWInsider is corroborating WWE’s statement, saying the company’s
internal memo was far more strongly worded, citing “irreconcilable differences in WWE’s
strategic priorities” between Vince and the co-Presidents, quoting one employee who
joked: “It’s never going to be Vince who loses that argument.”
PWInsider continue saying WWE employees – likely referring to the actual office staff – were
shocked by the departures, and that it came FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! Not now, Randy, this is
serious. And that all work has “ground to a halt” following the announcement, including
the long-planned ‘tier launch’ of the Network. Which isn’t the best thing to happen
with your company not only entering its busiest time of the year with the Voyage to WrestleMania
and chucking a Saudi Super Show on top of that, but also relaunching an entire football
league next week with the XFL. As if Vince being stretched across the WWE and XFL wasn’t
enough, now he won’t have his two long term right hand people to help him.
The very reliable WrestleVotes on Twitter have described the backstage atmosphere following
the sackings: “Just spoke to someone inside Titan Tower.
Vibe is said to be uncomfortable today. More questions than answers. As the busiest time
of year approaches, people are scratching their head. Oh, and the XFL launches next
week…” Several rumours have hinted that Barrios and
Wilson were trying to push Vince to sell WWE to FOX or Disney, or that they disagreed with
the XFL relaunch, but both of these have been shot down.
Presumably thinking Vince was in a firing mood, it’s being reported that The Revival
have asked for their release yet again at some point last week as “They desperately
want out”! Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live noted their request was turned down,
as they will likely go to AEW as soon as they are able – which will be later this year after
their contracts expire in the Spring. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder first asked for
their releases last January, following the public announcement of AEW’s launch, and
have rejected the big money deals WWE have since offered them to stay – including a contract
worth even more than the $700k a year deal Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows signed last
Summer, as reported by, and that “the two are ‘just ready to go.’”
And they’re not the only wrestlers unhappy in WWE, as Vince McMahon also appears to have
angered pretty much the entire roster. In a cost-cutting measure, WWE is cutting back
on their live event business, as non-televised shows have been losing them money. But the
Observer is reporting that will significantly affect how much WWE’s wrestlers can earn,
as the top stars will see a big drop in their merchandise sales, and everyone else won’t
make as much because they’re working fewer dates. And to negatively affect morale even
more, the talent only found out recently when they received their booking sheets for February,
and saw that their shows had been reduced. What do you think about all this backstage
turmoil in WWE? Is it good for them to restructure and refocus on making a better product? Or
is it all symptomatic of a company in crisis mode? Let me know in the comments because
I’ll be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! And have a thumbs up party to help this video
get more views, hopefully! And tell all your wrestling friends to come watch WrestleTalk.
Like mine and Luke’s deep dive into the Barrios and Wilson firings in yesterday’s
WrestleTalk Podcast show! And what’s happening with Undertaker and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania
in the video below that! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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