ZERO: Husn Parcham Video Song | Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma | Ajay-Atul T-Series

ZERO: Husn Parcham Video Song | Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma | Ajay-Atul T-Series

Bauua, you’re marinating here… Babita’s coming to the Mall tonight. – Babita, who?
– Babita, who? Babita Kumari! Your Mrs. My sister-in-law. The one who’ll have henna
painted on her hands. Bauua Singh! The irony of love! Before I die,
she has come to meet me. In person. Get the scooter out, Guddu. The night is young,
full of sexy promises A hazy wind is blowing You always fail at love.
I burn in love Our names are notorious I could use you Don’t think too much I’ll leave the world behind for you.
Why worry? The beauty conquers your heart Bang like a drum.
work my body Tonight I’m in charge,
so dance to my beat Then do it slowly Fire like a bullet.
One night only Coz I’m feeling hot.
Tequila, no chaser All on your lips,
you’re liking my attitude Tonight’s the night.
Give me that ah ha Might call you later Hey you big flirt Your love has a bitter-sweet flavour I need you My love is only stirred by you Rob the treasures of the world.
Come back to me You are a lover among lovers The beauty conquers your heart Bring the three Khans with you. I’m right here, sweetheart.

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  1. Katrina Love her soo much ??!

  2. Iove you katrina

  3. She never looks vulgar ??

  4. Woo beautiful song

  5. OmG Katrina you kill us Everytime ???

  6. This songgggggggggg ????

  7. this is way better than o saki saki

  8. No other girl better than her intem's hotness ?.love you than any girl I loved ❤???

  9. best man is sahruk sir,,

  10. Yes it's called real beauty ??????????

  11. I love you katrina ???

  12. My all time favourite………

  13. How beautiful the film was????

  14. in that outfit at 1:40 , I get a damn lot of Shakira vibes

  15. I don't why but in every sexy fast song she looks same
    Same short dresses open legs open Haris with same light make up
    But this time in this song i have seen a big change
    Curly hairs smoky eye makeup
    Thats wt i called a dramatic change

  16. asalamu alaykum warehmatullah wabarakaatuhu. katrina looking hot ma sha Allah asalamu alaykum warehmatullah wabarakaatuhu.

  17. This Song No Words????

  18. Perfect Song For Kat..
    Awesome Sing A Song Bhoomi Trivedii …
    Song Like a Bomb ????

  19. Dance qween love you katrina ? ? ?

  20. Katrina Kaif in Red >>>>>>>> Other Actresses…

  21. Katrina Kaif ?? is the most beautiful woman with lot of talent ; Hardworking Actress of Bollywood!!

  22. I think bhoomi made this song classy with her voice

  23. Katrina kaif m'y love

  24. I came back to listen Raja Kumari

  25. hottttttyyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. sunny leon funny hot video

  27. Sari film produced gauri khan hi karti rati hai

  28. Now I am Speechless after see on that Dance

  29. Soooo
    "They're cousins. She's an only child. Your honor. I'm my own lawyer I'm in your court today asking for justice because I'm not sure whether I should ask you for your justice. I give myself my own justice. See in my childhood I was only child. Hear in my adolescence I became the girls' pimp. I as a woman teenager invented my justice for myself. So, should I ask you for your justice today? I don't think so. I object? Your honor, i will not forever hold my peace. I don't wanna start diss tryal. Sooh i'moh gonna oh invite oh you oh to oh my oh justice oh floor oh and oh I'm oh gonna oh with oh your oh audience oh justice oh myself oh. That's where she left off."

  30. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️lov u Queen..

  31. the scenes reminds me to gimme more, slave 4 u and a lil bit piece of me ^^

  32. Waaaooo…super voice by Bhoomi… Ek dum power pack voice che… Godbless you… Proud to b a Gujju.. 😉

  33. she looks pretty in red dress

  34. The journey of a rapper's life
    By:Sidra Baig
    A novel.

  35. Homes,Cuisines,or Fabrics?

  36. She dance better than even background dancer's

  37. Ella es una excelente actriz y bailarina y es divina

  38. No one is like shahrukh Khan

  39. Yrr should more than 100m what are we doing

  40. 21 décembre ???????????

  41. Lol to raja kumari and bhumi for singing with such attitude ??????

  42. Those women enjoying king khan ??

  43. حلوه كتييير

  44. black dress mai very sexyyyyyyyyyy

  45. Best thing in the movie

  46. Karina Kaif wins

  47. العن ابوها يا زينها?

  48. ????????????☄️☄️☄️?????????️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️???????????????️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️????????️?️?️?️?️????????

  49. Who likes kaitreena ???? like here

  50. Best at 2.04
    ?If agree press here

  51. Jij bent echt lelijke

  52. kahte hai bakre ke katane se pahale Acha khilaya jAtA hai..

  53. She can do any sort of thing .
    Best actress and can talk hindi so fluently. HATS OFF

  54. Don't take me wrong but she is on fire

  55. No words just amazing ?????

  56. She is afghan jalebi ❤️

  57. gali gali fans hit like here

  58. I am here only for #Raja kumari

  59. وين عرب ياجماعة

  60. شاروخااااان?????❤

  61. In this song u r looking channal and runnddy baaz ke nasal

  62. I love you katrina kaif

  63. Katrina kaif likes sallu

  64. Katrina kaif is still the queen in dance.!! Others are just temporary.!!♥️

  65. I love katrina she is most beautyful dancer and very beautyful actress love u so much

  66. Katrina looking so beautyful in red dress

  67. اجمل اغنية روعة دائمنا متألقة ملكة بولي ود كاتووووووو?????????????

  68. Like only for irshad kamil

  69. Katrina Kaif is truly the Diva of Bollywood ??!!

  70. Katrina's Name Must be before SRk, because the song belongs to KATRINA KAIF ..

  71. I don't know but m addicted to this song she's diva ✨✨✨?

  72. اذا كنت حزينه احب اسمع اغاني هنديه تعدلي مزاجي بسرعه ??

  73. Chanal ho tum Katrina

  74. How many likes do we gather for the queen of Bollywood Katrina Kaif in 2019??

  75. amazing music Katrina kaif ???

  76. Zero means jagdamba Tiwari, 00000means infinite.

  77. I really like the rap part, it's like Beyoncé. ? katrina

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