Yildiz A71 Semi-Auto Shotgun Review

Yildiz A71 Semi-Auto Shotgun Review

Hi, I’m PoindexterG, and today we are
going to be talking about the Yildiz A71 semi-automatic shotgun Yildiz shotguns are actually made in Turkey They’re sold in the United States through
Academy. Yes, that Academy that does all the sports and outdoors goods. As you can see here where it was originally marked Yildiz Silah Sinayi Burdur / Turkey. Also
marked with Academy Ltd. Katy, Texas that’s one reason these aren’t really
well known, as that Academy is the only place that’s selling them. You can’t find
them in other shops anywhere unless you’re finding one used. So they haven’t
gotten known quite as well. They’re a lot lower end and lower priced semi-auto shotgun.
Much cheaper than the major American brands and the other imports that you
would be familiar with. But they do seem to hold up pretty well. Obviously I haven’t
hand this one long enough to see how it will do years down the line, but I think
it’s gonna hold up for the type of usage put through it. Which is not a whole lot,
it’ll do fine for me. This particular model is the 12-gauge model. They also
make a 20 gauge and also a youth version of both the 12 and the 20. They all function
the same, so all the information you’re going to get out of this one should work
for all those. If you’re wanting to know about the over-under or to pump actions
that Yildiz makes, that’s not this video. The reason I’m deciding to start
with this is because there aren’t, there isn’t a whole lot of good information
out there about the Yildiz. The manual that comes with it is very lacking. It
was translated by somebody in Turkey Apparently Academy doesn’t have a whole
lot of input on that, so it’s very sparse information like: [Bad Fake Foreign Accent]
This trigger. This barrel. When put in, go boom from this end. [Bad Fake Foreign Accent]
Why not translated better? Why have
Russian accent when we from Turkey? [Bad Fake Foreign Accent]
Do not know these things! In your package comes the actual shotgun, These different chokes, the choke
key, this piece which I will explain in a bit, and these things which for the life
of me I can’t figure out what they are so someone else can leave in the
comments if you know because I don’t know what to do with them. So let me go
ahead and show you the basic controls on this gun. Obviously your trigger. You have
the safety right here, which pushes in and out it’s designed to where you can
see the red stripe on this side of it so if you’re a right-hand shooter it’s
right there where you can see it well we’re gonna go ahead
since I’m seeing the red stripe there we’ll go ahead and push that in and
leave that safe. You have the charging handle You have the lock for the… and you
have the release for the lock, and for the bolt The first thing I’m gonna show you
is how to load it how the show that its unloaded, cuz this is stuff that you need
to know. A couple different ways you can check to see if this is empty would be
to push this down, and see if you’re looking at the black follower. If you
don’t see that end on it there then there’s none inside the internal
magazine. You push that back make sure you don’t have one into chamber, and that
basically shows that you’re empty additionally you’ve also got the lock
right here, which we push that, that piece locks in and no longer pops in. You take
the charging handle pull that back that will also lock the charging handle back
in place when it’s empty. This won’t lock in if there are rounds in there. You can
also look in from this side and tell that it’s empty as well through there.
This button right here, the release, basically allows it to… this way, okay slide forward like that. Meant to do it that way, but trying to keep it on camera.
And that unlocks that. Now for loading, we’re gonna make sure we’re safe here
while we load. I’m only gonna put two rounds in here. They go in like that. Push it in all the way enough that goes there Then lock it into place, and pull
this back. And that loaded a round in there You notice it didn’t lock back. You
can push it and load more. I didn’t fire it there Whenever you fire it, it would
automatically lock this in place And then eject out the shell. We’re obviously not firing it, so we’ll pop this guy out and then, basically the same thing. That
would get pumped again and go ahead and do that to get this guy out. That’s basically
how you would clear him out of there Now that we know we’re empty, which I will
look in here check that’s empty You check that, that’s empty.
We know we’re empty. We’ll go ahead and do that. That keeps it open here. And you
can tell really clear. Then I’m gonna show you what to do with the chokes. Basically you’ve
got these different chokes. What they’re basically for is restricting the
size of it, here. They’re all the same size on this, but they go to, if I go to
the smallest one and the biggest one You can tell that the inside diameter of
this one is larger than that one. So this one will restrict it more than that one
will. They have little notches on them right here which will tell you what ones
you currently have. This is one, two, three, four is what comes in the shotgun, and
five. Pull these out, it’s basically pretty much just twist them in there. This would
be just for making your spread from the shells come out in different, different
size patterns. Basically a larger or smaller pattern. If you’re shooting something
smaller or further away, depending on what you’re shooting at. Something like that this
is the one I normally shoot with for what I do.
So I’ll put that back in there This is for basically restricting the
number of rounds that you have in your magazine This does have a magazine, it’s
just an internal tube in magazine It’s not removable. Basically some states have
laws that when you’re dove hunting that you only have a certain capacity. You see
that that will take away basically three of your rounds right there. Only be able
to fit in… We’ll go ahead and start the disassembly, I’ll show you where this
would go. The first part of disassembly is gonna be this nut right here. That pretty
much just twists off. If you were gonna use it would go in a little hole right there.
Just slides in like that. You’ll feel it kind of hit the follower. Put that back
on it and that will do it there. I’m not gonna use it, so we’ll take that out. The
next piece that will go off will be the forward grip right there.
The next piece that’ll go off will be the barrel. The barrel pretty much slides out,
but we will need to lock this forward then the barrel slides out. Just like that.
There’s a piece right in there that comes out. That piece will come in and out of there ansd stay in place. It fits in there nice and neatly The next will be a slide here, and the bolt, which
will come outt. What you want to do is put your finger on the bolt, face push it in
a little bit. Make sure you’re holding it there because it has spring tension and
will fly forward. We grab this here and just slide the charging handle out, right
there. Bring this forward it all comes out. This is the bolt. We
don’t need to take that apart any more than it is for what we’re gonna be doing.
For regular cleaning you can get to everything you need on that just as it
is. And this will slide forward here It just comes out of that one. And then you can
take off the spring. That’s basically disassembled. This gives you a chance to clean all the parts up to go ahead and oil or lube anything else that needs to
be done in there. So let me go ahead and show you reassembly. We’re going to deal
with the spring. First, actually put that back on where it goes. Next we’ll go withthis. You’ll see this has a couple of teeth on it right there. Those line up
inside there. It’ll hold in place nice and neatly. That will go in there. It has a little slot there that it will go into. Next, to take the bolt. You see how we’ve got that bit right there that’s open on the bottom of
it. That’ll slide right onto there. It’s gonna slide around loose right now, that’s okay.
Because we don’t have the barrel in there, so if it’s a little loos. Next we
go ahead and slide this in. Make sure we push it up on it there, it’s a little
weird take that, with notch up on it there, and
the handle going forward. Just slide that handle back into place. Since that’s in
there, this bolt can’t go forward anymore so then we’ll put the barrel back on
basically. Take this piece, put it just that way. Like that. When we put this back
in, we’ve got a little thing right there this little notch there, that has to go
into a groove on the bolt face, right there It’s just on the left side of the
bolt face. You wanna line those up with each other Once those are lined up we’ll be able
to go in that’ll go into good ways. And it’s gonna go,
this isn’t gonna quite go in all the way what you’ll have to do to get it in all
the way, you just grab the charging handle, right here, pull that in and pop that in
like that. And now to come forward and that’s all together. Then it’s just a
matter of putting your fore grip back on It’s fonna go into the groove. There that’s nut right there. We’ll go ahead and test the operation of it here, make sure we’re
working right. The bolt will move back and forth. You can lock that right there.
Which means we pull this back this should lock into place. And the button
right there will make us slide forward And that’s all I need to know about the
Yildiz A71

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  1. Shims are to adjust drop & drop on your stock . They go in between rear stock and metal receiver, most take stock off to install. Nice vedio mine starting to show signs of deformity on rear of piston where it slams back, no other signs that I can find. One year of use about 75 shots per week .

  2. That makes sense for the shims. I couldn’t find anything online explaining what they were, just people asking, and no responses.

  3. I have multiple of these semi-autos, and the bolt release buttons are difficult to press. This can be a deal breaker for those without hand strength, including children. I am going to attempt to install an extended carrier bolt release like this one intended for Benelli's: Others have reported success with this remedy. This will add about $30-35 to this "budget shotgun".

  4. How is it in long therm use? Maybe I will buy one. I have the mercury light over and under shotgun from yildiz and very happy with them.

  5. Bought the pump today at Academy, your right the manual is dung lol. Good shotgun ☺️

  6. I bought one in 2015. Have put maybe 500 rounds through it. Mostly bird shot for clays. But have ran 00buck, both 2 3/4 inch and 3 inch, and some 3 inch Steel shot. Never cleaned it, and it got gunky. Cleaned it up and it feels like new again. Had a lock up issue the last time i took it to the clays, put a round in it, and the bolt got stuck in battery, i was able to rip it open, the round was slightly deformed, so i blamed the cheap low brass #8 bird shot (monarch). Other than that, the gun cycles everything, and i love it, but the barrel is a little annoying to remove/reinstall.

  7. I saw a comment asking a guy to safety check gun each time there was a cut shot editing. lol
    Struck me funny.

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