WWE TLC Kickoff: Dec. 15, 2019

WWE TLC Kickoff: Dec. 15, 2019

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  1. noney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

  2. Carrillo has maybe the most beautiful arial offense I've ever seen. That moonsault was like slow motion it was perfect.

  3. Andrade vs Carrillo was something out of the world…. great ??

  4. Andrade vs Carrillo – best match so far in WWE 2019.

  5. ??????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Mustafa Ali Arab pride????????????????????????

  7. Is it so difficult to watch a complete wrestling? No matter how it is always cut

  8. booker is as tall as the revival sitting down!! lol

  9. It wo n’t work if you subscribe.

  10. The complete wrestling match was not so ugly

  11. Come on enough of this lame shet how many time you going to bring him back as a new character brat is lame won't face any face to face sneaks up from back as he always did get rid of him

  12. Humberto Carrillo el mjor

  13. Andrade vs Carillo, i belive is going to be the best match of the night and for sure is the best main's roster match of the whole 2019

  14. The Kickoff is Awesome!!!!

  15. Bhenchodo Andrade is very telented ressler

  16. yoo Booker hit the nail on the head with Bobby Lashley! Caruso to Lana: "let's see about that!" ?????

  17. I don't get how Brock Lester will not defend the title tonight at TLC

  18. Y los comentaristas en español ??? No les entiendo nada

  19. Let’s go ASUKA And KAIRI

  20. I'm here at the event and you keep the seats wayyyy to close to each other, I couldnt breathe while sitting between 2 fat man so I'm out in the hall area sitting on a bench instead of my floor seats cuz you people keep the seats too close together!

  21. The dang, most ever unrightful king and his serving giga-wannabe have defeated the BIG DOG absolutely unfair again, unfortnunately. I hate this two pathetic, egoistic, overdressed, scheming, not got for anything creatures.

    You both know, who laughs last, is going to laugh best. In other words, pride comes before the fall. So wether you both do this or not, you can believe that. Because the big dog will stand great against you both again, and at the end there will be not only just one backing him up.

  22. What a match and that Black Mass OUT OF NOWHERE SUBSCRICION

  23. Humberto Carrillo ??????

  24. What the hell is going on Roman Vs Four .

  25. 2019 is the 1st year john cena has not wrestled a single PPV ?

  26. Let’s go Revival

  27. Plz come one time in Pakistan
    Pakistan zinda bad

  28. Esa lana está peleada con roused porque parece una telenovela barata

  29. This will be the most boring tlc ever. Carrillo vs Andrade it's the only match and that's it.

  30. Carillo was just op?

  31. My 10 Fav Wrestlers of all time

    Roman Reigns
    Seth Rollins (2019 Face)
    Kofi Kingston
    Daniel Bryan
    Big E
    Xavier Woods
    Rey Mysterio
    Randy Orton

    Becky Lynch
    Sasha Banks (Face)
    Lacey Evans (Face)
    Dakota Kai (Face)
    Carmella (Face)
    Nikki Bella
    Trish Stratus
    Alexa Bliss (Face)
    Nikki Cross
    Lana (Face)

  32. Brock Lesnar vs bare wait in a match

  33. I don't like Carrilio

  34. John Cena return ??????

  35. why. rusev, cheater, with. his fomer. wife. lana !

  36. Buena pelea del carrillo

  37. The best match 2019 carrillo

  38. Se lo an cargado a andrade

  39. AOP, Harlem Heat, B's.O.D. , Road Warriors, Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz, RKO n Batista, the Usos, the Vikings, Shorty G & S. Benjamin, New Day and other tag teams can beat the Revival without cheating.

  40. Humberto Carrillo future US Champion or Intercontinental Champion.

  41. There goes that guy with the same damn green shirt again

  42. 25:46 Booker T respect…still remained professional. Not a big fan of him but got to hand it to him for not laying those noobies out

  43. Why is one of somoa joes hands bigger then the other?

  44. That show was awful

  45. Roman Reigns Need Usos

  46. His sound like alberto delrio

  47. This PPV was pretty bad, only good matches were Andrade's and Aleister's

  48. awesome promo by The Revival..

  49. Andrade was a huge star outside of WWE, he comes to World Wrestling Entertainment and fails to live up to the hype WWE surrounded him with. Having a manager doesn't help him out even though Vega is gorgeous. And now he's on the kickoff show lol

  50. Bring back the usos

  51. Tlc me romen r corbin ma match kb he ab

  52. Tlc is awesome! We got stone cold and Goldberg talking on the podcast and that’s the entire show according to wwe network on my end

  53. Andrade vs Carrillo wooo Nice Interesting Game

  54. Andrade vs Carrillo wooo Nice Interesting Game


  56. I Love Roman reigns But Not
    Winner ??????????

  57. Bila mw mulai …bosan?…????????????????????

  58. What the heck happened to my show? I was watching the match with Becky and Charlotte and it just cut off and went to the next show. Just gone! Poof! I am so mad I am spitting fire! What the hell is wrong with that damn network? Somebody should pay ME ten dollars a month to watch it!

  59. Something funny to point out

    Mixes theme says that he came to play so yeah he did come to play with bray whyatt

  60. The Revival might be disrespectful, but they have every right to be, they wanted their release and they're not getting it. I would be frustrated and pissed off too, and let everybody know how I feel. This is all staged conscripted though, Vince is trying to keep them happy because they are one of the top four best tag teams in the world and to lose them is a huge loss it shows that WWE is falling apart if they do leave

  61. Very Nice Raceling

  62. So we're going to ignore the fact they didn't mention Andrade being busted open ??

  63. Damn they went until they were bleeding, MAKE THIS GUY A FRICKING CHAMPION PLEASE

  64. I want humberto to be the last entrance at wrestlemania

  65. Why Andrade bleeding? I dont see any impact.

  66. Humberto could be the next Eddie guerrero

  67. Bray Wyatt is asom match the miz

  68. لاله لاالله محمد رسول الله

  69. The Revival's promo on this pre-show didn't age well. xD

  70. Becky lynch es mi amor platonico y me encantaria conocerla algun dia

  71. the best match of this tlc was placed in kick off , that was so sad

  72. Randy Orton going to win the tlc match I'm am so excited ????????????☺️

  73. Andrade vs Humberto was better than most of the matches in the main show

  74. Sangraron las mejores luchas

  75. ممكن تسمعو صوتى فى القران

  76. How did andrade bleed?

  77. Is Samoa Joe the next Tazz

  78. There is no ic championship, us championship, wwe championship.. what a TLC

  79. A+++++++++++++ match

  80. How is the Green Shirt Guy still standing?

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