YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

K-pop! That is so awkward to watch. YouTube Rewind 2018. The most disliked video
in the history of YouTube. In 2018, we made something
you didn’t like. So in 2019, let’s see what
you DID like. Because you’re better at this
than we are. This is my outfit! What is it gonna be? You made these the MOST LIKED CREATOR VIDEOS
*of 2019, duh… Shane Dawson | Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson
2M Andymation | My BIGGEST Flipbook EVER
2.3M James Charles | No More Lies
2.4M SethEverman | how to create billie eilish’s “bad guy”
2.8M Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial | Minha slime deu certo
2.8M Black Gryph0n | ONE GUY, 54 VOICES
3.4M whinderssonnunes | O DIA EM QUE ASSISTI BIRD BOX
3.4M PewDiePie | Marzia & Felix – Wedding
4.7M MrBeast | Make This Video the Most Liked Video On YouTube
MUSIC VIDEOS T-Series | Vaaste
5.5M j-hope | Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)
5.8M Daddy Yankee & Snow | Con Calma
7.5M Lil Dicky | Earth
8.2M Ariana Grande | 7 rings
9M Lil Nas X | Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus
9.6M Billie Eilish | bad guy
10.3M BLACKPINK | Kill This Love
10.8M BTS | Boy With Luv feat. Halsey
12.8M Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello | Señorita
13.5M the MOST LIKED
DANCE VIDEOS Galen Hooks | Bury a Friend Choreography ft. Maddie Ziegler, Charlize Glass
525K Team Naach | O SAKI SAKI Choreography
683K 1MILLION Dance Studio | gogobebe (고고베베) – MAMAMOO (마마무)
830K Awez Darbar | O SAKI SAKI Choreography
897K ChapkisDanceUSA | Con Calma Choreography
Nice Roblox
29.6B views Garena Free Fire
29.9B views Bien Grand Theft Auto
36.9B views Fortnite
60.9B views Minecraft
100.2B views Oh, wow. the MOST LIKED
BEAUTY VIDEOS Anaysa | 7 Life Saving HACKS for Perfect SKIN & HAIR
540K jeffreestar | Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson
1.1M Just watch this. Kylie Jenner | A Day in the Life
1.3M Shane Dawson | The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star
1.4M James Charles | Makeup Tutorial en Español
1.6M Mucho, mucho.
Ah, no sé si quiero hacer mi sombra. You helped these NEW CREATORS
BREAK OUT Shoaib Akhtar
Pakistan | First Upload: Feb 11, 2019
1.6M subscribers LOUD Babi
Brazil | First Upload: April 10, 2019
1.7M subscribers LOUD Coringa
Brazil | First Upload: Jan 29, 2019
1.8M subscribers 하루한끼 one meal a day
South Korea | First Upload: Jan 7, 2019
1.9M subscribers Jennelle Eliana
USA | First Upload: June 26, 2019
2M subs Noah Schnapp
USA | First Upload: June 11, 2019
2.1M subscribers Magnet World
USA | First Upload: Jan 30, 2019
2.7M subscribers 백종원의 요리비책 Paik’s Cuisine
South Korea | First Upload: June 10, 2019
2.9M subscribers 워크맨-Workman
South Korea | First Upload: August 16, 2019
3.2M subscribers LOUD
Brazil | First Upload: Feb 28, 2019
3.4M subscribers You made these the MOST VIEWED CREATORS Azzyland
1.9B views Fischer’s-フィッシャーズ-
1.9B views LazarBeam
2B views Let’s plant the trees! MrBeast
2.2B views Dude Perfect
2.3B views David Dobrik
2.4B views Jelly
2.5B views I thought that was an avocado! Pencilmation
2.8B views Felipe Neto
2.8B views PewDiePie
4B views You You LIKED You DISLIKED You WATCHED You SUBSCRIBED You COMMENTED You SHARED You UPLOADED You PLAYED You LISTENED You SAVED You CREATED Thank you for a record breaking 2019 The first Thai creator
to hit 10 million subscribers Became the largest
Spanish speaking channel 2019’s most watched
female artist in France The first Middle Eastern creator
to hit 10 million subscribers This education channel was
the first German creator to pass 10 million subscribers The first Indonesian creator
to hit 20 million subscribers The first channel
to hit 100 million subscribers The first European sports channel
to hit 10 million subscribers Passed 1 billion views
with a single video The first Turkish creator to hit
10 million subscribers The biggest 24 hour debut
in YouTube history

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  1. Se supone lo van a mejorar y solo tomaron los video más famosos y los pusieron y ya, yo quería ver lo que vi en el 1012 o 1013 que mezclaron los vídeos, llamaron creadores y participaron pero no!!! Solo es una especie de top videos con más likes de YouTube 2019 no mamen eso no es YouTube Rewind eso es basura

  2. Пидарасы нахуя

  3. We need to rewind the rewind so
    It can rewind before it rewind!!!

  4. Y'all are so bitter. The idea behind this rewind was without a doubt better than last year. I enjoyed this one.

  5. the only good part it was all with mr beast
    and pewdiepie

  6. YouTube rewind 2018 audience: 16 million dislikes

    I’ll Fukin do it again

  7. I should of put this video in the most desliked videos ?

  8. Next year YouTube rewind should be the most disliked video in YouTube.

    and no. 1 should be YouTube itself.

  9. Now we just wait for pewds to release his youtube rewind

  10. What about the rematch between Logan Paul and ksi?

  11. This isn't the same,Not have the fun of the olds years

  12. Youtube telling us that our choices are bad

  13. Who's ready to break the record this year with the most dislikes ?

  14. only watched for my boy LazarBeam ❤️

  15. Wow i have found a whole company more lazy than me when i have to go to school

  16. Does anyone remember the Paul's? Clearly not. Lmao

  17. Fallacy of Composition

  18. Diablos señorita… YouTube va de mal en peor… ?

  19. Ok, STOP THE HATE! Who would want THAT MUCH HATE!?! Who would want to have 17 mil dislikes! Aka most UNLIKED VIDEO ON YT WAS MADE BY YT! They already provided YOUTUBE SO EVERYONE CAN ENJOY OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT AND LIFE! It’s not like you want to spend TONS OF MONEY ON ONE VIDEO! They just make yt rewind for fun! For people can watch for fun every year! YALL ARE JUST ACTING SPOILED AND RUDE! It takes a while to look through ALL VIDEOS AND LOOK AT THE LIKES AND SUBSCRIBERS AND STUFF!! Stop being ungrateful! You’re just lucky to have YouTube! YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM USING YOUTUBE FOR YOUR DUMB VIDEOS YOU ARENT THAT GRATEFUL FOR THE REWINDS! They had the choice to make the rewind or not! They did it for entertainment and for fun! Not for dislikes and hate! It’s not like YOU can get all the trending youtubers together and have ALL the equipment to make a actual professional video! I mean I get it if you’re good with tech and you are rich and whatever but your life isn’t the same as everyone elses! You don’t know what it feels like to have THE MOST DISLIKED VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AND SPEND A LOT OF MONEY FOR NOTHING! All the hard work = gone. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND AND YOU NEVER WILL! I know I sound “too serious” but I don’t care!

    -Your caring YouTube addict, Hayley

  20. Well it's better than last year but THAT'S NOT SAYING MUCH!

  21. I came here to see BTS and Blackpink ????

  22. This felt they just compiled a bunch of videos together like a SLIDE SHOW I WOULD DO FOR SCHOOL, It would be better if they featured memes, main events, instead of just music or dance stars cause that’s not much of the culture of the internet.

  23. The least exciting YouTube rewind ever

  24. My prediction is more than 20 million dislikes for this year YouTube "rewind" lol, they're really going for the record. Good effort guys XD

  25. Wait is this just a preview or—- the actual rewind…

  26. wElCoMe To ToP 10 yOuTuBe ViDeOs

  27. This was so boring bruh

  28. This isn't fixing the mistake. Instead they made youtube rewind into a… Top 10 list video.

  29. Watchmojo:

    YouTube: Ima bout to end this mans career

  30. As YouTube is clearly out of ideas with the past few rewinds, please let YouTube Rewind 2020 show everything that happened from trending to not trending in the past decade .

  31. They figured that they couldn't make something we like, so instead they decided to give us nothing.

  32. I find it funny and true that three of the five makeup videos were focused on guys putting on makeup


  34. At least they mentioned the great marriage

  35. Wtf is this. Honestly what’s the point of you are just gonna make a compilation that anyone can make. Just stop doing these it isn’t worth it

  36. Tienen que innovar wn, cada vez la cagan más. Tienen caleta de plata, podrían hacer algo mejor

  37. I don't even have the energy to be angry about this anymore it's just kinda sad

  38. Did you guys not look back at when youtube 2019 was actually good? That would've helped

  39. Counting down our top 10 of __________

  40. I might get likes on my comment

  41. This will be 2nd most disliked video on earth.

  42. Where ksi vs logan

  43. You include all most liked
    But what about SethEverman most liked Comment

  44. Lol they were confident

  45. Did you do the homework yeah but don’t copy it’s exactly:YouTube rewind Lmao

  46. YouTube no esperaba nada de ti este año, y aun así logras decepcionarne..

  47. y’all are too hard on youtube tbh. They tried. Give them some credit dude

  48. “YouTube rewind 2018, The most disliked video in the history of YouTube”
    Just only in 3 days, a new record has been made again!!

  49. Wait this is all? I thought this was a joke.

  50. Alguien que hable español? Jajaja una kk Bv

  51. Youtube: ok lléname de dislikes pero esta vez no gasté nada en presupuesto :v

  52. Papinho no Rewind foi o auge <3

  53. Wtf is this a top ten channel?

  54. More like “WatchMojo Rewind 2019”!!!!

  55. youtube releases the real rewind …

  56. Last years was worse, but this one feels like less effort put into it.

  57. This is just a top ten, were’s everything that made rewind unique? If we wanted to watch a top ten then we’d watch a watch mojo video. Heck I feel I could remake this in a couple days. Where’s the creativity that represents the platform? Youtube’s lost everything it ment. Likes and views don’t represent the platform eitherways so why even?

  58. Mana suara Indonesia?

    Silahkan like,gue ngemis?oke

  59. I am waiting For pewds to do something

  60. Honestly, what YouTuber is gonna want to be in 2019 YouTube rewind when last years was bashed. Y’all have high standards n need to chill. No one wanted to be in this year’s rewind cuz they felt intimidated by everyone

    Give YouTube a break. Lol

  61. Meanwhile back at YouTube HQ… "We can't screw it up this year. Better play it safe with a montage instead of creating something original and memorable."

    I'm glad you see that you screwed up last year. However just by reading the comments here should open your eyes. YouTube is no longer about the creators. It's all about the advertisers.

  62. Youtube vs youtubers

  63. Y youtube lo sigue haciendo mal… (Nadie le diga ok, se lo merece)

  64. I dont know why, but somehow watching this makes me want to vote for Trump 2020…

  65. C'mon YouTube you can't be that *T r a s h*

  66. make this even more disliked

  67. Alv youtube mismo se desmonetiza por copinrig ??

  68. Чиво там делает а4

  69. Wow
    This is actually worse than the 2018 one…..

  70. I really don't know why is everyone hating, I really like the new way of "rewinding"

    ffs they put pewds twice

  71. Interesting fact: Even though T-Series was in the video, they didn't add them to the description.

  72. it just,,,, doesn't feel like a real ytb rewind for me

  73. Lets make this the new most disliked video in youtube history

  74. When you think that they might do better and they dont.
    AND!!!!! They also made COPAA happen.

  75. Imagine having everyone tell you what should be in YouTube rewind "memes" because I tell you what take all the meme posting channels and add up there likes and subs bet you have more than most of these singers and content Creators combined.

  76. This was not terrible like last year but it is not a YouTube rewind

  77. Different year, same trash

  78. Next rewind they gotta have the millennials memes and JerryRigEverything and also they gotta have the Coppa situation as well

  79. I don't think it's fair to compare a whole production company like T-Seiries to all these single creators. It's like comparing Disney to any other Produxtion company

  80. Osea lo único bueno en ese video fue TheDonato Y PewDiePie

  81. Uhm wait why pwediepie congratulations isn't in the most like for music video

  82. Played too safe, like if you agree

  83. Better not mess up rewind 2020

  84. is this youtbe rewind or watchmojo ?

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