Youth Sports : How to Eat for Youth Soccer Tournaments

Youth Sports : How to Eat for Youth Soccer Tournaments

Hi, my name is Jill Weiss, and I’m going to
give you a few tips on how to eat right during a soccer tournament,for your athlete, for
your young kid. First thing, is for young kids, for young athletes, the more calories
the better. You want to encourage eating. Before a competition, best bet, an hour to
two hours, before a competition is always good. You also don’t, when you’re at these
tournaments, you’re playing anywhere from two to five games, in two days, something
like that, so don’t just count on concession stand food, because it’s’ not always the most
healthy. You definitely want to drink a lot of fluids, energy drinks, not energy drinks,
I’m sorry, more like Gatorade, Powerade, things like that during competition, and water of
course, that’s always very important. If you’re on the run, and you kind of, you’re in between
games, I mean, you could still stop at a fast food place, just be smart about it. You want
things obviously, stay away from fried foods. You want easy digesting foods, things that
are not fried. Things that are more like steamed and baked, those are always good choices.
Also, bring things to these tournaments, fruits, whole grain rolls, things like that. Things
that the athletes can munch on throughout the day, to stay fueled and hydration, hydration,
hydration. That’s one of the most important things during tournaments, so those are just
a few tips on how to eat during a soccer tournament.

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