YumoTube – 2019 Yonex Shoe Collection

YumoTube – 2019 Yonex Shoe Collection

Hey guys welcome back to YumoTube! In this video we’ll be taking a look at the brand new models from the upcoming 2019
Yonex shoe collection So that’s all I have for you today in
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Comments (10)

  1. These look great! Is the Yonex 2019 catalog out yet?

  2. My wallet didn't even have enough time to recover urghhh

  3. whats so special about badminton shoes? arent they just like any other trainers?

  4. What's the difference between Eclipsion Z and X? Other than the inner bootie.

  5. Disappointed with colour choices. They definitely took a step backwards in the design department when comparing to Aerus 3s and SHB 65z. The only colour I'd consider getting is white/black x

  6. Could you guys do a comparison of SHB03Z and SHB Eclipsion Z?

  7. i will stay with my aerus 3-s love them

  8. This is not the latest..the latest one is wear by kevin sanjaya and gideon..

  9. Why pink….ouch

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