Xbox – January 2020 Games with Gold

Xbox – January 2020 Games with Gold

[MUSIC]>>Hi Xbox fans. Get ready for the Games
with Gold January lineup! As always, all four games are
playable and acquirable on Xbox One and free to those with an
active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass
Ultimate subscription. Starting on January 1st, infiltrate the city of the Dark
Elves in Styx: Shards of Darkness. Alone or with a friend, sneak past your enemies and embark on a stealthy adventure as
the goblin thief, Styx. Deceive your enemies,
craft deadly traps, and utilize unparalleled freedom of movement to accomplish the
robbery of a lifetime. Then, on January 16th, put on the cape and cowl in Batman: The Telltale Series. Featuring
all five complete episodes, step into the fractured psyche of billionaire Bruce Wayne and
his dark persona, the Batman. Featuring a noteworthy rogues
gallery, including Two-Face, Penguin and Catwoman, your
actions will determine the fate of the Dark Knight in
this gritty and violent tale. On the Xbox 360, January 1st, test your reflexes against the best fighters in
the world in Tekken 6. In the sixth version of the King
of the Iron Fist Tournament, choose from a wide
field of combatants, each with their own brand of deadly
techniques and combinations. Featuring fast-paced action and
deep character customization, discover why this series is
among the top of its genre. Finally, on January 16th, return to the epic saga from a long
time ago in a galaxy far, far away in LEGO Star Wars II:
The Original Trilogy. Play through all three of the original Star Wars
films in the tongue- in-cheek LEGO style and humor. You’ll enjoy endless hours brick-building your way
to adventure with over 50 of your favorite
Star Wars characters. To redeem the titles, simply click on the Gold area on your Xbox One, your Xbox 360, or even on the
web at Your new games will
automatically appear in the “Ready to Install” section
of your Xbox One. With Xbox Live Gold and
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you are part of the world’s
premier gaming community. [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. EA Sports To The Game

  2. Pretty weak offer. I won't even bother adding Styx 2 to my collection, the first one was just bad. And haven't we gotten Tekken 6 before? I know it's in my library and I wouldn't have bought it…

  3. Tekken?, Styx?? Batman!, another LEGO Star Wars game!!!? It’s a great game lineup

  4. Obrigado por um jogo que não tem na live BR

  5. I used to play Tekken 6 a lot back on the PS3. Would definitely enjoy playing it today

  6. Thanks maecrosoft, i love you

  7. I always wanted Batman let’s go

  8. ‘Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga’ has already been done, why give us half of that game again with LSW2?

  9. Give us older Need for Speed games

  10. These were already on games for gold last year, WTF!!!

  11. We gave out the complete LEGO Star Wars collection. So now let’s give out each game individually because THEYLL NEVER KNOW.

  12. Finally something good , only took like 8 months

  13. I was about to buy Batman. Thank goodness I didn't.

  14. I'll only pick up batman

  15. Pretty darn good lol

  16. I hope they bring Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, and Witcher 3 to Gold

  17. Im not going to renew my subcription

  18. I can't not get the xbox 360 games and I still have xbox live gold

  19. Just saying febuary should have one of the newer lego games or maybe sekiro

  20. Good month i guess

  21. you upload this the day my gold ran out

  22. Okay y’all stepping up your game, keep it up

  23. Yay more games I won't play… At least I have Game Pass Ultimate.

  24. Good month but people will cry.

  25. How many more LEGO Games are there to be added with GWG?!

  26. Sees the first 3 seconds

    ight imma head out

  27. Pass, pass, pass, and……..pass

  28. Another month of bad games with gold. Thank you xbox.

  29. I bought Xbox one s

  30. Expected more.. but not bad… thanks Xbox

  31. What’s the point of making LEGO SW the original trilogy backwards when The Complete Saga was

  32. Sooo…disappointment again…great.

  33. Please bring Far cry 3 blood dragon on the gold games ?

  34. 4mal Sch**ße zum mitnehmen

  35. Give Us older Need For Speed Games

  36. bruh give us better games

  37. they've already gave us starwars….

  38. Give us soulcaliber 4 too

  39. Please add Titanfall 2! Look what it did to PlayStation’s population!

  40. Please add Titanfall 2! Look what it did to PlayStation’s population!

  41. Can we get Bioshock the collection next? Or possibly with gamepads

  42. I got hyped about the Batman one

  43. Games with gold suck

  44. r/titanfall demands titanfall 2


  46. Still waiting for Max Payne series and project Gotham racing series and Alan wake 2

  47. Xbox starting the year off on s bad foot already

  48. We finally have good games after 3 months

  49. Can we get the episode of Batman individually because I already the first two?

  50. Very good. Thanks Xbox! This makes up for December 🙂

  51. Now give us lego star wars: the video game.

    Wanna see dexters dinner again

  52. Thank you, xbox, for the first average games in months

  53. None of these I owned. Great pick Xbox!

  54. Looking forward to Batman and Tekken Styx might be ok it's worth downloading to find out

  55. Wasn't Tekken 6 free once before?

  56. I just bought the LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga and completed it, it’s actually on sale right now, why give us half of the series when the complete saga has THE COMPLETE SAGA !!!

  57. I kinda wanted to play Batman Telltale and It'll be nice to revist the lego star wars game

  58. Already have Batman but not LEGO Star Wars

  59. Not the best but, better than what we've gotten over the recent months so I am fine with this line up.

  60. Do y know what it means GAMES

  61. Of course the 2 games I'd like are on the 16th…

  62. i have always wanted to play Styx shards of darkness

  63. i want to die because of this list Xbox please listen to your consumers

  64. Yay i have tekken 6 on xbox again ?

  65. Xbox should allow the community and players alike to vote on the games with gold lineup of games or at least gives us the option right…?

  66. Get rid of those 360 titles lol I know you get these games for free but we dont live in the past haha some indies will be better 🙂

  67. Excited for Batman. Thanks Xbox!

  68. I was screaming because I thought it was clone wars

  69. #Tekken6 Live BR Microsoft !!!

  70. Forza Horizon 3// CoD AW// NFS Hot Pursuit 2010// Max Payne 3 (random games that i want) PLEASE

  71. Sehr schwaches Lineup
    für den Januar ?

  72. We dont need this patman ?

  73. Looking forward to Batman and Lego star wars.

  74. Not gonna lie all of these look pretty good

  75. I can’t download 360 games from my XB Live Gold

  76. I have always been interested on Styx tho not enough to buy it, so now I could then try it for once. Nice I guess

  77. I swear we already got Styx lmao

  78. I have all of these except styx and i don plan on playing it

  79. It’s okay but why can’t that put up indie games or the small new games from pc platforms like japoly and kerbls space progran

  80. I’ll defiantly be playing the batman telltale series

  81. Can I used my 360 for live

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